Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


It's felt an age since I've been here....
Summer's changed her pretty gown to 
a beautiful full length rustic and gold little number....
A beautiful special month , 
~  with lots of new beginnings for us here at home..

Miss Olivia found her wings
 and flew the nest, this last weekend...
Excited !
Our little home seems still and quiet, with out her, just now...
Change happens and change is good,
 I know !
~ But I kinda fell in love with her sounds
through the home..
In fact her soft tones of music playing up stairs
felt safe..

The house seems still..

The house felt much the same when Dean left
for Uni too..
Large with empty rooms....
All will be well..

Busy days...

 I have still been popping into your little corners..
~ Catching up with your days through summer time..
I will of course be back here more often, now 
my days are  back to quieter days..

I still have lots of these to keep me company..
( For Willie )

Thank you to those who have left
sweet words..
~ Or found me on  Instagram...
It feels nice to be back !!
I've missed you all.
Take time to dream .....
 Maria x
After word...
Thinking of all those going through
' Change too '.......
We will be fine...


  1. Ah yes - the empty next... wistful times.....roots and wings....
    Take good care
    Best wishes

  2. Thanks Jenny, Will be over to yours very soon !!

  3. It will feel strange but you will always be there for them and they will return.enjoy the time you find to yourself...

  4. A very autumnal feeling in the air - September always reminds me that time is passing. But, those bright green shoots will be back very soon. They always are!

  5. Welcome back sweet friend! I'm glad everything is going fine, you miss your little girl but that's life. She must find her own way, she feels happy!
    Warm regards from me

  6. Oh lovely Maria I can only agree with each of your words. Big Sis is about to enter her third year and even though we've almost got used to our new 'normal' I do so miss hearing her playing some form of instrument around the house. But all is good and the most important thing is that they - and we - feel loved x Jane

  7. Hello Maria
    How time flies by, I bet it felt only yesterday that you where taking your precious "little girl" to her first day at school ....now look she is a young woman stepping into a new wonderful world
    Glad you are enjoying your " Me" time, even though it is a little quiet
    Thinking of you
    Thea ( how strange I just popped in to catch up and there you were )

    1. Thea, hello...
      I have emailed you, as I have been a thing of you too !
      Hope you are safe and sound...
      And of course received my message ?

  8. Ah! Bless! Bless! Bless! Thankyou.....
    September nearly over..Not quite yet though!
    Little sadness! The leaves on the Virginia Creeper
    are starting to turn brown around the edges..Ah!
    But, my dear friends are back, weaving their webs,
    lovely large lady spiders, that l love to watch, with a
    cup of lemon tea....What else! :).

    Nice to see your back Maria...Such a lovely,warm
    homely place to be, and full of character!
    Don't be to long away.........! :>).
    ~(^..^)~ Love ><((((o>

  9. It must feel very strange, times of adjustment, but you sound very wise. Enjoying following you on IG, take care, Fiona x

  10. Thank you each and every one..
    I've missed you...x.

  11. Dear Maria,
    How lovely to see you.
    The house is so quiet when they leave from home. 4 of mine all flew the nest. I still miss their presence in the house.. their laughter and playing around.. now they are doing that with their own children. following you on instergram.. its still new to me. but found you. I have been busy this summer..so am still catching up.
    sending sweet hugs dear friend.. val xxxx

  12. I hope Olivia has a wonderful time at Uni. Our house is now so quiet and still with both children gone. Lovely to see you back.
    Ali xx

  13. Take heart Maria that time flies by...Olivia will soon be back home and in between she will have a wonderful adventure!..xx

  14. Oh dearest Maria, my eyes filled with tears as I read this.

    Olivia will be just fine, but I completely understand what you're going through. My Amber has left the nest too, but I'm quite lucky that she'll be home each weekend for me to spoil her.

    Your darling girl will be back in the nest sooner than you think. Spend your days planing your next adventure together and before you know it, it will be happening xx

  15. So quiet here too. I have found that the best way to deal with the empty nest is to have a few treats planned for the autumn, that way I am eased into the quiet space that my children have left. Then it is soon Christmas and they are back again, although I have to wonder when the time will come that they fly the nest for good. The main thing is that they are happy and excited about their adventures. Best wishes, Pj x

  16. Changes are always hard... take care.

  17. Dear Maria,

    I can imagine what a change it must be for your daughter to leave the nest. I hope you and your husband will get used to it soon.

    Good to have you back again on the blog!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  18. Dear, dear Maria,

    I have MISSED YOU SO! Your kindness and sweet world always left me feeling so happy and when you took your break, it was a sad time for me. I just love your posts. But then I saw your dear comment early yesterday, but today, SATURDAY, is my day to relax and find my favorite blogs again.

    Talk about hectic....you must have had quite a summer, getting together with family then seeing your dear ones off to school....but this time instead of sending the children off to the school bus, it's off into the world of adulthood. Oh how life is beautiful but challenging.

    May your nest always be a place where love grows. THANK YOU dear and kind one! Anita

  19. My children (well they are men now) come and go, to and from uni, they haven't properly moved out yet, I'm dreading that - although I know we are drifting towards it. Lovely post x

  20. Thinking of you Maria, I hadn t realised your daughter had left for uni, sending twinkly hugs :) Xxxx

  21. Aw Maria, it's difficult to let them go isn't it? You've done a great job though, she's sailing off into a future full of opportunity safe in the knowledge that you will always be there in the background, supporting her. xxx

  22. Love to visit your bee hive are you very far away , hope not , but feel you might be. If not i must just buy some rose tinted glasses , I think we all need them sometimes hxhx

  23. Hope Olivia is having a lovely time at Uni ...won't be long before she's home for Christmas ! hope you are keeping warm and cosy in this weather ...Its a bit like being in the wizard of oz when the house is going to take off !! Gail x