Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Tuesday is a special day for me..
It's the 'magical' day I generally get to my self.
A day to potter, putter and just be...
It's also the day I write my little words of wisdom
oh here.
And catch up with you all.
and that's special in it's very own little way......

Scary that we are six months into the year..
Don't you think ?
June like all the other months 
seems to be running away from me..

This last week.
I'm holding my hand up high...Ooh yes.
That I have been dipping in and out of Instagram..
In fact time has seen to pass me jolly well by..

We will blame this on
 Mr 'Rosey tinted Spectacles', himself.
Who bought me the new I phone to bring me into the 21st century..
( A pretty pink one I may add)
Yes, it's all his fault!
It is jolly lovely to find and greet quite a few blog
ladies already dwelling there..

Willow always watching me..
I cannot leave the room with out her shadow following me..
Kitties pull at your heart strings, don't they just..

For those who follow the moon cycles 
~ we have our full moon 
on Friday 13th..
I'm not superstitious in the slightest !!
(Fingers are crossed here)
It is of course 
The Full Strawberry Moon.
"June is typically when the strawberries ripen 
and are gathered.
The best time to seek forgiveness is under the 
Strawberry moon.
Sweetness seems to linger during this time"...
( The girl who chased the moon)

It's the biggest celebrations in our little place called home, tonight!
Big cheers and cheery grins all round..
Miss Olivia has her results..
and yes, they are just as wonderful as we all anticipated...
That 'wish box' really works!!!

Wishing you all a magical kind of week..
with a few twinkles 
Maria x


  1. Oh Maria I'm desperately trying to avoid instagram but it is becoming more and more tempting! Well done to the wonderful Miss Olivia - you must all be so thrilled! I didn't know about the strawberry moon - guess what's for pudding on Friday now? Enjoy the rest of your week x Jane

    1. Ooh yes strawberries most certainly should be eaten on the full moon in June..Thanks Jane, we are chuffed...Like all the young ones's...she has worked very hard..!!!

  2. Snap! I got myself a new phone last September....
    And, yes, it's pink....I call it my 'Pinkberry' phone..!
    Not bothering with the internet on this one..Not after
    all the hype with WiFi...The internet is a wonderful
    invention...But, to much 'down' side for my liking!

    My daughters cat..Charlie...Loves being on the wardrobe.
    Sits up there for hours, just meows, when he wants feeding!
    I told my daughter to put a litter tray up there...HeHe! He'd
    probably stay up there forever...! Bless!
    Kitties pulling at heart strings....Well! They've always torn my
    to pieces...! Love them! Right down to their little paws! :).

    As Cliff Richard would say....Cliff Richard...Geeez! :(.
    Congratulations to Miss Olivia....Golly well done!
    Exams! Goodness! I took a few...To few to mention.....
    Start of a song there...! :).
    Now! Now! Willie! Don't go off on one.......
    But Remember....
    "Live Simply, Love Generously, Care Deeply, Speak Kindly".
    Ciaoooooooooooooo! ~(^..^)~

    1. Thank you, Willie...She just got the news as I was putting my blog post together...a very happy bunny indeed...x that is Willow's basket on top of my cupboard..(she's like hoot from old bear) Keeps her from to much trouble up there...

  3. Wonderful news about your daughter. You must be very proud and happy today. I'm off to seek out strawberries for tea....Fiona x

  4. Maria I am so pleased your daughter got the results she wanted! As you say the wish came true! (although I'm sure she must have worked extremely hard too!!).
    I love your gorgeous dresser and the beautiful things you have on it. Amazing how having lovely things around you can lift the spirits and lighten the soul.Have a happy weekXX

  5. Congratulations to Olivia on her results. More exciting days to come I think. This year does seem to flying by at great speed. What a lovely gift your OH gave you. I am guessing you are now quite addicted to instagram. Thanks so much for your e mail.
    Ali xx

  6. Congratulations to Olivia on her fantastic results. Has she decided what she is going to do next year? Hope you had a fun Tuesday! Sarah x

  7. Congratulations to Miss Olivia :) Amber's still in the midst of her exams.

    Doesn't Willow look adorable!? Nala's a climber too, she likes to sit on top of most hard to reach places, Cobweb's new favourite sleeping place is on top of my scanner. Perhaps it's nice and warm.

