Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Penny For Your Thoughts....

A sister and a friend
A blessing twice...

It's a Nostalgic little post from me today!
A little ramblings of sorts..
Last week I felt out of depth a little...
I know we all get this feeling from time to time...
I'd run out of steam and didn't know where to mail order to
find a top up!
All down to having my little place of dwellings bombarded
by builders of the messiest kind.....
With dust and dirt every where, I wanted to hide...
Run away even!
Mr Rosey Tinted Spectacles tried to explain
" That you can't make an omelette with out breaking eggs"!!
He nearly always quotes this to me at times, like this.
His favourite man saying , me thinks!!
It didn't help one tiny little bit.

( For Willie)

Even Willow was none to happy, so to speak...
She quickly took her self up to her bed..
Invasions of the builder kind are just not her favourite 
kind of kittie days......

Fiddle sticks
 I thought!
I need to take time out...
And time out being just what the Doctor ordered.
I enjoyed some laughter and a little light heartedness
here at....
The Netherwood
Grange over Sands..
I'd joined my big sister Donna and a few 'old' pals 
for a day spent in the beautiful sunshine!
It was her Birthday you see.
~ And Birthdays most certainly should be celebrated....

We popped on a train, and ended up here
for a day to recharge
And pause for  a quiet moment..
and jolly well notice all that is ~
bright and beautiful, just now..
The earth has been sleeping, and now she
seems to be waking once more...

Daffodils always make me smile..

As do wild violets and the palest of pale Primroses..
~ scattered here and there...
It always makes me feel
 like Mother nature  has been busy with her paint brushes 
and started a canvas of fresh new colours for a brand new 
spring time!

I've included a few old world~y pictures  
of us two sisters...
And I just wanted to 
"Sisters are the best"..
Aren't they just?
Quite simply we always have the bond of sweet memories.
that make us some times weep, but most of all make us smile.

Although this picture is from quite a few moons ago...
It feels like only yesterday!
We always have such fun, now as then...
( I smile also at the very same knitted sweater and kilts, that we would nearly 
always wear at the very same time.
Life seemed simpler then, some how...
A penny for your thoughts ?
Happy days...

Sisters, now...
I read some where that' Time is a dress maker specialising 
in alterations'..
But some things she just can't alter...
And that is the sisterly bond.
Wishing you a week full of happy moments...
As I know these are the best ~ est kind of weeks!
Thanking you also for kindest words always..
They make me happy too...
Hugs Maria x


  1. Ah! Bless! Thankyou....! Grazie!
    It's been all pussy~cats this week....What with
    Winter Moon, worrying about her cat Nala getting
    pregnant...After a night out on the 'tiles'. HeHe!
    Wish l could get up there!

    And, Wow! What a lovely place Netherwood Grange
    looks....Now! that is my sort of place....Can you imagine,
    the Rosso, Bianco e Verdi flying over that! Wonderful!
    Love It!

    Well, l don't have any brothers or sisters.....
    HeHe! Though, it's generally known, l'm the only girl in
    the family...! Sicilian boys are raised much the same as
    the girls...And, l raised my daughter in the same way!
    She, also is an only child....Though with all her friends
    from school, always being here...It seemed as though
    she had bros/sisters..!

    So! I suppose we should end up with.....
    "Sisters, sisters...There were never such devoted sisters..
    Never had to have a chaperone, no sir...

    Caring, sharing....Every little thing that we are wearing..
    When a certain gentleman arrives from Rome.....(You all
    know the rest l'm sure).....HeHe! :>).

    BIG Kiss for Willow..El Pedro..Triny..Smokey....XXXX.

  2. Willow, we used to sing that song to each other!!! really ....haha...
    Both my parents were only children, so no Aunties or Uncles or cousins...We are a small but close brood....You would love the Netherwood, POSH, but not to posh!! We did share a few glasses (quite a few) of the fizzy stuff....x

    1. Oops Willie, sorry am calling you Willow..hehe..

    2. HeHe! That's o.k. He's a lovely looking
      boy toooo! :>).

    3. Willie,!!!
      Willow is a lady kittie.....hehe!

    4. HeHe! My turn to say oooops!
      Yes! Of course! Sorry!
      Some days! I don't know which way to turn! :>).
      Hope Willow has'nt read this post yet..!!!

    5. Willie, YOU do make me laugh...x

  3. You know I love your old photos ...

    Lovely to have a nice day out and The Netherwood is so beautiful ... unfortunately, I've only ever been there to attend courses, not for lovely days of pampering, and of course our children had their Proms there ...

    Hope the builders aren't being too nosy (that made me laugh), and that all the work is soon out of the way.

