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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

One Little Angel...

Thea's beautiful Angel arrived safe and sound and was welcomed with hot chocolate and marsh mallows.....
she whispered that she was rather partial to these!
I have named her 'Noel'.
~ And do you know that she has the most magical wings and I thought I even saw them flutter.....

Thank you, lovely Thea. http://heartsandbluebells.blogspot.co.uk/
~Actually it has felt like my Christmas has come a little earlier this year!

Because this lovely cracker also arrived from dear Ali's give away too! http://alibeecreations.blogspot.co.uk/

Such kindness!

Thank you dear friends....

I have been away this weekend doing a little Christmas shopping!
~Away from all the crowds just the way I like it.

Ho Ho Ho !!!!
Its a bit early for you!

~ And have enjoyed time 'being' rather than doing....

We always make this our Christmas get away and choose to wander and browse the pretty shops here in Kirby Lonsdale.

I have this on my 'One Day' wish list place to live....

'Jingling Lane' perfect for Santa to live here too! don't you think.....

I had a wonderful luncheon date with my husband and it just had to be here!
(Loved the name)

As we begin the Christmas advent countdown I see a little magic and many blessings all around me.
I would like to leave you with this wonderful tune I have been playing at work, and wish you love and light  as you start your Christmas count down too.....

'Believe in the magic'.....

It is sung by Dickie Valentine and is called 'The Christmas Alphabet'.
You  may have heard it before perhaps?
It was recorded way back before my time in 1955!
I have fallen in love with the sweet verses.
Bye for now.
Only fourteen more sleeps till Christmas!
Love Maria x


  1. Ooh you are lucky winning those lovely gifts Maria!
    Love the street names in Kirkby Lonsdale, I haven't been there this year, but it does look very lovely ... No 1 Jingling Lane would be a lovely address! See you next week when we'll have our own Christmas Giveaway!

    Love, Claire xxx

  2. Oh! My...My...My Goooodness....!
    LOOOOOK AT THAT SHOP/CAFE? Yeah! Love It....
    Pinky...Pinky....! :).

    Christmas can never come to early....I'd like it to start in May perhaps...Love It...!

    Oh! Dear! Now l've got a head-ache....All that heavy metal by Dickie Valentine....HeHe! (makes the sign of the cross).
    And, in 1956, Dickie made 'Christmas Island'. In 1957 it was 'Snowbound for Christmas'. Sooooo!
    And, my daughter made a Christmas record in 1983....'The Christmas Song' She was one of the backing trio...To Mr Steve...!
    And, not to be out done...'I' 'I' Made a couple of records toooooo! One in 68 and one in 72...
    "Don't Ask". Though one did get to 26 in the charts.....! :-).

    Yep! Not long now....Wonderful...Oh! When l think.....
    "The years have been good to me....It was the weekends that did all the damage". :0).

    Oh! Love that pink shop/cafe....!

    1. Now you do know you have me intrigued, dear Willie and that I will be asking questions about all your Christmas hits!!
      Thought you would love that pretty pink tea room!!
      Sending 'Twinkles' ****

    2. How coarse of me....Sorry.....!
      Tearoom....! :). HeHe!

      Now...I cannot divulge to much...Otherwise, People won't buy
      the book, or go and see the film, when it comes out.....! :>).
      (Having another fluffy day).

      Oh! I do love that Pink.....'Tearoom'.

    3. willie you must tell us about your songs!! Pleeeze
      Daisy x

    4. Here, here!! Do tell all Willie!!

    5. i knew it!!!i knew WILLIE could sing....maybe we could do a duet WILLIE(my past life too!)......we want the details now please!x

  3. La la la!!! Now it's stuck in my head for all day (a good thing - it'll keep you in my thoughts today Maria!). I've never heard the song before, but it's old-fashioned charm is very catchy. Your angel is so sweet...she looks very proper sitting there...sort of Mary Poppins-like (perfect in every way, but up in a flash for a rousing ride on a carousel horse). Ok, I'm off to sing my Christmas Alphabet and enjoy the day...thanks for a great start to it Maria! :D Wendy

    1. Hi Wendy, I always wanted to be Mary Poppins, think it was the magic Carousel horse ride....Thanks for sweet words always!

