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Monday, 7 January 2013

A Diary Of Gratitude....

New Year. A fresh start. A new chapter in life waiting to be written. New questions to be asked,
embraced and loved. Answers to be discovered and then lived in this new year of delight and self discovery....

Simple Abundance.

~ A week into the new year already!

Have you made any new year resolutions dear friends? I wonder....
 Although I am still a little under the weather and have some lingering effects from the pesky flu. I have embraced another year with a tradition, I started in 2007.
~My gratitude diary.

Each January I start a journal of quotes, ideas, thoughts and inspirations and of course gratitude...
I have always kept a diary for as long as I can remember, it helps me feel grounded appreciative and aware of what is truly important to me, I guess.
I must confess I struggled with my thoughts and feelings whilst nursing mum through her very long journey ....
~ But alas I still have my diaries to look back on now, a lot of sadness, but also a lot of love is written in these pages.

~ Have you made any 'New Year' resolutions, dear friends? 
I ask once more.
They are quite often hard to keep, I know.....

On the New Years eve, I met Patrick,  Ooh this was many moons ago, superstition had me take out a piece of jet black coal in my hand bag. 
Although he is used to my ways now, he must have found me odd, perhaps!
I had read this to be a lucky omen to bring into your home from the old year, to welcome in  the new one. This was all of 25 years ago, a little magic perhaps involved.... *****
I remember thinking when we met there was perhaps a soul recognition between us as though we knew each other already and had perhaps been before in another time....
(Patrick would laugh if he read my blog)
He doesn't thankfully, far too busy running.....
~ I call his running 'fuel for his soul...'

~ Liseanthus , my favourite flower in the colour of dairy milk wrappers with beautiful roses.
Delivered on our anniversary.

~ And because New year was spent in my PJs, this wonderful little read was enjoyed too!
A gift from another lovely friend.
I love reading anything magical and most especially about the Moon.

Some wonderful gifts from Santa....
Dolly from ' The Button and the Bean' beautiful blog!

I will close for now and leave you with this thought!
"There are years that ask questions and years that answer." 
I wonder which year this one will be?
~ Take time to dream....
Love Maria x

Daffodils, just a little bit of Spring times promise.
I do hope spring is just a round the next corner.....


  1. Sweet Maria! I am so sorry to hear that you have had to endure the flu! I just keep hearing on the news how this has taken over certain parts of the country. I am a teacher, so I take the shot every year after having the flu about eight years ago that really did me in!

    My goodness how the new year has already brought us to day SEVEN. I so love your sweet little portrait of a bunny, in a darling little frame! I illustrate a bit, and seeing this sweet token makes me want to sit to draw today!

    Gratitude takes us a long way, doesn't it? I pray that your grateful heart fills each day to the fullest to make someone's day brighter!

    Be well my dear, Anita

  2. With Eyes That Keenly Glow...A Frost-Mailed Warrior Striding.....A Shadowy Steed Of Snow...
    Edgar Fawcett.

    Yes! January....!
    Name of the Roman God of war...Janus, protector of gates and doors..
    Originally the eleventh month, not the first, not until 153BC.....
    January's birthstone is the Garnet, and, is thought to keep the wearer safe during travel....
    Fog in January brings a wet spring...
    A favourable January brings us a good year...
    (Lets hope so). Amen!

    One of the prezzies my daughter made me for Christmas, was a pink jade/howlite macrami bracelet, beads and tiny skulls...I love it, l have others, but, this one is special....
    The Jade...Promotes healing...Protects against accident and misfortune...And...Increases success in love...(Coughs quietly). :).
    Howlite..Calming...Stress dissolver...Positive energy flow...Reduces tension.....(This is the one for me). HeHe!

    Sooooo! Goodbye to Christmas...Not quite, my crib is still up....As, to-day is the day the three wise men visit the baby Jesus....
    (Yes, l know....Late again).
    Baby Jesus, is placed in my crib on Christmas Eve...The three kings....To-day...The crib is now complete....!
    And, as the Queen of Soul would say....."Say a Little Prayer".

