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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Ring Out The Old..... Ring In The New....

~ And now let us welcome the New Year. Full of things that have never been. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke.

January, the month of new beginnings and cherished memories, beckons....
Come, let winter weave her wondrous spell: cold, crisp, woolen-muffler days, long dark evenings of savoury suppers, lively conversations, or solitary joys. Out side all is still, nature is at peace. We should be too. Draw hearthside. This is the month to dream, to look forward to the new year ahead and the journey within....

Simple Abundance.

~ Hello every one, how has your Christmas been? I wonder.
I must admit to feeling as weak as a kitten through all the festivities.. I came down with the Christmas dreaded 'lurgy' on the big day its self! Perhaps running low on batteries from all the extra working hours and build up! 

~ Christmas is for kittie cats too, you know!
(Pedro on Christmas morning)

~ There has been days of cosying by the fire, and giving in to rest.....

The 'holy' quiet days in between Christmas and new year are always my favourite.
~ And as we put 2012 well and truly to bed, I give thanks for the wonderful year, we have shared....A year of achievement commitment and satisfaction for us all as a family! 

Dean flies out to Nairobi in  Kenya with team GB on the 5th, January! He will be there for a month to train in the higher altitudes with the likes of Mo Farah! It is another fabulous opportunity as he and pal David Devine are the only two from the Paralympic team of distance runners chosen..
I am ever so chuffed for him!

I would like to thank you all for your kind friendships and sweet comments always and as we have travelled through this virtual year together, dear friends, I would like to wish you and yours a truly wonderful new year! 

Chill something bubbly tomorrow evening and honour the old year with a toast!
~ And welcome the new with open hearts.
I will be sure to take all your blogging friendships with me into 2013!
Bless you all.
Love Maria x


  1. Lovely...Lovely...Lovely....!
    And, Christmas for Kittie-Cats toooo!
    Up at my daughters, Christmas morn'in, besides my daughter, hubby and me, there were three Pussy-Cats and two Staffy's opening prezzies...What a mess! HeHe! Great fun....!

    Well...Maria...In the last post you asked me what l would have for Christmas....
    Goodness....Loads....How long have l got...
    Mostly pink things...Hand-made or knitted or sewn...! 6ft long scarf, half the size of my usual one l wear. And, a hand-made pink/white night shirt, with large pink flowers on it...Does'nt need plugging in...Loud enough..! :).
    Three bottles of vintage port..Hic!
    Home made chutneys, jams etc...!
    DVD's. CD's.
    Oh! and, what l really wanted was an 'EasiYo' Yogurt Maker...Brilliant. If you like yogurt, that's the one to have. Get them in Holland & Barrett, or a national chain called 'Range'.

    Now! A quick story before l go...
    As, l always say...I am a professional shopper. And, not only when it comes to food...
    Thursday, we were up at Cheshire Oaks. Lovely place..Brilliant...
    We went into a designer cloths shop...It was closing down. Not a lot in there...My daughter saw a three quarter length coat. Black, with coloured velvet around the sleeves and waist. Just the one. Very nice to. She tried it on....
    Perfect...Original price £189:99. Reduced to £149:99, then £129:99, finally £89:99.
    This young chap came over, without boring you, after a little conversation...I offered him £40.
    Then a much older chap came over, and, with his approach and banter, l knew he was Italian, Sicilian in fact, from Palermo....So, we talked about the 'Old Country'. During which the young lad, said l'd offered £40. He took the coat off my daughter, gave it to the young lad, and told him to wrap it up.....HeHe!
    Your way ahead of me....Yep!
    So! Guess who got a new coat....AND...Guess who paid forty quid for it....! Che Bellezza!

    Well....'There It Is'.
    All...All the very best to one and ALL....
    Hope the year of 2013...Is good..great..and....
    wonderful, for us ALL....Bless! :>)x

    And Me.....
    "I've gone to look for myself,if l return before l get back,keep me here...".
    Ciao! Ciao! Buon Anno.....

    1. Willie, I really must go shopping with you! That coat sounds wonderful and a snippet of a price!! I have a fondness for coats, in fact I have just treated my self to a black faux fur! Willie you are such fun and I soo happy to have your blogging friendship! Wishing you a wonderful 2013, dear friend...