  4. Such a lovely post Maria,Your angel looks right at home,Shes beautiful. I love Your little shopping place,what a great street name jingling Lane,Your right Santa would be right at home there :o) Have a lovely dayxxxx

  5. Your little angel is lovely and lucky you winning a fab giveaway. I'm going to be humming the Christmas Alphabet all day now! I'm intrigued by Willie ... think I'm going to have to do some digging around ... !! Enjoy this festive time hon. M x

  6. Congratulations on winning Thea's lovely christmas fairy.. She already looks quiet at home there.
    The village you chose to shop at, looks calm and so inviting.
    Super to get a date in with hubby..
    christmas is creeping up.
    can't believe its nearly another year over.
    I love the music you chose Maria.. wonderful. I love the old music. I do get a little sad, as it reminds me of my mum and dad and our wonderful christmases that we had..
    sweet dreams ..dont work too hard
    val xx

    1. Dear kind Val...
      Always such lovely comments and yes, I so agree about Christmas pasts...
      I have a sad anniversary from many Christmas ago coming along with my dear Father, December 23rd always stays with me from my child hood dear friend....
      I will be popping over to you soon, Val.

  7. How lovely your Angel is and how lucky you are?
    ....The snooty fox looks nice too....and that song I love it!!
    Thank you Maria as ever for your lovely posts
    Daisy j x

  8. maria...what a gorgeous angel and what a perfect place to spend special time.....the song has made me all 'twinkly'!!!wouldn't it be fab if us bloggers could all meet at the snooty fox for a bevvy or three? i think we'd have a right ol'hoot!x

  9. We surely would, Miss Squirrel!
    There wouldn't be any shortage of conversations and chatter and Ooh yes let it be at the 'Snooty Fox'.....

  10. Hello Maria
    So glad you like her, she looks wonderful sitting among your pretty cushions...I have not been to Kirby Lonsdale for years,(we stayed in a cottage in Outhgill) it still looks just as pretty, I love those old street names
    My youngest son(23 yrs) has been staying with us so lots of washing and cooking love him...So Fin and I hope to spend some Christmas time together next week
    Special winter wishes to a dear friend
    Thea x

    1. Hello lovely, Thea,
      How could I not 'Love' her, she is just beautiful!!
      Ahh you have been to Kirby Lonsdale too, isn't it enchanting,Thea. Thank you once again, lovely friend...

  11. Hi Maria,
    That looks like a wonderful place to do your Christmas shopping we love to get away from the high streets and crowds at this time of year and enjoy discovering different places and unusual gifts. What great street names! Thea's angel looks so at home with you and I feel so festive listening to that music.
    Sarah x

  12. Hola Maria,Cuántos regalos bonitos!me encántan las tipicas casas inglesas,tus fotos son preciosas.

  13. Thea's angel is beautiful! Your weekend looks wonderful, just the right kind of place for a little bit of Christmas shopping! :)

  14. It's ages since I visited Kirby Lonsdale too - I just love the street names.
    I must start photographing every funny one I see!

  15. "It was recorded way back before my time in 1955!" Oh my, now I feel old! I was 4 years old that year. : )

    I love the angel, she is beautiful. And the little town. What a lovely little village. I can see why you would want to live there. The little towns and villages of England are so pretty. We have very few of these in the US. It's more urban sprawl. And I love the "Snooty Fox".

  16. Your angel is just gorgeous! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I wish you the most magical Christmas and a amazing new year! xx


    Talk about magic, my friend! There is nothing like a British/European feel to this season AND the love of family and friends! Thank you dear one for coming to visit me and may our hearts look upward and to each other! Anita

  18. Congratulations on winning Thea's angel, I'm glad she's found such a lovely home. Best wishes, Pj x

  19. The angel is really beautiful and looks like she was made to live with you in your lovely home. Glad you had a lovely weekend.

  20. Your little angel is very precious. I simple adore angels! I'm also glad that you enjoyed shopping in your little town. It looks like a delightful place to visit. The street "Jingling Lane" made me smile. :)

  21. Love your little angel...so nice ! sounds like a great weekend Kirby Lonsdale is a lovely place to visit ...great street name ! Gail x

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