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Monday, 21 January 2013

Time For Tea And Time To Be.......

" Gaze at the winter trees.....
They may look sad with out their leaves.
They signal natures comforting cycles.
This represents the sure sign of regrowth.
They will blossom and bear fruit again.
We all have our seasons".....

I love this poem.
~ And came across it at work.

~ Today the soft white seasonal stuff has finally made its presence known, here in the North West!
I know most of you ladies and indeed most of the country, have had their fair share already...

I will pop on the kettle, will you join me for tea?

~ When the children were small and school was cancelled.....
I thought these days were just the best!
We could snuggle up all cosy and take time out with a movie.
Mum ~ always taking a short nap in between.
(If no one noticed) 
Hot cocoa and marsh mallows....
~ A coal fire on all day long.
Taking time to be ~ rather than do.

~ I am not a great lover of the snow.
Showing my age!
It can be so picturesque and so inconvenient , all in one.
I prefer to watch from a cosy, warm, window.
Preferably with a hot drink in my hands..
Today is perfect, for I have no plans and need to be no where, just here.

~ I am in the kitchen preparing a meal...

Chicken casserole...
Warming, just perfect for later....

~But I'm not alone......

( Please notice me)
~ Cats always find the warmest places, don't they just? 

~ And the naughtiest places!

~ I wanted to say thank you, for all your kind comments on my clog boots! (earlier post)
~ and for joining me today.
You have been, just 'purfect' company.
I have loved looking at all your snowy posts through this last week....
~Most especially' the snow men'!

~ Its getting near that time of year again...
14th February.
I am always a head of my self, as I have just displayed the shop window for~ 
St Valentines day......
~ I wonder do you recall the movie from our child hoods, perhaps?  It's a very old movie......  It was called', The Time Machine' . ~ I was always so fascinated by the mannequins in the shop display window, changing so quickly, as time flew by with the blink of an eye....This is how last year flew by to me! Was I on a Time Machine, I do wonder?

~ And here we are almost through January already!

Valentines day was my first post, last year!
~ Thank you for journeying with me through, what I called my healing year...
YOU are just the loveliest of friends!
~ Take time to dream and keep cosy ~
Love Maria x


  1. Hello Maria ! lovely post and nice to see Willow charming it's way into the blog hihi ! the snow is perfect today...lots falling so it looks very pretty but it's not settling at all so no horrible slush ! take care ...Gail x

  2. Hello Maria:
    We are, we think, already in love with your cat. And yes, in our experience they always have a knack of finding the very best places, sometimes where one would prefer them not to be.

    Like you, we think that generally speaking snow is best observed from within doors. We do actually rather like it but, meanly, on our own terms and are always sorry for those who have to venture out in it whether they like it or not.

    Casseroles are indeed the thing for these days.

  3. Your little tea table looks lovely! Stay cosy and warm!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. A warm cosy post Maria,
    Your cats look blissfully happy lazing around the warmth..and smelling the aroma of your chicken broth.
    I agree that i prefer to be inside when the weather is bad.. although it doesnt snow here, only up in the mountains.
    Enjoy your week.

  5. congrats on a year posting! well almost.
    I too have had a now day, staying in and watching it through the window. I have played in my workroom and had a lovely day...will have to go to work tomorrow as the roads are now clear!

  6. Goooodness.....Goooodness.....!
    I don't believe it....I have the identical cooker,
    in my kitchen...Well..Range then...! HeHe! :)
    And, on top of it, made yesterday, l have a pheasant
    casserole...Which l shall enjoy later. I've also made
    a very thick soup out of various veg, and four pigs
    trotters....(You can ALL stop laughing now...). It's
    me we're talking about...! :0).

    ooooooO! Old films...Time Machine....Rod Taylor..1960.
    Yes! If l was in a time machine..I'd love to go back...
    Way back....
    Let me think...I used to like the black/white films...
    Brief Encounter...(and still do).
    Witness For The Prosecution..Charles Laughton..Brilliant.
    Hate all the remakes....Wish they'd just leave them alone,
    the originals are always the best....(Puts soap box away).

    Oh! No...Valentines Day....Going through ALL that mail....
    Must get some help this year....!!! HeHe! :>).
    Joking aside...I usually get 5-6....All signed except one..
    Every year, one arrives unsigned...mmmmmmM!
    Wish it was Sophia Loren....(Sighs Deeply..)!

    Willow..x Willow..x Willow..x
    You should let him play with your new foot apparel....
    Puss In Boots.....He's lovely.....Bless...!

    Well...I'm off for my pheasant.....Have fun...And, keep

    "And, the day came, when the risk it took to remain tightly
    closed in the bud, was more painful than the risk, it took
    to bloom.." (This is the element of freedom).
    Alicia Keys......x

  7. Oh, it all looks so cosy. I think I should have stayed indoors at the weekend too. We went sledging - hubby and I both on one sledge, whizzing down the hill - we had a spectacular fall, whereby I ended up face first in the snow thinking I had broken EVERYTHING! Last night we were both sitting on the sofa with hot water bottles, aching all over!
    Your little cat is so cute - after attention, just like my little Florrie.
    Wishing I could share some chicken casserole ... I finish work late tonight - won't be home until 7.30 :(
    M x

  8. Ooh Thanks for putting me out of my misery, Willie! I thought the actor was Rod Steiger..But of course it was Rod Taylor.
    Glad you can remember this classic, my friend..
    Some times I do feel like I ramble on a bit and always hope folk can follow me!!~LOVE Old movies, so much!ENJOY that casserole, I am off to put ours out!Fancy that we share the same cooker! hehe..
    Tis love with mine XXX

  9. ...i haven't got the fabulous cooker but i do have the mugs!!!....would love to have tea in your gorgeous kitchen with you....so lovely...i have been having a really good nosey!keep warm and please don't wear those boots in the snow!!!!!x

  10. Maria,
    ...Willow your cat!! adorable and oh so sweet and happy.

    I was named after an actress in that film her name was Yvette Mimeiux(?) I think...

