Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Mr Easter Bunny..x

The full pink moon.
"This full moon marks the appearance of pink
ground phlox, an early spring flower.
The amount of hope in the air
during a full pink moon makes it the best time 
to ask some one to marry you".
Taken with kindness.
The girl who chased the moon.

For those, like me who simply love to follow the moon cycles.
we have the full pink moon this evening!
I hope she lights the skies with her soft warm glows....
And our hearts also.
Thank you for all the kind wishes in my last little post, too!
I've gathered them up to keep for always..

I'm preparing my little house today for Easter time..
and I would simply love to admit that I made this delightful Victoria sponge..
it would only be a
 Little  ~ White ~ Lie..
Ha ha
..Those that know me well may know my culinary delights do not amount to this..
No matter.
All is well.

Here's hoping the Easter Bunny comes a hop ~ hop ~ hopping by this weekend!
His visit is awaited with much anticipation!!
Dark chocolate for me, please and thank you, Mr Bunny!

I've said it before and I will say it again..
"I simply LOVE Easter time and all it's rituals"..

Tomorrow Dean is home, which is lovely...
His last visit was Christmas..
( far to long ago)
We also have a friends wedding tomorrow.
Seems perfect to be marrying around the full pink moon, me thinks..

Mr sunshine has his very lovely Easter bonnet on today and the weather is set
to be warm over the Spring time break..
Let's jolly well hope it keeps it's promise!
I am thinking Easter is just that little bit nicer this year,
 being later than normal...

Miss Olivia made this very healthy chocolate brown ~y cake, today.
It's from the Anita Bean recipe book....
No needs what's so ever to feel any pang of guilt at all.
I am a thinking this will not hang a round for to long!

I'm wondering how Easter is shaping up for you all?
Will you be rolling those paste eggs, with your little off springs..
I do hope so..

A small confession, I am posting today still
in my PJ's..
Please don't tell a soul.
I have lot's and lots that I really  should be doing.....
So I will close for now.
Wishing you all the blessings of Easter time.
And do sleep tight under the 
full pink moon.
hugs and Twinkles
 Maria x

After word..
I have attached our little ramblings
We have been busy little bee's in the run up 
to Easter!
pop in and say hello...


  1. Well, how strange! How very strange!
    For a little while now, l've been admiring the 'Moon Module'
    on Winter Moon's Blog...And, fancied one on mine...mmmmM!
    Now! l'm really, not to good with this internet....Happy with what
    l've got, and, that's that! 'Period'.
    Anyway! In for a penny..In for a pound...!
    I clicked onto that Moon Module...And, up it popped, so l just
    followed the links....Even changed the moon colouring to...to..
    to...to...PINK! So! Now! I have a pink Moon Module on my Blog!
    I've amazed myself....! HeHe! :).

    Oh! Did'nt know about the pink moon and marriage.....Goodness!
    Best if l stay in doors then....! "Nuff Said". :>).

    Nice to read your having family and friends over Easter, Maria.....
    It's ALL a bit special at this time, and, Easter is always nicer later
    on in the month...!
    Olivia's cake looks really lovely....Chocolate....mmmmmM!
    I popped up the chocolate factory yesterday and stocked up.....
    Busy, with visitors this weekend...!

    Posting in yer PJ's eh! Maria....No photo then....HeHe!
    "She opened the door in her pyjamas...."
    "Strange place to have a door".

    Getting a little carried away....Some people would say...
    "The further the better"....Amen!
    Anyway...I've goy a lawn to see tooooo!
    Wish everyone a very happy and holy Easter....And, hope
    Mr Bunny comes your way...With a sack load of eggs....
    Funny...Bunnies don't lay eggs....Do they...?
    Have Fun...Be Gooood....Think Pink....! :>).

  2. What a lovely post. So glad you will see Dean (that IS far too long!)! Have a wonderful time at the wedding ... I bet you will look lovely ... and HAPPY EASTER!! M x

  3. Oh lovely one, I looked out last night, and there she was in all her shining glory. And now I come to you, my moon sister! Mr. Bunny is peddling his way to all of our gardens and on Sunday, I shall see him. Oh the fun my friend! ENJOY! Anita

  4. Hi Maria, I love all your Easter bits and bobs, and Olivia's cake looks divine! It will be nice for you to have Dean home, mine will all be here for the Easter weekend too ...

    Thanks for visiting me today and for your kind words about Florence ... She was a very special hen!

    Love Claire xx

  5. What a wonderful April your having. I will have to have a peek out the curtains tonight to see the pink moon. Olivia's healthy chocolate cake looks delicious. Perfect for the time when we are all eating too much chocolate, he he. Have a lovely time with your family, I bet you will all be thrilled to see Dean. Happy Easter.
    Ali xx

  6. Oh I adore Easter too....yours sounds extra special, as you put so much care and attention into the details. Your cake looked quite delicious by the way, and I bet Olivia's didn't stay around long either - Yum!

    The pink moon is a beautiful sight indeed, but never looks quite as spectacular through my camera lense. I'm obviously doing it wrong!

    It's always a joy to visit your beautiful blog.

    Have a wonderful Easter with your beloved family dear Maria xx

    (off to visit Willie's pink moon next)

  7. Dear, lovely Maria,

    Yes, yes, we noticed 'la lune rousse' as we call it here! Such a beautiful moon casting strange, magical light in the early hours of the morning.

    I love Easter, in some ways perhaps even more than Christmas for its colours and all the CHOCOLATE! I wish you and your lovely family an Easter full of sweet moments.


    ps Pyjamas are the best possible attire for writing blog posts, I believe!

  8. The moon was very beautiful last night, Tony had been out and when he came in he got me to follow him out in my pjs and dressing gown (i'd had an early bath) just to see it. Wish we had taken a photo now. We are set for Easter celebrations. My granddaughter E decorated my driftwood tree with the little Easter ornaments we bought last year, the bunnies are out too and chocolate nest buns complete with mini eggs and chicks were made (also by the grandchildren). I do love Easter time and always feel full of optimism for the summer ahead.Have a lovely week dear Maria XX

  9. The moon has been looking magnificent here the last few evenings too. Have a wonderful Easter with all the family together again after so many months. David is home this weekend too, although we have seen him in between he also hasn't been home since Christmas, can't wait!. Sarah x

  10. Hello Twink
    Wasn't the Moon beautiful last night ( I took some pic's)
    Your home is looking all ready for spring too..glad you have Dean home for Easter..sounds like its going to be a special time for you all... Olivia's cake recipe sounds fab I will have to look it up..
    enjoy your weekend ( hope Mr Easter Bunny visits)
    Love Thea xx

  11. Hello ! what a lovely Easter post Maria ... Olivia's cake sounds great ... I made bounty bars for my sisters ...have to confess I couldn't resist eating a few myself though !! See you soon...
    Happy Easter ...Gail x

  12. Such a lovely post; I agree, there's something special about this time of year, isn't there?

    Jo x

  13. Such a lovely Easter post Maria...and how magical is a pink moon!...x
    Hope you're having a wonderful time with your loved ones,
    Susan x

  14. Dear Maria, thank you for your kind comment you left on my blog :) Wishing you a lovely weekend, best wishes jackie x

  15. Good morning MARIA! I am barely getting to my comments as well, and I saw you visited! Thank you! I do hope your Easter was a lovely celebration and may every day be as equally lovely. Big hugs my dear friend from England! Anita

  16. Good for you posting in your pj’s – I do it all the time!
    I do hope you had a lovely Easter. I feel like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, always arriving late. Life is very hectic at the moment, but I so enjoy my visits to you and to Bumble Bee that I just have to fit them in when I can. xx