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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Have You Heard......

This week has been a fast one and seems to have flown by with the blink of  a eye.
~ does this happen when you are busy and have a little on each week on your calendar dates..
I wonder?
I have just heard, via another lovely blog that I follow, that it appears to be only six weeks till Christmas, my I do wonder how that has happened!

Still it must always be the same at this time of year, every year.
I would be quite happy to skip through November, as it is my least favourite month of the year.
So perhaps that is what I am doing with my post at this time..
Skipping through memory lane...

 Christmas magically appeared in October at my work job...
With the first orders of winter berry wreaths and smiling elves arriving...... hehe.
~ so I have had no excuse not to realise.

Any-ways I thought I would touch gently on the subject of the big C with my post today.
By showing you some pages from a special book that belonged to my Mum from her child hood years.

It's a beautiful old read with colour plates of pictures telling the story of  'The Night Before Christmas'....
There is a message inside wishing my Mum a wonderful Christmas for the year 1937.

I must admit I remember playing with this book at my Grandmothers house when small
wishing all the while it was mine.
and now it is!

This page was always my favourite.
'While visions of sugar plums danced in there heads.'
I could always imagine those sugar plums dancing away in their heads while dreaming of stockings being filled to the brim...

~ And because I simply love looking up at the moon in the night skies.
I think Mr moon here is wonderful smiling down merrily.
Even looking through the book now brings wonderful memories back to me.

Some pages are rather shabby, but it all adds to its charms.
Lots and lots of grubby fingers have loved and enjoyed this magical story of Junior waiting patiently for Santa Claus to add wonderful gifts to his stocking...

My children always laughed at 'Junior' looking up at the chimney patiently and then the soot falling and covering his sweet face.

Inside the first pages was a beautiful vintage Christmas card.
From my Father to Mum from many Christmas' past.
Treasure indeed.

Wishing you all a week full of  'twinkles' and of finding treasure.
I wonder what heirlooms you have from the past dear readers...

Thanking you kindly for sweets words always...
Take time to dream and keep cosy...
love Maria x


  1. Can you believe it! :) 6 weeks, madness :) The Night Before Christmas is a firm favourite of mine, I bought a copy for each of the little Sweetpeas for their first Christmases!
    Victoria xx

    1. It is you blog Victoria that jump started this post!!

  2. I have lived in this country for a very long time now...
    But, l still regard, Sicily, Toarmina..(Letoianni)as my home. So, the past means a great deal to us....
    And, l must confess, l do live in the past ...It means so much to me...
    Our familia, our way of life, our emotions...!
    And, to take a simple Christmas book, that has so many memories and love for a person is truly a wonderful thing....Truly wonderful....! :).

    "Watch your thoughts for they become words, watch your words, for they become actions, watch your actions for they become habits, watch your habits, for they become character, watch your character, for it becomes your destiny...".

    1. Why thank you Willie, for the kindest words...
      My Mum used to say we live in the past more as we grow older, because more has gone by to remember than perhaps what lies ahead....
      I just love old, vintage and I guess I always have done, perhaps I am an old soul at heart!! hehe.
      I agree about your thoughts becoming your reality and I guard them well.
      Sending you the kindest regards.

  3. I bought this book Maria, when Oliver was a tiny baby, and read it to all of them every Christmas Eve. I feel that I've started a little family heirloom, even though mine's only 26 years old, not 75 like yours! How very lovely to have such treasures from your Mum ...

    Looking forward to Thursday,

    Claire xxx

  4. It wouldn't feel like Christmas in our house without reading this!. I am surprised that it is such an old story.I first discovered it when my son was 2. How wonderful it must have been to have known it as a child, and to have that book in your procession with all the memories of your family.
    Sarah x

  5. Its a really lovely book and I think one of my boys had that story when they were little. I dont mind November because there is a lot going on, not least my birthday! I love the build up and preparation to christmas but the day itself doesnt normally do much for me.

    1. Birthday months are the best Anne!
      November is a sad month for me...
      Thanks for always popping in x

  6. I LOVE this book, and sooo special for you! Those illustrations are delicious! It's one of the best Christmas poems, ever! :)

  7. I love the poem and read it to KP every Xmas but not in such a wonderful vintage book as yours! 6 weeks - heck!

  8. How wonderful to have been able to read stories with your children from your mother's childhood book - grandchildren next! I have some of my Grannie's books & even a couple of Great Grandma's but they are Victorian and were very boring to my boys.

