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Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Cat's Pyjamas...

My family are forever telling me that I speak in my very own language and I guess that can be said as true..
For I have had this saying looming around in my head all week....
"The Cats pyjamas."
~ On looking up the meaning I find it simply implies 'something good or special has happened to some one...'
Just perfect for this post.

Because if I say it myself it has been a week full of good news!

~And we all like a bit of this at the best of times, don't we just!

Olivia has started her part time work in Topshop O 'my a gift to any parent who has a teenage daughter who is simply obsessed with clothes and fashion...
~And also has been doing regular gigs with pals in local music venues!

Pretty special for someone who was once as shy as Bambi!!
~ And some other fab news this week is our beautiful evening spent here..

~We picked up the Cumbria Sports award for special talents for our Dean .
Well some one had to do it?
Dean was tied up with running commitments and asked us to represent him here.
Only at  the beautiful  Low-wood hotel by Lake Windermere! Might I add.
We kind of thought it justified the many freezing cold weekends we had spent over the many years supporting him through the muddiest and wettest of cross countries races... Pay back time for Mum and Dad with the most beautiful four course meal and wines...hehe!

I must confess we didn't need to be asked twice!
We were proud and honoured and a little delighted to see our Son on the table planning menu here...( Top pic with Octopus arm out stretched) hehe..
Soo you see dear friends it has been a Cats pyjamas type of week!

I do hope your week has been full to the brim of  Special-ness!

~ And I would just like to add, you're the cats Pyjamas too!!
Bye for now and thank you for always making me feel so welcome here in blog-land!
Love Maria x


  1. I've always said that too! Some good news here, for a very special person! :)

  2. Never heard that saying before but its a good one for us pussy cat lovers! Glad you have had a lovely week, mine has been busy at work but we have a busy weekend planned!

  3. Fantastic things to celebrate! What a lovely Mum you are - and I'm so glad you are too lady-like to use that other well known phrase - the dog one I mean...

    1. haha, I like it Nilly, but didn't enter my mind as I am most definitely a moggie person...x

    2. How exciting for your son to receive the award - especially at such a nice venue. I some strange things too but apparently its because I am Welsh (!) Lily. xxx

  4. Hello Maria
    What a lovely post..Congrats to Olivia, there will be no stopping her now..the wardrobe will be heaving..
    And the awards eveing sounds very special, you both must have been brimming with pride..sounded very yummy too!
    I did think of you all when I saw the flooding in Cumbria on the news, It has not been that bad here in the Moorlands just misty and wet,
    We have a busy week ahead, what with "birthday boy" and the family all staying next weekend so hoping for a "cats pyjama's "sort of week
    Happy Week to you!
    Thea x

    1. Thank you Thea, The flooding has been dreadful and travelling around the Lakes last eve was a bit worrying, we didn't know if we would get back last night.We would have just had to have stopped the night at the Low Wood!! Ooh sounds okey to me!

  5. Love that saying Maria! What a fab week you've had, definitely the cats pyjamas!
    Victoria xx

  6. ......oh so love.y to hear happy news, happy families and happy days.....just come in from the rain and soaked through......going to put the kettle on now with happy thoughts- thank you for cheering a miserable old day x

  7. I can feel your radiated happiness here through the computer - congratulations to Dean and how special to have a four course dinner.

  8. Congratulations to Olivia ,The children grow up so quickly, she will enjoy it.
    sure has been "a cat's pyjama week"! for you. I like that saying Maria.
    How proud you must both be of your Dean. He really has achieved so much, and now another award.
    Your 4 course dinner sounds super.
    I saw on the news, that the weather there is horrendous. I do hope it doesnt affect you too much!
    Stay well Maria..
    kind wishes val xx

    Thank you for your kind comments on my post

  9. What a lovely saying and such a great photo to illustrate it! Congratulations to Olivia and Dean for their good news this week, what proud pearents you must be. That was so lovely to be able to pick up his award and enjoy such a lovely meal in such a location.
    Sarah x

  10. Goodnes! I'm ALL behind to-day......(Must be these tight trousers)..! :)

    Im' afraid in my case it will have to be 'The Cats Nightshirt' don't do pyjamas...! Silly invention...! HeHe!