  2. How lovely Maria....you say such nice things.....me too....this last year has been a wonderful blogging year and I thank you for your sweet comments and also wish to let you know its reciprocal.....Here's wishing you bright beautiful things for the New Year.

    Amanda xx

  3. it has been just lovely blogging with you, Amanda!
    Wishing you a magical new year *****

  4. Lurgy also hit here but in varying degrees, the worst affected being the poor soul who had to work over Christmas. Hopefully you are now feeling better and will have a wonderful New Year. Here's to a great 2013.

  5. Ooh we had the lurgy too Maria,as you know,not much fun! So pleased for Dean, and have a lovely New Year, I remember it's your and Pat's 'anniversary'. See you soon,

    Love Claire xxx

  6. Lovely Maria,

    I LOVE YOUR MUSIC TODAY!!! And my dear, I am also very exhausted from not the Christmas activity (it was just me and my husband) but the paper project I was working on for a local client. I would love it if you came over on New Year's Day to see what I made. I am literally so tired.

    Wishing you a lovely new year, and may our paths cross always...I love to find new friends like you. I must put you on my blog roll!!!!!! Anita

  7. Hello Dear blogging friend,

    I am 'feeling' your lovely words in my heart, sitting in the sunshine about to have lunch with my family!

    Love and joy to you and all you hold precious....

    Daisy J

  8. I am pleased to have 'spent' part of your last blogging year with you Maria. I hope the next year is just as fruitful. Congratulations to Dean too, what a year he has had! Hope you have a wonderful new year, love Anne

  9. I love the limbo time in between Christmas and New Year too - it's like life is on hold for a bit. Good luck to Dean - does he ever train at Loughborough? My son is at uni there he says there are a lot of Olympians. Happy New Year x

    1. Hi Daffy!
      Yes Dean trains often at Loughborough university...
      Happy New Year to you and Yours.x

  10. Wishing you all good things for 2013 Maria! You have a lot to be proud of, you've had a vintage year don't you think! :) x

  11. Hello Maria
    Happy New Year my friend..hope you are feeling better, poor thing..
    really exciting news about Dean, what a wonderful opportunity..how proud you must all be.
    We have been so lazy since Christmas..just curling up watching TV and chatting (sharing the odd glass or two) bliss..
    I went down with a stinking cold Friday there is so much about..
    Freddy(youngest son) is staying with us for a while, and we are all going to Matt (oldest son) and his girlfriends for New Year, so we shall have a toast for you there!!
    See you next year
    Love Thea xx

    1. So much illness around, dear Thea! Take care and enjoy your New year with your boy..We will spend it quietly here..
      Looking forwards to seeing you again in the new year!

  12. Hi Maria, yes I too am having some very quiet days inbetween. hope you feel better and enjoy the new year! Heather x

  13. Lovely post Maria. I hope you've recovered from your illness. The cats look so sweet. Wonderful to hear that Dean will have a chance at competing in another olympics. You've all certainly had a wonderful year. It's been wonderful sharing it with you.
    Ali x

  14. Dear Mary,
    happy happy new year,
    with love
    Susy x

  15. Dear Maria, Happy New Year to you sweetie! I hope you feel better soon! I am happy for Dean and his friend! I hope this new year will be filled with good health, blessings and joy for you and your dear ones, and I hope all your dreams come true! Your kitties are so cute! Thank you so much for visiting me and for your kind words! I am happy you found me again and I could find your beautiful blog again too! Much love sweet friend! Paula xoxo

  16. Oh my goodness - I am not sure if my tear ducts will be able to cope but it is wonderful how your family is going from strength to strength. What a fantastic opportunity - is it too late for me to start do you think? Ha ha. Every happiness for the forthcoming year - it already sounds as though it is going to be very eventful for you all. There is a great deal of lurgy around and I cannot shake off a chest infection - I am going to give it another week I think as my head is hurting with all the coughing!
    Best wishes
    PS - is that a Hilda Cowham illustration?

  17. Hope you had a lovely Christmas & Happy New Year!