    Love Claire xxx

    1. Thank you, Mrs Thriftwood... hehe!
      They were a bit nosy too...but only with all my cats ....
      ( cat lovers)

  4. What a beautiful place you chose to have a catch up on sisterly love .
    You both look alike.
    When i chat with my sister..we go around and around. Its wonderful.
    Glad you got away.
    Sounds like you had a very happy time Maria.
    your flower photos are so sweet.
    Hope your alterations are now more ahead..!!
    big hugs val xxxx

  5. Sisters are the best. I don't know what I would do with out mine.

  6. Lovely post! See...lemonade! after all! Beautiful day, memories! priceless! You have inspired me to dig out some forgotten pic's!

  7. I don't have a sister but I can imagine that it is a wonderful thing (I am very grateful for my brother too!). I am so glad you took time out to just spend some time and in such a lovely spot, too. Hope your mojo is well and truly restored. x

  8. What a smashing day you had. We all need a little 'breather' every now and then.
    Jean x

  9. Hello Maria...sounds like your weekend was very special with your lovely sister and friends..sweetest photos, all cardies and kilts..It must be very special to have a sister to share your life with..you both looks so happy..
    Spring is on her way with her gown full of flowers..such a delightful time of year (even in the rain)

    So Miss Rosey you have lost your twinkle this week with the builders and mess ..I know what you mean but it will be worth it ..and with a blink of an eye your home will be sparkly again..( you may have run out of tea bags and sugar but Hey Ho!!)

    I have had the lurgy so my housework has had to wait ( I hate feeling poorly)
    Hope things get back to normal soon and your lovely home is twinkling again
    Love Thea xx

  10. Aw Maria, I'm with you all the way about the builders... I'm in the same boat. Lovely photos of you & your sister xxx

  11. Oh, I feel saddened that you had to leave your lovely home because of the messy builders, but what a wonderful time came out of it all. I can think of nothing more perfect than a day with ones sister. I adore all your lovely photographs of yourself and your sister, such beautiful memories. I have a wonderful sister too and three brilliant brothers.

    I do hope you have your lovely, cosy, twinkly home back to normal soon.

    I love, love, love those red boots by the way :)

    Willow is simply adorable. I want to pick her up and cuddle her xx

  12. Good morning beautiful Maria and sister! WOW what a lovely retreat you found yourselves in! TO just get on a train and end up in such a place? I wish we could do that here! But once spring does come to us, we will be taking day trips to our beloved STILLWATER, Minnesota, that is on the boarder of our state and that of Wisconsin. Antique shops abound, and lots of fun.

    Maria, I hope you have recharged your lovely spirit. We all need to get away from time to time, and next week, I am on spring break and hope to read, read, read, so I can come back ready to write.

    So good to see you! Anita

  13. Maria I love your smile and your wonderful spirit of sweetness .
    Sisters are amazing indeed. We traveled so much when my sister and I were children growing up ( we up and moved around the states and some of Europe every few years) with my dads job.
    My sister and I now share those memories as quite the bond ~
    and of course we both have that quirky sense of humor and can laugh together for hours !

  14. Hello lovely Maria. Oh how a little disruption in our homes or lives can cause havoc with our minds and our equilibrium and yes why is there not a home delivery service for fixing it?? It is hard for us to the see the wood for the trees when our minds are clouded by dust, so I am sorry you have been having a little bit of an unsettled time lately, but it seems like you found the best remedy to and cure all for all ailments in life, some time with a loved one. I can't say I understand the bonds of having a sister, as I don't have one and always really wanted one. It looks and sounds like you are both very blessed to be so close together and long may this beautiful gift continue. I do hope that you have a wonderful week sweetie and I love the quote about time being a dressmaker, how very true!! xoxo

  15. Hello ! well you know I agree about the sisters thing !! we are so lucky ! Love the photos of you two then and now ...so nice and so precious .... have a nice weekend...Gail x

  16. A lovely sister! And a daughter too - you are so lucky!

  17. We have decorators ‘moving in’ on the 14th April. I'm already dreading it! Maybe I will take a leaf out of your book and take myself off for a few days out. I would love to spend some time with the violets and primroses. I love springtime and spring flowers so it wouldn’t be a hardship. I also love my big sister, so I do know just what you mean. Have a lovely weekend. Barbara x

  18. What a sweet post! Sounds like you had a lovely time away!

  19. A lovely photo of you and your sister! Happy to hear she cheered you up a little and had a good time together. Happy birthday to her!

    Happy Sunday!

    Madelief x

  20. A bleated reply here Maria
    Lovely to hear of your time with your sister - funnily enough I was able to have a 'sleepover' with my three sisters recently. Just the four of us together in our eldest sisters house - that has never, ever happened before in all of our lives. We mainly laughed and laughed and sang some old songs - all over cups of tea. Just goes to show that it is the company that matters at the end of the day.
    Best wishes to you and your sister

  21. Oh I do hope your feeling much better. I don't have any siblings and wished desperately for a brother or sister when I was little. I am very blessed with two extremely close friends which I am sure are my wished for siblings in disguised. They are always there when I need someone and for that I am very grateful. The Netherwood looks wonderful. I love all the hedging plants. Hope your batteries were well and truly recharged after your day out and best wishes to your sister on her birthday.
    Ali xx