  3. Willie, what a wonderful gift , from your loving daughter...
    I love precious stones and in fact I am wearing a blue lace agate,as I type!
    I had just read about the month of January and the facts about the baby Jesus and wise men, well, valid information, dear friend! Thank you for kind words always!

  4. I started teaching my daughter how to make ear-rings,
    she was aged eight....
    Making them from beads, ribbons, cork...etc...
    Within three months, she'd made 120. So, we progressed
    to bracelets....She was very good at it....
    Just last year she decided to take it up again, professionally,
    has a workshop, does craft fairs, and an Etsy shop.....
    If you'd like to take a peek.....

    1. My daughter and I have taken a peek! Very lovely Willie, you have one talented young lady!
      I used to make my own jewellery and it is so very rewarding....

  5. Oh dear Maria, you are just SO KIND to come to visit me with our encouraging words! I feel hopeless. The accolades are so welcomed, so special and give me courage. BUT the reality is that none of the big spenders (department stores, shops) hire out freelance artists like myself. All the work done in window displays is done by low paid sales associates and I cannot go that route.

    The beauty, the fun, the praise, it is all WONDERFUL, but it does not pay the bills. I only have the rest of this academic school year to be off to try to make this work, but if it doesn't work, I can at least say I tried and then get back to a full-time job. OH WELL...

    Thank you so much. Anita

    1. ~ Take Care, lovely Anita!
      This seems to be the way here also, your work is wonderful!
      I do hope it is recognised for this and the hours upon hours it must take to produce....
      Sending 'Twinkles' from my corner to yours ******

  6. Happy Anniversary! Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Hello Maria, It was lovely to hear how you and Patrick met. Your piece of coal made me smile and brought back memories of my Dad. He always had to do the 'first footing' for our neighbours and family. A dark haired person had stepover the doorstep after midnight and deliver a piece of coal and as he was also Scottish he fitted the bill perfectly. I love your gratitude diary. I read The Magic last year and keep thinking I must make one. I hope your feeling much better and your family has a peaceful and prosperous New Year.
    Ali x
    PS I love your doll, she looks so sweet.

    1. This made me smile too, dear Ali...
      Of course , I forgot you must be dark haired, Mum used to be the same!
      I can remember her sending out my brother (who was dark haired ) to bring in our new year!

    2. Ali, I have read 'The Magic' too!
      I loved this book, you have reminded me to dig it out once more!

  8. hehe I can just imagine Patrick's thoughts on that piece of coal...obviously was enchanted ....and still is..! lovely flowers ...hope you feeling better soon ! Gail x

    1. Am loving that book, of course you knew I would!!
      Thank you x

  9. so enjoying the song......and your lovely blog has left me thinking and wondering......it's always a good time to take stock of life in January...I generally find it quite depressing but i am really going to try and keep the ol' pecker up this year...as you say, there are always things to be so grateful for.....bring on the spring! love and twinkles to you as always x

    1. You can already feel the days lengthening here, Miss Squirrel, day by day...
      I used to want to hibernate through January until recently.
      Now I see the fresh start and new beginning...
      'Twinkles' to you for the new year also ******

  10. What a relaxing read - with the music and wistful pics. Sorry you had flu, I had a cold and that was bad enough.

    I hope you have a great 2013.
    Daffy x

  11. Hi Maria, I'm sorry to hear you're still recovering from the flu ... awful to be laid low over the holidays. With the new year, let's hope we can all put some happiness into our journals. Nursing a parent through a final illness is so difficult, but with the beginning of each new year don't you find a small lightening of the heart? I agree with you that we need to remember gratitude to bring ourselves out into the sunshine again. Your flowers are lovely ... I love daffodils in springtime ... and they certainly help to cast aside the dark days of winter! Wendy

    1. Thanks Wendy, some times the beginning of the year brings sad memories too! Another year on again, if you will.Your thoughts are so sweet and kind, dear friend.Bless you.

