Elegant Rose

Friday, 25 April 2014

Jumping Right Back In......

Yum ~ yum...
( Out first ice cream of the year)
We've been jolly lucky over the Easter break
to have something planned on each and every day with family and friends..
I can't for the life of me think of a Easter so 
busy and where Mr sunshine was out
to bask from morning till almost bedtime here in the 
rainy North West...
I'm a hoping he was just as kind to you all and Easter time
was a happy old time..

I'd mentioned in an earlier postie 
that all my chicks were home to nest and rest..
Always the nicest feeling in the world for any Mama!
On Saturday after work...
We spent a wonderful evening here together..

Where Miss Olivia played her guitar under the twinkly lights...
With tunes from Laura Marling, and monsters and Men...

It's kinda special to listen to live music..
~ outside under the starry skies don't you think?

 I for one could have sat there all evening!..
I did have a cosy warm throw and a cup of hot chocolate,
to keep me company..

Monday was very lovely too!
We were invited to a garden party that lasted till sun down....
A perfect ending to a lovely chilled long weekend...
Well, all's well that ends well...
and it's almost another week over with once again..
Phew time most certainly flies...

Today we have those pesky little April showers, so very suited to the 
month it's self..
And if I'm honest I'm all partied out!
It's been a day for catching up with chores and popping in
on you all..

Ooh and I just couldn't resist showing you this little guy!
This is little Merlin.
I wish I could say he belongs to me...
But with four little furry friends already
 we have no more room left in our inn...
He came home to live with my brother and his wife
and has made them smile once more!
( Frankie their beautiful black and white kittie was poisoned three weeks ago)
We are unsure by what and who.
He was only a youngster of two.
Little Merlin couldn't and wouldn't replace their love for Frankie, but he comes complete 
with his own special love..
And that I believe is what life's all about......
Jumping right back in
 and giving another poor little mite
a chance kinda helps heal the pain of loss....
Don't you think?
It's big smiles all round....
I'm wishing him a long life full to the brim of kittie 
days spent capturing butterflies and dreaming kittie day~ dreams....

( Look at those paws)
Take time to dream...
Hugs Maria x


  1. Oh poor franky, who would a thing like that? Sweet friend, we has the most gorgeous easter with some wonderful warm temps, finally! We too are rejoicing in the season, and i plan on planting a moon garden, in all white floswers! Enjoy your day sweet maria! Anita

  2. Oh dear, do forgive my syntactical errors here...i am typing off a tablet!

  3. You know! I remember an early episode of
    All Creatures Great and Small....First started
    in 1978...Goodness!
    This old lady had an old dog, it was very poorly,
    and, had to be put down...
    But, every time the vet went to do it..She said NO!
    After several visits, the young James Herriot, took a
    puppy with him. whilst he talked to the old lady, he
    asked her to hold the puppy, while he examined the
    dog...She did....When the young Herriot, went to take
    the puppy, the old lady, turned away, and, would'nt
    give it back....Mr Herriot then put the old dog to sleep,
    pick it up and walked out! Left the old lady with the
    puppy......God! I cried like a baby....."Nuff Said".

    1. Willie, hello!
      I do hope you received my email, thanking you for the DVD..( didn't get to watch this year, but I will watch on the first rainy day that i have free) You are so very kind!
      I remember the episode you mention here...I think in those days we watched every episode of James Herriot....I even read the books..
      I do hope Easter was special for you and Sam..x

    2. Yes! Thankyou Maria....And, l did reply....
      HeHe! At some length....In fact The Robe
      was on TV, Easter Monday...More4, l think...

      Sorry l finished abruptly, but, l was just filling
      up...Writing about that episode....Goodness!
      What a state to get into, and, me, a grown
      man, HeHe! Though, my Dad never thought
      l'd ever grown up....He always reminded me of
      it.....! :0).

      And, yes, Easter was great, nice steady income,
      of Furriends....Sicilians...And..Countrymen.....
      Oh! Love kitty~kitty Merlin....He's gonna grow up to be
      a magician......Bit of a wizard...Lovely...! Bless!..x

  4. What a wonderful Easter you've had. Your evening under the stars with Olivia performing sounded blissful. Merlin looks so sweet, hopefully he will ease some of the sadness. Tis raining hard here too. We believe it our fault as whenever we think we will mow the lawn it starts tipping down, he he.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Ali xx

  5. Looks like you've had a lovely time with your family Maria, lots of nice days and nights out in the nice weather.

    Merlin looks adorable, I'm sure he'll be very spoilt!

    Thank you for your kind comments today, they mean so much xxx

  6. We all need special times. That's how we have sweet memories.
    Jean x

  7. How I wish I were sitting at the outdoor cafe with you, listening to the gorgeous singing and sipping a margarita... :-) Looks like you've had lots of happy times over the holidays, and how wonderful to have all the family together - including the newest member, Merlin is adorable!!! Chrissie x

  8. Hello Twink
    You must be so proud when you listen to Olivia perform ... your Easter sounds perfect. full of love and fun..so special being surrounded by your precious little family...
    We enjoyed the wonderful weather too..my daughter and granddaughters came over Good Friday so lots of chocolate faces and prams in the garden...
    Little Merlin is so cute bless him, he looks full of mischief
    Happy week and I hope the sunshines
    Thea xx

  9. Such great pictures. Merlin is so adorable! And I love your green lantern. I so glad you had such a wonderful time with your family home. It sounds so nice!

  10. Beautiful days Maria! Wishing you a lovely weekend. Hugs :D

  11. Such a lovely family Easter you have had Maria...how lovely to sit under the stars and listen to Olivia's music!
    Little Merlin is adorable and I'm sure he has brought lots of love along with him too...he's sure to bring much joy...x
    Happy Weekend!
    Susan x

  12. Hello dear Maria
    I'm horrified to hear about Frankie.....who could do that!!! Poor babe! I love the look of Merlin something we could do with is a new kitty to fill the space of our old boy. Sr P just won't hear of it ...they were so attached that he hurts too much still! It is wonderful to hear you had such a great time with your family. Don't you feel just right when they are all hovering around???

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  13. Sounds as if it was the perfect Easter break Maria.Family and friends, love and happiness. It doesnt get better than that.
    I was horrified to hear about the poor cat being poisoned. Who could do such a horrible thing? (assuming it was deliberate). Glad they have little Merlin to help them heal. Have a wonderful weekend Maria.XX

  14. Merlin is absolutely gorgeous!

    I'm on the verge of accepting a third kitty. A friends cat had a littler of 5 about two weeks ago and there's one little ginger one that I've fallen for. We'll see.

    You've been having such lovely days out with your family. The weather has been just right for it after all. I do love that you have such a talented daughter. You must be so proud.

    Have a lovely day Maria xx