  9. Hello Lovely Maria
    What a cherished book of wonderful memories, I can see why it holds so dear to you, ( I have my Mums "Snow White" book , and some beautiful vintage cards ) perhaps I will do a post about them one day...we have so many things the same it is spooky ....6 weeks!! crikey I had better start making a list of Christmas cheer..It is Fins birthday at the end of the month too... shhh its a big one...so lots to do
    Love reading your words as always
    Thea x

  10. It passes so quickly! I love the book, definitely a favourite christmas eve book here. How special to have something so cherished. x

  11. Ah Maria - the book is delicious and no wonder that you had that secret wish as a child. We continue to make it a 'big deal' to read that particular poem on Christmas Eve - complete with actions from myself!
    Thinking of you last night Maria - I am sure that you watched the last episode of The Paradise. Forget everything that I said about daft plot line - who cares!! I was on the edge of my seat watching it last night and what a cracker of an ending....fully drew me in (lovely wedding dresses too). Always felt that it should be on a Sunday evening though (just like Larkrise) - what do you think?
    Have a lovely day though I am with you about November - an 'inbetweeny' sort of month
    Best wishes

    1. Ooh Jenny now you have me excited as I haven't watched the last episode yet, Can't wait now! hehe..

  12. "Twas the night before christmas".. Oh gosh Maria.. what memories this post brought back to me. I think somewhere along the line I used to have this book.. it probably got given away with other books when moving around. . Its a beautiful book to have on your side table during the festive season. Its great for kids and adults.
    We are all children at heart.!
    I agree! the first half of November is great. Then it all seems to start. People are planning this and planning that. Our family plans are already sorted for chirstams.
    A lovely post Maria.. thank you for sharing this.
    hugs val x x x

  13. Maria what a lovely book!

    However it was that card... bought a tear to my eye....How I would love to find something like that.

    Best wishes Daisy x

  14. What a beautiful book and a lovely post. My husband would always read The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve to our children, sadly their to old for that now. Thanks for your good wishes, I'm seriously considering your reiki suggestion. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  15. I know what you mean about the days flying by..I feel the same at the moment.
    What a special book..I love the illustrations! I love the Night before Christmas..I will have to try and get a copy for my little one..it is a magical story :)
    Have a lovely day today x

  16. I know what you mean about the days flying by..I feel the same at the moment.
    What a special book..I love the illustrations! I love the Night before Christmas..I will have to try and get a copy for my little one..it is a magical story :)
    Have a lovely day today x

  17. Time is just whizzing by for me too - it will be Christmas before we know it! :) Beautiful book and card - treasures passed down from family are so special. I keep telling my Mum not to throw anything out without asking me first! I'm planning to soon post about some of the treasures that I have unearthed whilst sorting out our loft recently. Best wishes, Pj x

  18. Good morning sweet Maria!!! I love coming here; that song, JUST ANOTHER PERFECT DAY is one of my favorites, and the little video with it with Benjamin Bunny handing Miss Potter a slip of paper....just too precious.

    AHHHH CHRISTMAS! I have been so busy that it has crept up on me, but in a pleasant way. Your collection of vintage Christmas memories is so lovely and shows this special holiday through the eyes of many generations. JUST GORGEOUS!

    Thank you my dear for coming to visit me and I wish you a GRAND WEEK of preparations for the holidays! Anita

  19. Hi Maria,
    What a lovely book. The page illustrations are amazing! I am actually very ready to start all the Christmas preparations. I so love this time of the year. :)
    Hope you are having a great week. xx

  20. Hello..how lovely to have your mothers book...so full of wonderful memories...things nowadays seem so "disposable" people don't keep "stuff " anymore do they? well some of us do hehe !!!!! I am a self confessed hoarder and proud of it !! hope you have a nice weekend..and see you soon...Gail x

  21. how lovely Maria, what a treasure. I'm trying to face the reality of christmas today, wondering what plans to make. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, Heather x

  22. Such magical images. I treasure books from my mum and granny too. So nice to have visited. Catherine x

  23. just came over to say thanks for your kind comment...I'm going to treat myself to a dressage lesson with Bruce- weyhey!! should be "interesting" to say the least!