Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

December's gifts - custom, ceremony, celebrations,  consecration - all come to us wrapped up, not in tissue and ribbons, but in cherished memories......
This is the month of miracles.
Where there is love, there are always miracles!
( Taken from my most favourite book, Simple Abundance)

~ Remembering to breathe deeply is important this month as any mother knows, our shoulders can begin to droop as lists of 'should do's' become almost as heavy as Jacob Marley's chains!

I have chosen this year to have a Christmas of glad tidings with all the trimmings , but with out all the trappings...

There is a wealth of talent here in blog land and all at the touch of a finger tip..
Theses beautiful cards from Karen's hauntingly beautiful blog. http://moonlightandhares.blogspot.co.uk/

~ Be still and listen the earth is singing....
Karen's beautiful work always speaks to me..

The real Christmas miracle would be to slow down long enough to remember the reason for the season...

My Christmas movie this week will be the Holiday!
But I am looking forwards to Elf on TV this Sunday tea time.....

(Please don't take my photo!)

I have been ever so lucky this week in winning, not one give away, but two!
Thank you, Thea and Ali!
I love both your blogs and have followed your diaries through most of this year and will be sure to carry your friendships into the next year with me also!

(Told you not too!)
Smoky Jo is very shy.....

I am very humbled with the all the kindness on here...
~and my next post will be one of gratitude!

Keep warm and cosy dear friends and take time to dream!
Sending you all the trimmings of the season .....
' Namaste'
Love Maria x


  1. Namaste , Maria,
    this is such a sweet tender post. You have described how christmas will be for me. No stress ..enjoying being with my children and grandchildren lots of love and laughter.
    val xx

  2. A beautiful post as always Maria! Love your little smokey jo :)
    Victoria xx

  3. Ah! Look....Smoky Jo....As l've said on Sophie's Blog.....
    If you keep showing pussy-cat pics....I follow forever....! :).

    I've just got back from Poole, invited out for lunch to-day to
    the Gurka Restaurant. £6:95....Eat ALL you want...So! l put them
    out of business, within the hour...! HeHe!
    First time l'd ever been...Once l looked over the kitchen, l think
    l'll go again...I'd recommend it...It's as good as my cooking anyway..

    And! Yep! Christmas is great...Love it...Everyone should bright colours,
    especially...P-I-N-K. HeHe! "Nuff Said".

    Sooooo! "There It Is"...
    "Be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude, and, a lady with class".

    1. Love the above quote Willie!
      Hope you got my email too....
      I always love posts too with kittie cats on!
      Your luncheon date sounds like fun...x

    2. Thankyou Maria....
      No! No e-mail arrived.....
      e-mail add...willie.wine@hotmail.co.uk

    3. OOh Willie could I have gone in your spam mail I wonder?

    4. Hi! Morn'in Maria.....
      Ah! You've lost me l'm afraid...Spam Mail?
      The only mail l know of is my 'Hotmail'.

    5. I've just spoken to my friend Richard, Maria....
      He looks after my PC. He's explained what spam mail is...
      Silly Willie...! :). Should have known..!
      Try again maybe...Using above Add...!

  4. Beautiful post Maria,I know what We'll be watching Sunday teatime,My daughter came home today and said her Welsh teacher said Elf's on on Sunday,She told her its My favourite film too :) Congratulations on your gorgeous wins,You deserve it. Have a lovely peaceful week.xxxx

  5. ....love that cuddly hottie.....and your christmas countdown........i will endeavour to breathe deeply too...excellent advice!stay calm and enjoy!X

  6. Love the thought of Christmas without the trappings, just the trimmings! You have been a lucky girl lately, how lovely ...

    Claire xx

  7. That art work is beautiful, glad a little luck is going your way! :) x

  8. You are so right in saying we need to slow down and enjoy the season. Iam determined to not get caught up in the stress and frenetic pace this year and to enjoy the magic. Lily. xxx

  9. Enjoy watching the Christmas films. Those cards are sure lovley as well.
    Congrats on winning the giveaways..how exciting!
    Magie x

  10. Congratulations on winning the giveaways! I love this time of year even though it is so hectic. We are away for the weekend in north yorkshire, I am hoping for a rest but no doubt it will be busy shopping etc!

  11. Namaste.. Maria
    Your cards are very special..I love Karens work
    This time of year is when nature goes to sleep so you are right it is time to slow down and enjoy!!
    I am going into town tomorrow to post your parcel and will drop you an email just to confirm..yes I shall add my address
    Special Winter Wishes my dear friend
    Thea x

  12. You make the upcoming Christmas rush sound so calm and dreamy :) Love your shy little cat. I have a pile of Christmas movies on dvd that my family makes me watch alone...except for Charlie Brown which we all like. My favourite is A Christmas Carol. Wendy

  13. Namaste to you too dear friend. We shall be joining in a little festive shopping madness on Saturday but then Sunday is going to be a quiet day of Christmas tree decorating and watching Miracle on 34th Street. M x

  14. Many congrats on the giveaway wins! Adore the pussycat pics!

  15. Well done you on your winnings, Christmas has already started for you I see!
    Good to hear you are getting into the spirit of it all. Maria, you should see some of the outside decorations going up over here in Canada. People are certainly getting into the festive mood!
    Kate xxxx

  16. Smokey Jo is adorable! How many lovely cats do you have? I have four and they are all very spoilt as cats should be :) I love Christmas and Christmas films :) We had a little bit of snow today and it really looked pretty and Christmassy, I am going to make some Christmas decorations with the children at the weekend and I feel like a little girl again making white paper chains and some snowflakes and lanterns which cost nothing and is fun to do for me and the children. Hope you and yours are all very well. LBF x

  17. Hello ...what a nice Christmassy post ! Namaste..... Gail x

  18. Love your shy kittie photo! Best wishes, Pj x