Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A Mish ~ Mash Of Lovely Things...

"April brings the promises that May is bound to keep!
Perhaps it's because April is so full of dazzling sunlight.
Is this why our spirits start to soar?
Perhaps it's because resurrection is this month's signature.
Now the season of dark diminishes as the season of
light increases in strength.  
In the garden, primroses, pansies,violets,tulips and
lilac's burst with colour.
Each one flower, plant and bough bears's profound 
witness to it's own authenticity"..
Taken with kindness from my bible
Simple Abundance.

Happy 'old fool's day to you all... 
Look left,right, up and down ~ and proceed with caution
Tom Foolery is around....
Over the centuries the first day of April
has evolved into the date to pull a pretty old prank or two.
So be at your most wary today and have all your buttons on! 
to those who may enjoy a light hearted folly or two..

Today I'm pondering...
about just how soon we have arrived here..
April, that is...

For me April brings..
A mish ~ mash of loveliness.
And the simple promise of all that is lovely
~ to follow...
It also brings my birthday.
which means blowing out lots of candles
and making magical wishes...
 a vintage anniversary of the happiest sorts..
( more on this next time)
Yep, April is going to be a special

We have Easter bonnets to wear...
and all those delicious chocolate eggs..
~ I make no 'buts' about it...
Easter time is my most favourite time of year!!
Whoop! whoop...

LOVE this old world ~y 
( My Grandparents and Mama)
When small.

My Saturday was ever so busy in Bumble Bee...
with little visitors delighting in choosing a special gift 
for their lovely Mama's..
In the afternoon tea and scones were served in 
the prettiest china cups, to all that 
 should happen to come through 
the doors..
We were busy little bee's
But the day was special.

I'm a hoping you were all
utterly spoilt rotten on the day it's self!
Mr Rosey Tinted Spectacles and I took a walk 
to see all the baby lambies, new to this beautiful world..
( my most favourite walk at this time of year)
I wanted to bring them all home!

Wouldn't you?
What's not to fall in LOVE with..

My goodness me, my auricular is blooming at long last!!
Blooming lovely too...

I still have 'pesky' builders here this week...
Sad but true.
 It's a  l  o n g ~   l o n g  job!
but I'm grinning and bearing..
and today is my day off after all
  I'm going to spend it wisely...
so on with the kettle.

I have new reads to delve into...

I'm going to be catching up with your worlds 
in pretty pictures and words..
I hope your week is as lovely as you all are..
With twinkly hugs 
Maria x


  1. MARIA! Good morning! And my birthday is also in April: the 23! Like our dear Shakespeare!

    I agree that April is full of various delights. Our part of the world however, is still bustling in cold air and snow. But this has to end sometime! So good to see you this morning my delightful friend! Anita

  2. Goodness! Yes! April the First....
    HeHe! Love It....
    In fact l remember back in 1957....(What a memory this lad has).
    I was ten years old....Young and Innocent...Yeah! Right! :>).
    There was a story about a very good harvest of Spaghetti.......
    Showing Spaghetti trees and ladies harvesting the growing Spaghetti.
    Which was actually stuck on with Sellotape! HeHe!
    They showed the film on Breakfast this morn'in....Still talked about to
    this day, always thought to be the best April the First rouse ever!

    And, the lovely lambs...Goodness! I've brought a few into the world....
    Well, help't anyway....Long time ago now! Just a boy then! And goats.
    Watched 'Lambing Live' last week.....Wonderful.....! Ah! Bless!

    And, a birthday....Oh! My! Well! If you get short of candles Maria,
    give me a shout.....HeHe! And, l'll send some up....In a lorry! :>).
    Are'nt l wicked....But, l feel a little fluffy to-day....Suns out, lemon
    tea, marmalade and toast....Whey-Hey! The Lord is a coming!
    Alleluia...! :).

    Just a footnote....
    Easter is on it's way....Most people know my feelings about cut flowers.
    Easter Lillies....Please remember these are TOXIC....If you have cats,
    don't have the flowers indoors, unusual l know, but if a cat should bite
    of lick the flower, it will die...! Thanks!

    1. Willie, helllooo my goodness...
      this is so 'spooky'!
      My brother's cat died yesterday ( sad really sad
      He was only two and looked a lot like El Pedro..
      really hansom!
      From poisoning the vet said.. as did my neighbours a couple of weeks ago..
      Not sure from which source.. maybe from pesticides from the gardens or de-icier..?,
      Really so sad for them!
      Thank you for these words of wisdom about Lilies....
      I'm not fond of lilies they remind me of sadness, I'm afraid and make Mr Rosey tinted spec's sneeze like ' sneeze ~y from snow white...Which in turn makes him become like 'Grumpy' from Snow white...x

    2. Yes! The lily in Italy, is a flower of death....
      And, is used in funerals....And, left on graves!
      The Daffodil is of course poisonous, not to animals
      or pets...But to other flowers, you must never mix
      daffs, with other flowers in a vase, or pot...They will
      kill them!
      They should be left in fields, hedgerows and gardens!

      HeHe! This all a bit morbid....
      Do hear that the Seven Dwarfs,,,Asked Snow White if they
      could sleep with her...."Certainly not". she said "NO",
      So they ALL felt Grumpy......! :>).

    3. haha....That's cheered us all up Willie!
      didn't know that about the humble Dafffy!
      Seems a bit sinister now...
      Have a lovely day, Willie!
      You'll be safe now by April Foolery, it's past the time for folly!