  12. Feliz Año Nuevo Maria.

    1. ~ And also to you, Sara!
      I hope it is a kind one for us all....

  13. Hi Maria,
    Sorry you have been suffering with the flu hope you soon be fitting fit,.I have started a gratitude diary this year.
    Sarah x

    1. You will always do one now Sarah....
      Thank you for kind thoughts always.

  14. Hope you're feeling better soon Maria, this flu business is horrid and quite the party pooper! Congratulations on your 25 years together, it was ours in October, and then next year we both have our Silver weddings ... Lots of similarities and lots to be grateful for

    Love Claire ✨✨✨ xxx

    1. Thanks Claire, yes lots of similarities and lots of celebrations to come! hehe..

  15. Hello Maria
    Happy Anniversary to you enchanted pair, the coal worked beautifully
    I love reading how you have kept a diary for all your thoughts and wishes...(I do too)
    Your book about the moon looks magical.. I say goodnight to him when ever I see him shining
    I have not made any resolutions but I always say to myself "be as good as you can be..and care"
    Hope you are feeling better..
    Thea x
    I can see Noel is looking after you xx

    1. Hello, lovely Thea,
      Thank you. She is and will not be put away with Christmas decorations....
      She will always remind me of your kindness.

  16. Happy New Year Maria, and happy anniversary to you both too. We have the dreaded something horrid in our house too, children supposed to be back at school and two days beforehand they have both come down with coughing, sickness, fluey lurgy. Oh well, we are at least snuggled up together playing games and chilling.
    Take care of yourself. Xox

    1. Your poor small folks,its dreadful and I am afraid it is a lingerer, Kate!
      Keep them cosy!
      I love reading your new posts on your new exciting life!

  17. Hello Maria and a Happy New Year to YOU. I am new to your blog and just love it! We love so many of the same things and think in the same way. I am about to start my own blog - haven't decided on the name yet but will let you know.

    Thank you for sharing so much of yourself - you have brightened my day!

    Portia xxx

    1. Hello Portia, What beautiful things to say!I always try to look for the 'magic in the ordinary' its so much fun!
      Thanks you for kind words and please let me know of your blog and I will be sure to follow you....
      Sending 'Twinkles' to you ******

  18. Happy 2013 to you too Maria! I hope it's a year full of good things for you, it may have started a bit yucky but onwards and upwards I say! :) x

  19. Thank you, Ada.
    All good things for you and yours also!

  20. How magical..
    Its wonderful to keep our memories.. I know you read my post Maria..and thanks for your kind comments.
    Its great to look back on what we wrote .. and see how we grow. and the road that life takes upon.
    My father used to come in with the coal in hand and mother with a half loaf of bread..
    wonder where this tradition came from.. we dont do it anymore.
    glad that you are better and on the way to a good start for this new year.
    second week already.
    stay well
    best wishes
    val x

  21. Happy new year, Val .
    Our post were very similar this time with our journals.Thanks for always popping in on me.

  22. This was a lovely thought provoking post Maria. I havent made any new year resolutions as such, I would like to lose weight (as most people seem to want to do at the minute)and to save to be able to visit my son and his family in Australia when they emigrate in May. I'd just like to spend as much time as possible with my loved ones as I can.

    1. I do hope you get to visit your son, Anne. Wow Australia is a long way, but such a wonderful place to visit!

  23. Happy New Year Maria! Mr N knows I'm a witch too - ever since, many years ago, I ran out into the dark in my nightie to find some feverfew for his migraine - it worked!

    1. Ha ha, there is a little 'Witch' in all of us, Nilly!

  24. Another thought provoking post dear Maria
    I too used to be a fervent diary keeper - every single day without fail. I think (in some small way) blogging has taken that place now.
    No resolutions - useless at sticking to anything sadly. Oh - I have just had a thought I resolve to buy a new pair of shoes (5 years with one pair is long enough)
    Best wishes and wrap up warm