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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A Very Vintage Affair Indeed......

Thanking you kindly for all the lovely comments.....
I guess we all have a real love affair with vintage! Vintage literature especially seems to be timeless in its story telling, so much so that it can speak through the generations ........

Another vintage treasure...
Alice in wonderland, again one of mum's books...

Although I simply love this book from my heirloom collection;
 the colour plated pictures are just wonderful!
I must confess I used to struggle with 'Alice's Adventures In Wonderland' some what!
To be honest it all seemed a little, crazy-mad bonkers...
Except for the white rabbit and his pocket watch always late and rushing to be somewhere!
I did wonder where he needed to be so urgently and why!

~But strangely enough for the past few evenings I have had the most lucent forms of dreams of hares and rabbits and of being late for what seemed like the most important of dates, that I thought I must simply post about this book!

The colour plates of pictures are beautifully illustrated....

I never quite understood the Queen of Hearts and was almost always glad when poor Alice woke up by the shade of the tree, only to be dreaming the whole thing!

If any one can shine a little light on dreams and meanings I would be very pleased to know the meaning of hares in dreams.....Thank you kindly!

Along side all my lucid dreams I have been finding a 'treasure' or two....

This wonderful Helena Rubinstein powder puff in the most dreamy shade of pale pink
~still has a faint smell of the dusting powder from once inside....

~Also these decadent little finds: 
Wonderful cocktail and olive sticks still in the vintage case and bearing the slogan, 'Top Hats and Gloves'....
Ooh la la .....

Anyone for cocktails!?
I have a little confession to make lovely peeps, today has been a Pyjama Day! Shhhhhh don't tell.
Just haven't felt the need to get dressed at all.. hehe.
I have another little treat lined up for later too...

Again on the Rabbit theme...
This wonderful movie and also charming book has my favourite quote in." When you become real it lasts for always".....
Sending kind thoughts to you all!
~And am a hoping your week has been 'Grand' too....
love Maria x


  1. Ah! Hares in dreams.....Old Wives Tales..(Not say'in l'm an old wife). BUT.........
    If you dream of a hare...Runn'in away from you...You will lose something of value...!
    If you catch one, in your dream...You will win something....!
    If the hare is dead or killed in your dream...It means the death of a friend.....!
    And, it means trouble....If the hare is chased by dogs....!
    So...There you have it........"Hare to-day...Gone tomorrow". HeHe! :).

    I think the best ever Alice was played by Fiona Fullerton....Goodness 1972...!
    She was lovely....mmmmM!

    And....As for pyjamas...Never worn a pair in my life...Strictly nighties...oooops! sorry, night-gowns....! :).
    To much information me thinks...."Nuff Said".

    1. Ooh Willie, Once again you have me chuckling and you are such fun, you know!! hehe...

    2. Ooh forgot to say, I remember the 1972 version on TV too!
      My daughter has the lasted version on DVD, it is a crazy, crazy movie!

    3. Actually Fiona Fullerton was 14yrs old in the 1972 version....
      The next time l saw her was with Roger Moore in the 1985 Bond
      film.....View To A Kill....!
      Romping about with Roger Moore in a jacuzzi....!
      Went right off her......! :>).

      Don't think l've ever dreamt of hares or rabbits...Though l do dream a lot.....! Quite a lot....!
      Dreamt once, that l'd eaten a giant marshmallow......
      When l woke up, one of the pillows was gone.........! :-)

  2. Love the little cocktail forks...right up my street.
    Lovely blog post as always. X

  3. Oh My... I used to have the cocktail forks in a cream colour. :D
    Wonderful post. xx

  4. Who doesn't love Alice? What a beautiful copy you have Maria. Gorgeous finds, loving the kitsch forks!
    Victoria xx

  5. Hello Maria
    What a wonderful book.. I know what you mean about the storyline poor Alice she was in a pickle (I have read Lewis Carroll had been partial to the magic mushrooms) perhaps that explains it!
    Well as for your dreams of hares...I have always understood that they symbolise fertility so make of that what you will....crikey
    It sounds like you had a "Me" day bliss...I love you Maileg Bunny
    I adore the thought of cocktails....So lush..what shall we have?
    Happy Week
    Thea x

    1. Hello lovely Thea,
      Ooh I have found me dream book now and have read that too! Crikey!
      I think I have actually found my reason Thea, and it is all to do with a plaque that has come into the shop with this quote on "Love You To The Moon And Back Again".... From little nut brown Hare books Awww thats a relief it must have been on my mind all along. I love this story book too..Thanks for kind visits always....

