Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Happy of happiest Julys..

Sultry, steaming, sweltering.
Slow down or stop..
It's time to shed ambition, along with expectation..
Now our wants seem to diminish.
Is it because our needs are met?
A shady nook, a cold drink, a cool breeze.
Whether indoors or out.
A respite from the rigours of the day.
Time off for good behaviour.
Summer is not so much a season
as a melody..
( Taken from simple abundance)

Hello, Hello..Hello
Happy of happiest July's to you all.
How are you doing lovely peeps ?

My days here at home have been kept quite busy...
But I just wanted to put a few little lines together on here in my 
little corner, touch base so to speak !

How is July coming along for you ?
For me it's meant't Dean home to rest and nest..
A time to catch up!
Only for a 'wee' while though, but enough for 'Mama's'
kitchen to be cooking on full steam ahead, each evening!!
The house seems quieter now with out his presence......
 ~ but we've certainly enjoyed a little catch up time!

Although my words have been few and far between
I have still tried to view your posts, silently, but still here..
It would seem we are all enjoying the longer days and balmy nights..

My humble little place..
"Some where to plant dreams as well as flowers"..

The gardens are doing us proud and pottering 
and puttering have been most apparent.. 
Summers just the best, isn't she just...

Were staying 'putt' this year, with an endless flow of 
house renovations, taking most of our pennies..
That means no flying to distant lands..
I'm cheerfully happy about staying home, as it's my most favourite
place to just be, so smiles all round..
How about you folks, any trips planned, I wonder ?
Mr Rosey Tinted Specs has promised to take me to 
Bath, later in the year..
I can't wait !
He always keeps his promises !!
I'm going to look forwards to this, but not wish the summer away....

It's little words from me, but the biggest hugs as always...
Here's hoping the sun shines on your July lovely blog friends..
Twinkly hugs 
Maria x
After word.
I always appreciate your kindest visits...
I truly do..


  1. HeHe! Oh! Look...A new Blog! Have'nt seen this one before!!!! :).
    Think l might follow! Bless! :>).

    Yep! Into July already....And, each month has a birth stone.....
    "The glowing ruby shall adorn,
    those who in July are born,
    then they'll be exempt and free,
    from love's doubts and anxiety".

    But, my month is September....The Sapphire...!

    So, Maria! You may venture down to Bath....Very
    close to God's own...Make sure your passport is
    up~to~date...But, it's all down hill...
    Bath is a nice place, l used to work it, years ago now.
    Nicer now, it's been cleaned up, the stone buildings are
    really characteristic...It's an expensive place though...
    Make sure you take plenty of euro's....HeHe! :).
    You'll love it...

  2. ooh Willie..
    I have missed you too..
    how about you are you travelling any where ?
    Dorset looks lovely, really you have it all where you are already !!
    Hope you are well...
    My computers not been at all well..so i have just enjoyed IG
    Hugs and twinkles ******
    Maria x

    1. Well! The last few years have been...One day at a time!
      Never make plans as such...May just on a plane and
      pop off to Sicily...Have'nt been for a few years now!
      If l do go..I go for 2~3mths..My cousin Salvatore, says
      that Mt Etna has been missing me...She is waiting for me
      to climb over her again....I climbed up there for my 18th
      birthday.....! HeHe! Promises! Promises!

      And, yes, Dorset is lovely...Would'nt move from here...Various
      companies, over the years have offered me fantastic, well paid
      jobs, turned them all down...! Money does'nt come very high in
      my value of life...HeHe! Been there..Done that...Twice!
      Mia Mamma..She say..."Guglielmo..Remember three things in
      your life..Respect..Honour..Love".
      HeHe! Then she would say.."Guglielmo..If you no follow these things,
      l kill you". (God bless Sicily)...! :>).

  3. Your home is one from a long ago take! Just beautiful! Love Mr. typewriter! Enjoy your summer, like mine, it is far to short to cram all we dream of into 2-3 short months! xoDebi

  4. Dearest Maria, how wonderful to hear from you, it has been a long time...I'm glad you are doing fine. Staying home isn't so bad, on the contrary, it can be absolutely delightful. We hope to be able to continue the works in our country house and enjoy lazing summer days.
    Wishing you all best happy things...