  3. What a lovely, happy post. Sun is shining and the air is fresh here ... just perfect! It's my dad's birthday today ... perfect day for him as he has always been a proper practical joker! M x

  4. April is a great month isn't it.....got all my three this morning with April fools! The sun is shining and I'm sitting in its rays....can't get any better than that, hope the builders are soon gone! :) x

  5. So very enchanting here with you, as always my friend .
    You are like a breath of fresh air .
    Such a lovely stroll here.
    The walk to see the baby lambs must have been so very sweet.
    the cover and the title of that book "Life After Life" calls right out to me ~
    so now I have a new book on my read list as well.
    Happy April !
    Hugs and Be Well,

    1. Oh and your Birthday month too ~ blessings it be !

  6. Hello ! I love April too ...in fact I love spring , it's such a wonderful time of year ...I bet you will be glad when the builders have finished .....it will make a big difference to your room especially in summer....see you soon ...Gail x

  7. Hello lovely Maria and a very happy April to you my dear. I hope it is filled with beautiful buttercups and bountiful gifts from the Easter bunny that will make you hoppity hop with joy. Happy Easter sweetie xoxo

  8. Hi Maria, This is really strange, I was just reading Willie's comments above about the lilies, and then his afterword about the daffodils, and I was actually telling someone the same thing just this afternoon, about never mixing daffs with other flowers! Lovely post Maria, just love the springiness everywhere ... hope the builders aren't too long now xxx

    1. I remember from my Botany days, that daffodils are
      poisonous...One must never eat them either....They
      will cause abdominal pain and dizziness!
      It contains a Toxic Alkaloid.....It's the bulb that is
      actually poisonous...Therefore, by cutting the flower,
      and placing it a vase, with other flowers, the cycle
      continues, and slowly kills the other flowers! As they
      absorb the water, that contain the poison....
      They should be left in ALL their splendour, in the fields,
      gardens and hedgerows...! :).

    2. Hello Mrs..the dreaded builders keep coming then going and not coming back!
      Their not playing by the rules...
      I still have your xmas present and Birthday gift...and feel bad a bout this!
      April be the month for getting together...x

    3. That will be lovely and thank you Willie for the botanical info! xx

  9. A very happy April to you Maria! I felt a certain optimism this weekend with the clocks going forward and the promise of things to come. Its lovely to see how the garden gradually wakes up from its slumbers and all around there are signs of new life. Lovely to see the birds nest building and the little lambs in the fields.
    I hope all the building work is complete soon and you can get your lovely home back to normal again.Be happy !

  10. How I love your little bunny vignettes in the nooks of your home, Maria! I can see you having a quiet cup of tea there, maybe with a roaring fire?

    Thank you kind friend, for coming to visit today. I love coming here, for no matter how cold or time of the night it is, there is always sunshine when I read your words.


  11. Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day on Sunday, as you are, of course, a lovely mother! Today is my gorgeous Auntie Sylvie's 93rd birthday - and I can assure you, she's no April Fool!

  12. Hello Maria :)

    I adore your mish mash of lovely things.
    So sorry to read that you still have the builders in, but hopefully they won't take much longer.

    I enjoy these little glimpses into your beautiful home.
    I do hope you enjoyed your day off.

    Belated Mother's Day wishes to you xx

  13. So glad that I found you again, lost you some time ago, my web navigator is like the tardis! I will leave some comments around the posts where I have missed. x

  14. Hello, lovely Maria a more delightful mish-mash of pretty things I’ve yet to see! The picture of your mama and grandparents is adorable, and I love the photo of the lambs. Springtime is my favourite time of the year! Happy Birthday & Happy Easter to you dear Maria. I hope the builders will be gone soon. Barbara xx

  15. Hello my Twinkly friend..April,such a wonderful month ( love those baby lambs) ...Birthday girl as well ! ( watch out for Mr Postman )

    How sad about your brothers cat, I have head about "anti freeze" poisoning before (we had a sad person in Cornwall leaving it out for animals to feed on) he was caught by the rspca

    Hope your builders finish soon, In my experience they start a few jobs together and then juggle them !

    Glad you have had some "me" time , sounds like your Saturday was a very" busy bee" day!
    Enjoy you special weekend
    Thinking of you
    Thea xx

  16. Happy Birthday month. I love April (although without the sprinkle of Sahara dust preferably). Best of luck with those builders....

  17. Such a beautiful post to welcome in April lovely Maria...full of the promise of those things to come...the little lambs are just adorable too! Love the pic of your grandparents and dear mum and how I would like to join you for scones and tea in china cups...it sounds perfect!
    Happy Weekend!
    Susan x
    P.S I love listening to the music when I visit..x

  18. Where on earth is this year going? I can't believe it's April already. It does sound like it's going to be a good month for you. Your vintage celebration sounds interesting, I can't wait to hear. I hope you have a lovely birthday. I loved the photo of you Grandparents and Mama. I am hoping to share some of our old family photos when I get myself organised. Have a lovely week.
    Ali xx PS I hope the builders leave soon.

  19. Sweet friend, I'm late but you were in my mind...Wish you a lovely birthday and month. Spring makes everything easier and nicer ... I fully enjoyed your spring mood post.Thank you Maria!!!
    Sending love, Olympia

  20. Here I am moseying back , I do it often after I have read the post
    I still come over and listen to Laura Marling when you aren't home ~ giggle ~ I hope you don't mind ( I do it so often , usually I am quiet . I really should buy the CD :))
    Birthday Wishes to you ~ can never have to many !
    Hugs ,