Elegant Rose

Friday, 11 April 2014

A vintage kind of week.....

A word that describes all that shines with the prettiest of lights...

This week has been one of the nicest kinds ~
along with blowing out candles and making wishes....
Mr Rosey Tinted Spectacles 
 and I celebrated 25 years of wedded bliss!
ha ha..
 It only seems like yesterday.

Like most other young couple then..
We didn't have two pennies to rub together...

We didn't have a honey moon....
Goodness no....
We needed a washing machine much more than a fancy holiday!
Dean would be born prematurely in the August...
Busy, busy days..
I smile when I think of just how much we needed to build and feather
our nest back then....

The last three days we have spent here, to celebrate in a little more style..
The Lake side hotel on lake Windermere...
This beautiful picture of the hotel from many moons ago was displayed in our room.

And now...

A beautiful retreat with the most stunning views...

This weekend we will celebrate with closest family and friends..
Small but so very special..
~ a lot like we did back then...

( Thank you, lovely, Thea)

The cards below are vintage..
A lot like us.
They belonged to my parents...

It's little words from me to day!
But I have high hopes that your weekend with be of the grandest too..

Take time to dream lovely blog world..
I thank you for all the kindest words and thoughts you always leave here!
They truly mean the world!
with twinkly hugs 


  1. HeHe! I was just leaving my PC...My Pink PC...
    Just clicked onto Blogger Home Page.....
    And, saw Rosey Tinted Spectacles...2mins ago....! :).

    I've just read through in some depth....And, now, l'm
    'welling' up a bit....Just gonna pop off and make a lemon tea!
    Hang On.....mmmmmM! That's better!

    Well...25yrs...Silver...Congratulations to both of you.....Lovely!x
    The very top photo, l think is rather special....Thought of mia Mama,
    right away...She was very religious, if she'd been a man, she'd been
    Pope! It's what she wanted me to be...A priest to start with...! Jesus!
    Can you imagine...ME a priest....!
    "And the lord said unto Moses..Come forth..Come forth...And, he came
    fifth..And, lost his beer money". :>).

    This is soooo! nice Maria...Once again, ALL the very best to both of you.
    Can l say it...? Here's to the next 25....! God bless! x

    1. Hehe...Smiling at this Willie...Wonder if we will get to watch the Robe again this Easter!! Goodness that year has flown..
      Thank you for always saying the funniest nicest things...

  2. My goodness what a GORGEOUS COUPLE you are! My dearest Maria, you are blessed. 25 years is a good long time, and we had our 32nd in March. Love is the strongest force ever, and between two people who then multiply their joy in family? It creates a cord of many strands that cannot be broken. BRAVO! You both are so beautiful! Anita

  3. Happy anniversary to you both Maria. You havent changed at all! Have the most wonderful silver celebrations. Love and best wishes, Anne

  4. Congratulations on your 25th (I celebrate mine later this year!) Doesn't time fly - can't quite believe 1989 was so long ago. x

  5. Dearest sweet Maria,
    Wishing you both a very happy 25 th. You make a really lovely couple. Its a wonderful wonderful feeling to have good friends. A loving husband and our family around us. True bonds of love.
    I like the old hotel, pretty much looks the same.
    Have a great weekend. with lots of love your blogging friend val xxxx

  6. Congratulations, love the photos, old and new xx

  7. Happy Silver Wedding to a beautiful couple! I love your wedding pictures Maria, and hope you have a lovely weekend with your family, celebrating such a wonderful occasion.

    Love Claire xxx

    1. Thank you Mrs Thriftwood...It's your special year also..
      1989 boy that was a busy year for us both!

  8. Congratulations to you both on your Silver Wedding. You make a lovely couple. Thanks for sharing your wedding photo with us. I hope you had a lovely time at The Lakeside, it looks beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend with your family friends.
    Ali xx

  9. Sending much love and admiration to you on you 25th wedding anniversary .
    The photos made me smile with sweetness . How lovely you both look ~then and now.
    Your beauty shines and sparkles Mrs. ~ and Mr. Rosey Tinted so handsome ( that lock of hair on his forehead in your wedding pic was very Hugh Grantish, Adorable !)
    Wishing love and wonderful adventures to you both together always ,
    Hugs and happiness ,

    1. Hehe..Just mentioned this to, Mr Rosey Tinted Spec's and 'the tousled' Hugh Grant fringe made him smile :) Thank you Willow!

  10. Dear Maria, congratulations to you both! Enjoy your silver wedding anniversary and I wish you also the pearl, rubby, gold and diamond anniversary with a lot of happinness and blessings...

  11. Congratulations!!! such a happy time shared together your celebrations sound perfect in such a beautiful spot..I love your photos now and then !!
    Your Mum and Dads cards are so special too
    Happy Weekend my twinkly friend
    Thea xx
    ( Fin and I spent Mothers day in the Lakes as my little "chicks" where spread all over the place and we could not get together, so he took my out bless him)

    1. You have a lovely man too, Thea..There's so much beauty here on our doorstep in the Lake district! Pleased you had some special time together too!
      We may have not had a lot in the way of holidays and all in our early years, but last year we travelled twice abroad (so special and blessed) and mostly our trips away are because of Mr Deano Miller and his running!! haha....x

  12. Happy, happy silver anniversary lovely Maria - and I wish you many, many more years filled with love, laughter and blessings.
    love & hugs
    Gilly xx

  13. Congratulations to you both of your 25th wedding anniversary! I loved seeing those lovely photographs of you both! The Lakeside looks a wonderful location to celebrate this special event. Wishing you many, many more years of wedded bliss! Sarah x

  14. Happy 25th wedding anniversary Maria! I enjoyed seeing you and your husband on the photo's, both then and now.

    Your photo's of the lakeside hotel look lovely. Enjoy the celebrations this weekend!

    Madelief x

  15. Thank you for all the lovely wishes here...
    I will be catching up with you all very soon..x

  16. Sweet friend! Good morning on this gorgeous Sunday! To see your kind comment means a lot to me, and I wish you a happy day. Our spring is so slow in getting here, but every comment that comes my way is like a flower popping up to smile at me. Thank you dear friend! I will post soon. Anita

  17. Wonderful Maria!!! Happy Happy Anniversary!!!! Such a lovely time of the year to celebrate your anniversary ......... wishing you a fantastic day!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  18. Happy Anniversary - hope you both had a fantastic time at the Lakeside. Hope you have a good week

    Jill, Christmas Pie Crafts

  19. Happy anniversary - You both look far too young to have been married for 25 years!
    (It will be 45 years for me this year - but two Mr N's, I'm afraid. Well, I hope I'm allowed one mistake!)

  20. Lovely cards and photos. What a good looking couple. Happy Anniversary! We will be celebrating our 19th this month too. April is a great month! :-)

  21. Congratulations lovely Maria! I hope you both had a very happy anniversary (it sounds as though you did). The cards belonging to your parents are beautiful, and I love the photo of the two of you. How time flies. Terry and I have been married 44 years in June – I can hardly believe it! Love and hugs to you and Mr. Rosey Tinted Spectacles. xxx

  22. Congratulations Maria, you've been together a long time, some times it's not always easy but here you are, I wish you an even happier future. xx

  23. Many congratulations on 25 years


  24. Congratulations on your 25th! Time sure does fly, doesn't it? I am new to your blog and am your newest follower.