    Lovely, lovely images as always Maria xx

  8. Sweet Maria! I will keep my eyes open to watch for our moon on Friday! June is going to fly by but I want to LASSO it in and keep it near and dear because before I know it, school will be in session again! NO!

    So good to see you here again my dear. BIG LOVE TO YOU!

  9. Congrats to Miss Olivia on her excellent results - and I'm going to look out for that strawberry moon on Friday :-)
    Hugs xx

  10. I am in desperate need of a new phone. I am awful and never use the one that I have, or never charge it up. Well it is an antique according to my teens. When the time comes for a new one I think I will give in and get instagram too. ;)
    Have a lovely strawberry moon weekend. x

  11. Pinterest is my addiction - no iPhone yet, you see!
    Congratulations Olivia, too!

  12. the best of wishes all round

  13. Hello you
    Congratulations to Olivia, nows the time to follow your dreams...And lucky you an I phone to play with... enjoy!
    I shall be watching out for the moon tonight and sending you special wishes...
    I think of you often my friend and your kind ways
    special love
    Thea xx

  14. Well done with the results all round - these are the landmarks in life aren't they.
    On Friday the 13th I had to get up at midnight because I had left the Lloyd Loom chairs in the garden and it was tipping it down....what a sight!
    I hope that it is sunny for you this weekend
    Best wishes

  15. Visiting your blog is almost like going to a magical land! The photos, images and words are so inviting! Our local weather man talked about the Strawberry moon and I had never heard it described as such... I love your excerpt.. explains is so well. I went out that night right at dusk and took a couple of photos of the moon, of course they never turn out as good as reality, think you would need a very good camera for that, but I'll try and post a couple of them next week. Enjoy the rest of June!

  16. Beautiful Maria! HELLO! Thank you my friend, for buzzing on by my blog post! Yes, we have been busy bees here too, but it's always a delight to send or receive a comment from someone near or far. Enjoy the moon and thank you for reading my news about the articles. LOVE! Anita

  17. Congratulations to your daughter, hope she can enjoy the summer now in a more relaxed frame of mind. Lovely photos Maria, I'm staying well away from instagram there just aren't enough hours in the day as it is. x

  18. Thank you for all the kindest wishes for Miss Olivia..
    I am hoping all those with youngsters going through 'those' exams do just as well....And dreams do come true you know...x

  19. Oh Maria, you are going to need a box of tissues for this book....and get this...dear MINKA, the woman who finally found her daughter, just died yesterday at the age of 102. She was a great woman, who loved to the end. I am so thrilled that you are ordering it! Anita

  20. Hello Maria, June is simply flying past. I wish it would just slow down a little, so I could appreciate all the good things!
    I’m so pleased for Miss Oliver and all of you, how exciting!
    Off to eat strawberries and drink tea while the sun is shining.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week. xx

  21. Happy summer solstice weekend Maria...
    Gail x

  22. Back to enjoy your lovely blog. thanks hx

  23. Maria I have loved connecting with you on ig I am trying to find an email for you but failing...will direct message you on ig? mmm now thats an Idea
    Big congrats to your lovely miss Olivia!
    D xxx

  24. Hi Maria, sorry I'm a bit late to this post! How did I miss that, and we're well into July now! (Too busy messing about on IG probably!) ... Well done to Olivia! I've just said bye bye to Jacob, he's Leeds bound again ... Catch up soon,

    Love Claire xxx

  25. Hi Maria,
    Thank you for the kindest of words received on my blog for a long time. Thank you for taking the time to write - I appreciate all that you say.

    I would love to welcome you to my shop if you make the journey to Bath, but I am soon to close my shop this year (possibly not until the end of November - not sure yet.)

    Wishing you a happy summer doing what you love at home.
    Niki x