    AND...Yes! Congratulations ALL round...Sounds a great evening....Used to do loads of dinners myself back in the 80's. Top table, speeches..etc..etc..!
    Great fun....Loved it...!

    Just going off on a tangent....
    Just reading in a comic..(The Sun)....About Cabbage Patch Dolls..(Remember).
    Well, it's 25yrs now...And, in that time 118 million have been born. (Never see any Mums or Dads though). That's one every 6:8 secs.
    The dearest on ever....Sold for £12,000. In the image of Sarah Palin..
    One has even been up in the Shuttle....! :>).

    Well...Must get on...Time for Church...(Morrisons)...HeHe!

  11. Ooh Willie,
    You always have me chuckling and I guess I kinda look forward to your comments, even on every body else's blogs too!!
    Thanks for this valid information on the Cabbage Patch dolls,and yes I do remember them....
    Would have loved to have been a guest at one of your speeches, hehe!
    Our guest speaker was none other than, Alan Bell. He is the guy who shot the starter pistol at the Olympic and Paralympics, to begin each race..
    Interesting to hear his thoughts on Ussain Bolt in this years 100 metres and his disqualification.....(Now who is going off on a tangent!!)
    You have your self a busy Sunday dear Willie!
    Ciao..Ciao, bye for now...

  12. Congratulations to Olivia on her job and gigs and to Dean for his award. I have always loved the phrase "the cat's pyjamas"! What a wonderful week you have had! Best wishes, Pj x

    1. Hello Pj and welcome, it is always lovely to hear from you!

  13. Ahhh Maria .... you are the cats pyjamas too!
    you must be super proud, and so you should, what great achievements, well done to both.
    thank you for entering my giveaway and for the very kind link.
    thanks too for the kind words, they mean a lot
    love jooles

  14. Children are the greatest joy, don't you think?

  15. Me alegro de tus buenas noticias.Saludos a todos

  16. What a wonderful week you've had. You must be really proud of Dean and Olivia. Just out of interest. Where do cats buy their pyjamas? Have another lovely week.
    Ali x

  17. Good morning Maria! YEAH!!!!! GOOD THINGS TO BE HAD in all circumstances! How wonderful that your daughter is getting some gigs to do what she loves! From my youth as a dancer/actor to now in my attempts to write and do art, there is nothing like getting a chance to share your work and to get your first PAYCHECK as a professional!

    I bet you are going to have a marvelous holiday season! Are you planning on decorating and entertaining? I hope to, but I have a large commission to work on for a bridal shop; I will be making a paper wedding gown for a shop window display! I am thrilled.

    Now off to a substitute teaching job in a French class! BONNE JOURNÉE! Anita

  18. All such good things happening in your family's life!! It's great to see your kids going their own way and finding things that they love. Congratulations to your daughter with her gigs, and your sons amazing award. (Just a side note, although I follow your site I wasn't getting any of your feeds...did some fidgeting on my site and hopefully it's fixed). Wendy

  19. Hello Maria...It's always good to share good news..so glad everything is going well for you and yours....my cats want to know if they can have some of these pyjamas for Christmas ?? Have a nice weekend...Gailx

  20. Hello Maria
    I have some lovely news you have one my giveaway
    If you could reply to my e.mail with your details. I shall send the angel on her way.. ellis.thea@yahoo.com
    Thea x

  21. Congratulations on your win with Thea, Maria ... more good news for you!

    See you soon,

    Claire xxx

  22. That is some lovely eye-welling up news you have there Maria. I bet you were swelling up with pride for all your family. My 12 year old is desperate for the world of work and would give her eye teeth to work in Top of the Shops!!!
    Thank you for kind words Maria
    Best wishes