    My middle name is Yvette.

    Your Kitchen looks like it should be in a magazine.
    d x

  11. Yay for cancelled school days...I have never known that, but it it sounds wonderful! I love your pretty blue teapot!!! Kitty is a riot! Very smart!

  12. Hello Maria, a veritable feast for the eyes today.Lots of lovely things. Keep warm!

  13. Can I come round for a 'warm' please - how cosy and I can picture you cooking up a storm in your toasty kitchen. But my how odd the world is - not 15 minutes ago I was writing a little blog post that I was 'saving' outlining that very scene from The Time Machine......I might have to post it sooner than later
    Keep cosy and thank you for your visits
    Best wishes

  14. Beautiful wistful post, I feel relaxed just reading it:) x

  15. Maria, please make mine milk only ... thanks ;) I once rented a nasty old farmhouse with friends, and my sister brought kittens for us from the farm where she worked. One frightened little kitten crawled INSIDE the back of the fridge (old as the house I think, with fiberglass batting on the back). We could hear him mewing and mewing, but it took us ages to find him. I guess he was cold in that drafty old clapboard house and found the warmest place possible. Your kitchen is so cozy it's no wonder the cats "hang" out there! Wendy

    1. Ooh Wendy those kittens sound like heaven too me!
      Hubbie and I always say, we would love to stumble on a basket of kittens...
      I guess it is just what we don't need really! BUT we can dream...

  16. I'd love to join you for a cuppa. Just like you I loved it when the children had a day off due to the snow. After clearing the drive we had to make a snowman on the front lawn. Then inside for a lovely hot drink. Aren't the simplest things the best. Love the photos of your cat. Although that doesn't look like the most comfortable position to lie in. Nearly a year of posts and it was a wonderful year for your family. Stay cosy.
    Ali x

  17. Millie's hoping for a snow day tomorrow Maria, but I hope it's gone by then! Very pretty, I must admit, but horrible when it goes slushy ... I remember getting a snowball down my neck once ... Brrr!

    Keep warm

    Claire xxx

  18. Sweet Maria! What a cozy home you have! I love your hearth with the arched brick hood. LOVELY!

    We too are drinking a lot of tea with love in our hearts for the season. Enjoy every drop! Anita

  19. I loved that film too, scared and fascinated in equal measures! Love those snippets of your home! :) x

  20. Hello Maria
    What a lovely cosy post..your home looks lovely, full of special corners..
    I love your pretty tiles over your cooker.. and your red smeg very swish...
    Cats are so funny, they sleep in the same place for days, then all of a sudden they find somewhere else..
    I would love to share a cuppa with you..Lady grey, milk no sugar please.. he he!
    Pippa and Lette have been staying with us for a few days (as Pippa's Hubby has been working away)..so have had a lovely daughter and grandaughter days
    Stay Warm and Twinkly
    Thea xx
    P S We must have started this blogging lark at the same time..I think my first post was 11th Feb (Spooky)

    1. Hi, Thea, Glad you have had lovely days with family!
      Do you know Lady Grey is my tipple also, not as strong as Earl Gray.
      The tiles around my cooker, I had under my bed for almost five years collecting as I came across pretty ones! Fancy that we started our blogging almost together, I love this!

  21. Good morning sweet Maria!

    How are those gorgeous clog boots keeping your feet warm? I FINALLY SAW SOME at a shoe store yesterday and thought of you!

    Thank you my dear for your kind words and visit yesterday! I have my mind of spring animals and warmer weather!

    Enjoy your day my dear. Anita

  22. I loved the tour of your beautiful kitchen and I'm so jealous of your smeg......this is on my wish list with and aga stove!
    And your sweet little watchful friend made me smile.....Heidi

  23. Hello Maria,
    Thank you for this beautiful post. So full of cosiness and warmth.
    Love the pictures of your cat and your gorgeous kitchen.
    What a lovely day you are having and I hope for your evening to be just the same.

  24. You kitchen looks just gorgeous, I love the tiles and your cooker! It sure has been cold.. Keep warm and cosy x
    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog, I hope to return to blogging and commenting some time soon x

  25. Beautiful place!!!! I love it. Congratulations! ;o)

  26. Such a lovely post and what cheeky cats!
    love jooles xxx

  27. Hello lovely Maria, It is always a delight to visit you! I would love to have tea with you! Your tea things are so pretty and your kitchen is beautiful! I love the sign, scatter kindness, you certainly do that sweetheart! Your kitties are so sweet too! I loved all of your beautiful photos and heart warming words! Keep cozy and warm! Much love, Paula xo

  28. Hello again sweet friend! I just found your lovely comment and had to pop back over and say thank you and send you lots of love across the pond! How wonderful you will be celebrating your 24th anniversary in April! Yay! Thank you for your kind wishes! I am so happy you found me again too, sweetie!!! You always leave the most sincere and kindest comments as well! Thank you so much for your loving words! You made my day so happy! I wish you a happy day! Love and hugs, Paula xo

  29. What A pretty post - as usual! And I wish I had room for a fridge like yours.

  30. a beautiful post Maria. You have captured your moment so well. I love the tiles behind your cooker, very pretty. Heather x

  31. Yes I'd love to join you for tea, that table is so pretty and the mug and pot, so cosy :) xx