  6. I used to puzzle over Alice, but it sounded so magical and I don't expect to understand magic :) I love a pyjama day :) x

  7. Those books are delicious! Wonderful illustrations! My parents had a great collection of cocktail sticks when I was little, wish I still had them! :)

  8. My sister took me to see the 1972 film of Alice in Wonderland and we did it as a play at school. I was the frog footman! Those cocktail and olive sticks are such a part of the 60's!
    The Velveteen Rabbit was one of my nieces and daughters favourite stories,none of us have seen the film. is it as good as the book?
    Sarah x

    1. Hello Sarah, The movie was magical and I must admit it made me cry too!
      Perfect for this time of year.

  9. I used to love my Alice in Wonderland book - it was small, pocket sized with beautiful illustrations. What became of it - I have no idea. I had nightmares about the Queen "off with their heads!" I too love "The Velveteen Rabbit." Have not seen the film.

    1. Ooh June you must watch the movie, it was so lovely!!

  10. Hola Maria, que cuento más bonito las ilustraciones son preciosas. Muchos saludos.

  11. I had no idea the Velveteen Rabbit had been made into a film .. must see, must see.
    I have been packing up a box or two of old books from my own childhood .. makes for a very long packing session, by the time I've re-read them all!

  12. I love Alice in wonderland..I have a few different versions/copies of it, though I hadn't seen the version you have. Such lovely illustrations!
    The cocktail sticks and forks are just fab :)
    Magie x

  13. Alice in Wonderland is rather strange. I have to say I loved it as a child. Did you know there's a statue of Alice's tea party in Warrington town centre? Bit of trivia for you, :) I love those cocktail sticks, great colours. Sounds like you had a blissfully relaxing day. I think we all should have more of those. No idea about your hare dream. I think they always seem to be related to whats going on in life. When I was being made redundant my friend dreamt we were out clubbing all night and then we went to work in a bean factory. Very appropriate as there's a Heinz factory where we live. Have another lovely day.
    Ali x

  14. Hi Maria, love your book ... you have so many lovely things. I hate those sort of dreams, where you're rushing round trying to get somewhere, remember having them a lot before I got married, I couldn't find one shoe, or headdress or something equally important, and woke up really exhausted!

    Glad you enjoyed the fair ... did you take any photos? I forgot!

    See you soon ...

    Oh, not watched the Velveteen Rabbit yet, must do soon!

    Claire xx

    1. Hello Mrs!
      I did take a few, just of the tea room, all the scones and cakes, looked so delish!!
      Will lend you the movie, Ooh you need to watch it!!

  15. It's been quite awhile since I have read "Alice in Wonderland." I took a Fantasy and Romance class in college, and we had to read this book (among others). I always thought the story line was a bit strange, but then again, fantasy stories are supposed to be unusual and odd in their own unique ways. I like the drawings in your "Alice in Wonderland" book. You can't find drawings like that in books now-a-days.

    I LOVE that cute little rabbit in the last photograph. She looks so cute. Those little crocheted red shoes are simply adorable! :)

    As for "Pajama Day," I think it happens to the best of us sometimes. As long as you're not wearing your pajamas when you decide to go out to the shops, I think you will be okay "parading around" in them while you're in the comforts of your own home. :)

    Take care Dear Friend. :)

  16. Oh Maria,
    Lovely post...
    I have a whole collection of 'heirloom' books Alice was my first as a child I would read it under the covers with a torch, I loved it to bits, still do!
    Bestest sparkly seasonal wishes coming your way....
    Daisy xx

  17. A lovely book. My favourite character was the Cheshire Cat - I am such a cat person that no matter what the story, the cat was always my favourite! Best wishes, Pj x

    1. Ditto With this Pj x I just love kittie cats!!

  18. Ah dear Maria
    I love the Alice - Margaret Tarrant is one of my favourite illustrators (along with Anne Anderson and Katharine Cameron) and I have several others from this series of children's books that she illustrated. Strange as I was just writing a post about some of my books and I (shockingly) have a few hundred children's books....not as bad as one of my sisters who has mainly only copies of Alice in her study - she has several hundred (oh dear we are a family of hoarders..)of them and when I go and visit we go drool over a fair few. Some pretty rare and bought (as always) many years ago - usually at jumble sales!! You may have seen the one in this post http://thecustards.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/tweed-lace-and-dorothy-bags.html - that was yet another for her collection! Madness
    Have a lovely day
    Best wishes

  19. A pyjama day, now that does sound good. Lucky you :)
    I was cast in a play as Alice when I was 12 so I got to know the story pretty well, and it has stuck with me. Lovely illustrations, thanks for sharing them.

  20. I confess Maria, that i have had a few pj days during my life.. especially when its really cold wet and rainy.. i like to read or paint and stay home.
    Can you believe it.. I still like to look at the pictures in the Velveteen Rabbit.. its such a wonderful book. I didnt know there was a film. All my grandchildren have read it or I have read it to them.. and we play out the characters.
    Alice is a different story. Just like you I always became very confused with the story .. I had many years of dreaming that i fell down the hole and was way underground. I never understood that dream.
    My take on dreams - I think when we look and talk and think about something..it stays in our sub conscious for a while..and then we dream about it.
    wishing you a happy weekend Maria..
    val xx