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Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas Blessings....

~ But what is Christmas spirit? Perhaps the Christmas spirit, like the nature of the beloved, is meant to be a Holy Mystery.....
Or perhaps our souls, knowledge that things, no matter how beautiful, are only things.
Or perhaps the Christmas spirit is a loving reminder that we must make time for the long, slow journey across the desert; to discover our very own 'Star'.....
Simple Abundance.

~ Every year at this time, Bob comes in from my  cold, stark back yard, to grace my kitchen window...
He's been here from small !
He is decorated with cinnamon and ginger bread men, with a tiny goose and a cloth soldier sprinkled here and there......

Just borrowed from a Pixie, I know....

Ooh you have guessed that Bob is my Christmas tree?
~ He was named by, Olivia.
He does a grand job lighting my kitchen, with his twinkly lights and festive glow.....

" But don't look at Bob, look at me" !
( For Willie)

~ And as the 'Winter Solstice', is upon us , his light and warmth are needed in this, the shortest day!

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a 'Joy full Noel', dear friends and this is my Christmas Wish for us all: that behind the toys, tinsel, carols, cards and seasonal chaos, there will come a moment of quiet, peaceful reflection.....

Thank you! Mrs Thriftwood and Chipper Nelly of course!  for these.....
(Santa came early at Claire's house on Tuesday) hehe.
Shhhh....Special delivery!

My own Rosey Tinted Spectacles blocks.....
I love them, I really do....

'That it may be truly said of each of us that we know how to keep Christmas well'!

Sending 'Twinkles' *****
Love Maria x


  1. Sending 'twinkles' back Maria,Bob does look glorious and love Your blocks. Blessings to You and wishing you love and peaceXxx

  2. ...oh maria loving the music....so calming and i am running around all hectic....it is a welcome reminder of what the true spirit of christmas is all about...so happy to have 'met' you this year..wishing you a joyous and peaceful christmas full of twinkles! x

  3. Hi Maria ... we must have been posting our blogs at the same time! Bob's so lovely, my own little tree didn't survive Island weather I'm afraid! Glad you liked your little present ... I'll be showing yours after Christmas ... can't believe it's less than 4 days! Have a lovely time and see you soon

    Claire xxx

  4. Merry Christmas Maria, love that your tree has his own name! Thank you for your support since I started my blog, it means so much! Have a really lovely time! :) x

    1. Sending thoughts out to you, Ada...
      I remember, Christmas, when my own Mum was on her very own journey with dementia dear friend , and oh my, they were so tough! But boy do I miss her...
      Your blog has been a beautiful and inspiring read for us all...
      Take care..x

  5. Dear Maria,
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

  6. Happy Christmas Maria - how lovely to have the same tree coming back in each year. I expect you have to be careful it doesn't get too shocked going back out in the cold again. Have a magical Christmas. Lily. xxx

  7. My best wishes for a
    Merry Christmas, dear Mary to you and your family
    and a New Year full of wonders
    Love Susy x

  8. Hello lovely friend
    I send you very special wishes this Yuletide and I know you will have a magical time with your loved ones.. Iam so glad we have met and look forward to the New Year.. you never know one day we may all have a get together.. love Thea xx

    1. Dear Thea, do you know I really think we will...
      I only just said this to Claire!
      Sending and wishing you all the blessings of the season and thank you for being, just the kindest blogging friend.. Have fun!

  9. Absolutely beautiful music!
    I wonder where you found those Rosey Tinted Spectacles? I sometimes think I could do with a pair!
    N xxx

    1. HeHe, I wished for them Nilly...
      It is how my husband says I view the world! So the name stuck..
      'Merry Christmas'...x

  10. What a sweet Christmas tree.. Love the toadstool decoration.
    Have a very Merry Christmas x

  11. Such a lovely warm and cosy post.
    Wishing you and loved ones a magical Christmas time filled with peace, love and happiness
    love jooles x

  12. Your blog posts always make me feeling warm inside!! I love that you have a name for your christmas tree. Hope you and yours have a wonderful christmas X

    1. Thank you, lovely, Anne.
      Wishing you all the blessings of the season..

  13. Beautiful decorations Maria! Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Pj x

  14. Maria,
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas.Hope Dean arrived home safely. David came home yesterday it ha a bit touch and go with the floods down here! Thank you for all your lovely comments and support throughout the year.
    Sarah x

    1. Sending you Christmas blessings, dear Sarah.
      Dean arrived safe and sound on the 23rd!
      Thinking of you with the terrible flooding! Ooh what a year...
      I am glad you have your family safely with you now.
      Thanks Sarah, for being such a kind blogging friend! *****

  15. Have a truly wonderful Christmas.

  16. Goodness.....!
    Now that l've settle down, listened to the music, opened another box of tissues...second glass of Marsala, waiting for tea, lovely not having to cook, for a change. Enjoy'in it all....Great fun.....!x
    So! don't forget to put your stockings up to-night....As l said, hope l get a leg in mine this year....Hehe!
    Once again Christmas joy to one and all.......And, may we ALL....ALL, Have a lovely time with family, friends....And, anyone else, that comes along....!
    God Bless....!x

    1. Here,Here, dear Willie!
      Thank you for you generous comments always..
      Wishing you all the trimmings of the season too and do let us know what Santa brings.***** Ooh only one more sleep.

  17. te deseso feliz navidad. Saludos de Sara

  18. I've so enjoyed reading your post these past months Maria. Thank you for all your caring, beautiful comments on my blog. Have a lovely Christmas with your family and we'll see you in the New Year. Wendy (& many ***twinkles*** back to you too!!)

    1. Thank you, lovely Wendy...
      OOh I always love your posts too!
      I always see the magical connection from our dear Mums, I believe..
      Wishing you a peaceful Noel ******

  19. Hi Maria...sending you peace and love for a special time at Christmas !
    Gail x

    1. Merry Christmas, dear Gail..
      wishing you love and light and all the blessings of season.I am taking your friendship with me into 2013, of course!!!!

  20. Dear Maria,
    Hoping you had a wonderful Christmas, and wishing you a fabulous 2013! Now following you, as well!

  21. Hello Maria

    I'm catching up .....many thanks for your lovely comments on my previous post...here's wishing you a Merry Merry Christmas and bright things for the New year :-)

    Amanda :-)