  5. Hello loveliest lady, I've missed your posts.
    This one is perfectly lovely, I adore all your pictures.
    So glad you've had precious time with Dean, I bet he's been spoiled rotten :)

    Glad to see you're enjoying the Summer, Amber and I certainly are too.
    A trip was planned for Portugal, but we may postpone until October, (my birthday month) as the weather here is just too brilliant to abandon.

    Have an amazing day xx

  6. Lovely to hear your having a blissful summer. Your cat sign caught my eye as I know someone who would love one of those. July for us will be a celebration, our daughter graduates from Uni next week. One returning and the other leaving as our son sets off to Uni in September. Have a wonderful time in Bath, it's such a beautiful place.
    Ali xx

  7. Hi Maria, glad to hear you're enjoying the Summer. I am too, taking pleasure in all the simple things and nature's abundance. The mister and I are having a staycation this year, like you we have spent our money on our home and it feels good to see things looking tip top. I'm getting on with projects also, always mucho plenty to do.

    Jean x

  8. Everything's nicer when the sun's shining, isn't it Maria? Bath sounds wonderful .... Something nice to look forward to xxxx

  9. Hello Maria
    How spooky I have just popped in to take a peep at my blog and here you are...July already where does the time go..Your little garden is looking pretty..we have really enjoyed just sitting outside (with a glass or two) enjoying long summer weekends this year ...
    Thinking of you my sweet friend
    Thea xx

  10. My darling friend, I am so happy to see you back, and to hear that you are enjoying the magic of summer. I am too. I am posting maybe every three weeks, and in still keeping in touch with everyone. Much love to you! Anita

  11. The type writer brought back memories...thank you as always for your wonderful verses and image shares

  12. Hello there Lovely, I'm enjoying July, I'm getting ready for our little trip down to Cornwall next week and we are almost finished with our home revamp...just sewing and a little painting to do, trouble is I've run out of puff! :) x

  13. So lovely to hear from you and that you're happy! I love this pretty place, your photos and words are always so uplifting and beautiful! Chrissie x

  14. Hello Maria,
    Such a lovely happy summer post.
    I do love summer, although it gets very hot here, where i am.
    Great that you have Dean home.
    I can smell your cooking from here):-
    Happy days and lots of love Maria..
    val xxx

  15. Hello ...what a lovely summer we are having ! Bath sounds lovely ..my sister Anne is going there in September ....so glad you have had a nice catch up with your Dean ....see you soon...Gail x

  16. Happy Summer to you Maria! Hope your garden is full of flowers - I found a beautiful frog under a flower pot in mine today.

  17. Maria, I feel its been ages since I popped by to visit my favourite blogs since I joined instagram! I love the simplicity of instagram and drooling over the fabby photos!

  18. Happy to hear your summer is going well. We have had so much rain, but the gardens are gorgeous and so, so green! Your photos are so lovely! Happy summer days!

  19. Darling Maria! Thank you precious girl, for coming to visit me. I know you are enjoying an enchanting summer, for I too am gazing out at a lovely moon this morning! And I also have a moonflower vine that is yielding these tea saucer sized white flowers that only bloom AT NIGHT! Oh, how I thought of you and your "moon love" when I saw it and the moon, together.

    Happy day! Anita

  20. It's nice to visit you on your blog, as well as IG. I hope you enjoy your staycation, your house and garden always looks so very inviting. We're having a week in Paxos, all four of us, was not sure that eldest would want to come, but he does. I'm looking forward to it, although it's probably hotter here than in Greece today!

  21. Hello Maria, it’s funny you should ask about holidays – we’ve just got home. No flying for us this time though. We went for a trip down memory lane back to the place where I was born and where my parents were married. A lovely time was had by all. I did spot you on Facebook a couple of times while away and left a like or two, but this is my first trip back to your blog. How lovely for you to have Dean home for a while. Bath is wonderful – enjoy it when you go. Hugs Barbara

  22. Hello Maria
    Lovely to have your children home - summer is a time to 're-group' I think. Bath is a lovely place and given the weather you will have a lovely time. My wanderlust vanished a while back but we will go somewhere this summer....just not sure where as I love being at home most of all.
    Have a lovely time
    Best wishes

  23. Hi ... just checking in to see if you are ok and hope you have enjoyed our lovely summer ... M x