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Friday, 14 December 2012

Decking The Halls ......

First we have to believe, and then we believe.... - G. C. lighting.

~But believe in what, I hear you say....
"That there is a Santa Claus and you have been very good this year!"
Is the reply.....
For if you do not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies!
~ and that just wouldn't do.....

Taken from simple abundance

Fairy from Sea Angels ....

I have decked the halls.
~And brought out a few treasures from Christmas past......

 Brrrr the air out side has been thin and chilly, sharp and stinging...
But once I closed my door, the warmth of the season has enveloped me with wood burning, fresh evergreens and spicy cinnamon and gingerbread candles...
Customs and traditions emptied from a box, from the loft, once more...
Some old ones and some new...
Ooh it must be Christmas!

I decorated my tree a little earlier this year.
I wasn't always this organised, please believe me!
But I have learnt Christmas will still arrive on December 25th , no matter.

~ and to the music of times gone by....

Ooh and a glass of damson gin too!
' Tis The Season.'
La la la .......

Remember all you have is all you need right now!

A little vintage angel from our very first Christmas together....

As the days are growing shorter and light is diminishing, it is nice to have a little brightness inside...

~Another oldie for you!

Thank you for the kindest words always, dear friends and I do hope Christmas is coming along nicely for you all!
Sending you all Christmas blessings ...

Love Maria x

After word.
I did this post late, last evening and hadn't switched on the news,  if I am honest I never watch the news before bed time as it often stays with me through the night time....My heart and prayers go out to those little children and teachers, from a school in Connecticut, in the US,  who have lost theirs life's tragically and senselessly .
I am sending prayers out to their dear Mummies and Daddies , whose Christmases and indeed life's will never ever be the same again...
God Bless. x


  1. Beautifully festive post Maria
    Victoria xx

  2. Hello Maria
    Your fireplace is so pretty I love the fairy from Sea Angels..I used to follow her blog...And your beautiful tree has a real victorian look about it so elegant..Very wet and windy here today..so I had a day of wrapping presents and baking..oh I nearly forgot, all followed with a large glass of red wine!
    Yes I still believe in Father Christmas so exciting
    Have a Holly Jolly Weekend
    from your dear friend Thea x

    1. Hello Thea,
      Ooh that glass of red sounds good to me!
      That's me tonight, too, dear friend, wrapping presents and sipping wine!
      Wishing you a Joy full Noel....

  3. Oh! Look! Nat King Cole...Mrs Santa Claus...
    And, And, I've got that very single...Never released
    in this country. It is in fact a 'flip' side. The 'A'
    side being 'The Little Boy Santa Forgot'. It's lovely!

    Love the tree Maria....Looks great...Straighten up the
    fairy a bit...She's looks a bit bent...HeHe! :).

    Lovely festive photos tooooo! Makes you feel warm inside,
    if it was'nt so early, l'd have a glass of Marsala....But,
    l'm off to Wimborne for a pose about......No drinking and
    driving....It tends to spill the beer...! :>).

    Oh! l had a card yesterday, from whom, l no not....Mystery...!
    Inside was written...
    'When they made you, they broke the mould, shot the modeller,
    smashed the kiln, closed the factory and evacuated the area...'
    (Sent it on to forensic's for DNA). :)

    Sooooo! not long now.....And, l dont think it can be said enough
    times....In many languages....."MERRY MERRY KISSMAS". (O.K. so l
    can't spell)x

    1. Ooh Willie, the little boy Santa Claus forgot is my next choice for next postie, as it reminds me of my mum singing to my brother (as a joke of course) on Christmas morning!!
      You are a wealth of information, dear friend, and as always it is a pleasure to read and chuckle at your comments...hehe.

  4. Ooh, I love Nat King Cole ... he's my all time favourite! Lovely decorations Maria, I've just done mine, but keep adding bits as I go along ...

    Looking forward to Tuesday, come early, lots to catch up with!


  5. Hello Maria,
    Your tree looks really pretty and your fireplace looks so welcoming, bliss. I loved the comment on believing in Santa. I won't have anyone in our house say he doesn't exist because of course they won't get any pressies, hee hee. Have a lovely weekend.
    Ali x

    1. Hi Ali, Well of course, I totally agree!
      Have a peaceful weekend if you can too..

  6. Your home is looking Christmassy and cosy!
    Yes we've woken to very sad news this morning, it's awful :(

  7. AFTERWORD.....
    Yes! Well Said...!
    I have the American flag flying at half mast, outside
    the house. And, a candle burning near my crib....!

    "To The Living We Owe The Truth....To The Dead, We Owe Respect".

  8. Your fairy and angel look so lovely. What dreadful news from America, I too are thinking of the families affected.
    Sarah x

  9. Me gusta cómo has decorado tu casa,se ve tán agogedor y el rincón del árbol de navidad me gusta especialmente.Feliz semana!!

  10. I am so appalled and saddened by the terrible news from America, those poor families, their Christmases will never be the same again,nor indeed will the rest of their lives...wondering what may have been. So very sad, I feel heartbroken as a fellow human being that anyone can do something like this.
    I was going to comment on how lovely your house looks with its festive decorations, which it does, and doesnt it make you want to count your blessings?

  11. Many people I know are having quite a sad Christmas this year. The best thing for a hurting soul is to try to reach out and help others - if you can.

  12. Maria, a beautiful post!
    may we all keep and hold our loved ones near to us this Chistmas....and make every moment count
    Daisy xxx

  13. Good evening sweet and most beautiful Maria!

    You are such a lovely soul. You believe, you make wonderful things happen, and I so appreciate your visits. Thank you for visiting, and may the families of this tragedy be comforted by our prayers and the extended hand of fellowship near them. Bless you dear, Anita

  14. Indeed Maria - we treasure our nearest and dearest and think of those far away
    Best wishes

  15. Dear Maria.

    Your home looks like a story book. Full of magic ,fairies and beautiful decorations.
    I too wrote a post about the poor poor children in America. what a tragedy. Christmas so so close.
    I pray for their little souls that are now Angels in heaven.

    I wish you a Blessed Christmas Maria.. together with your family.
    Thank you for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog. Its been such a pleasure to blog with you.
    My family arrive in a couple of days.
    So duty calls.
    All the best ..looking forward to more great blogging with you in 2013.
    val xx