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Monday, 28 January 2013

Friendships Are Sewn One Stitch At A Time....

~ 'The key to loving how you live is in knowing what it is you truly love. "To know what you prefer instead of humbly saying Amen to what the world tells you you ought to prefer , is to keep your soul truly alive"'

.........Robert Louis Stevenson.

My goodness this week has kept me in hibernation for the most of it...Apart from work I have been happily puttering and pottering indoors ....
And I must say~ making the most of a few of the dramas being shown on our screens.
I wonder has any one been following Mr Selfridge on Sunday evening?
~"The hats, The hats, have you seen those beautiful hats!"
I love the beautiful clothes, the glamour and the finesse of those days gone by......
I even watched last weeks episode with the beautiful, window display of  ........Lily Of The Valley, Not once, but twice.......
Sad I know, but I do get carried away, with period dramas....
I am also enjoying, Ripper Street too..~Although a little raw and near the bone! 
It's good to watch with the Mr....( He helps me sort out the intriguing plots)

Thank You kindly for such lovely comments about my kitchen too!
~ The Victorian tiles around my cooker were collected and  stored under my bed for five years, while we saved up enough pennies to do the kitchen this way..... 

~ Some things are just worth waiting for!

This week I would love to host a giveaway on my blog ....

I have put together a few pretty sewing items from the 'East Of India' range and would love to hear from you if you would like to be entered .....
Or even if you wouldn't......hehe!

YOU are all so creative.

So maybe these could add to your sewing box.
There is a cute button jar, a pin cushion, a handy needle holder, a beautiful tape measure and some vintage Sylko cottons too.....
Ooh and red heart for Valentines Day.......

~ Anyone can enter....
It is just to mark my first year in blog-land.
I will draw the winner before Valentines day!

~ And on to other interesting things........

~ What has been filling your days recently?
Has anyone been along to see the movie, Les Miserables ? I wonder....
There is such a lot of talent in this movie...
I hopefully have a date for this on the 14th of February!
Fingers crossed....X

Primroses peeping through after a long slumber....
I even have a few Snow Drops.....
~ I just cannot wait for warmer spring days.
~ Bring on the spring time....

"Sew A little Happiness."
~Outside it is 'Window Crying' weather...
Cold and wet.
Inside it is cosy and warm.

Bye for now.
~ Take time to dream......
Love Maria x


  1. Hello

    I would love to enter your give away if you don't mind posting overseas. The bits and bobs look lovely. The quote at the beginning of your post today is exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks for putting things into perspective.

    Eleanor x

    1. YOU must certainly will be popped into the draw...Glad you enjoyed the quote....x

  2. I'd love to enter please Maria, I love all the crafty paraphernalia ... It's nice to just stay in and potter, I've been doing that a lot lately too, seems everyone is having a clearout and sortout, the charity shops are full! (Can't bring anything else home). Hope you enjoy Les Mis, me and Millie went to see it on Saturday to cheer ourselves up (!) because Jacob couldn't get home due to the terrible weather in Leeds .. he was worried about getting back so hopefully we'll have Christmas this weekend.

    It's amazing that it is coming up to our Blogiversaryin February, I've loved keeping a record and also following other lovely blogs, and here's to the next year!

    See you soon,

    Love, Claire xxx

    1. Awww Claire, I am sorry about Jacob! Fingers crossed for this week...We must arrange a get together for A.S.A.P...x

  3. What an excellent title....And, How true..How true...
    Mia Mamma...Always told me...To..
    Respect, Honour and Love...(And, always in that order). In turn, l taught my daughter the same..!
    It's a Sicilian thing....
    It's always been said...If you can count the number of friends...'True Friends' on one hand, then you are a very lucky person, indeed..!
    Keep family and friends close...Work together as a team...A T-E-A-M....Together-Everyone- Achieves-More...!

    Yes! I must say, l do love ladies in hats...The bigger the better...(Ascot, and ALL that).
    Me, l don't wear them, don't like them, though, they say l look good in a hat...Especially a trilby...! Hate anything on top of my head.....
    Well, perhaps a halo..!! HeHe!

    No need to put me in the draw, Maria...Unless your planning to add the pussy-cat, in the vanity case, as well....! :>).
    What a wonderful day for pussy-cats, to-day....
    Can, never get enough of them....

    1. YOU are such a lovely cheery part of blogging, Willie! And I thank you for that....
      Ooh no couldn't possibly include, Smoky Jo in the give away...She belonged to Mum.......I could think about Willow as she has been chasing Trinny all morning (naughty puss) ....ONLY joking!! I laughed about your halo...x

  4. Ooh yes please enter me in your lovely giveaway Maria :) I love settling down to watch Mr Selfridge on a Sunday night with hubby, love cosy evenings :) xx

  5. Sweet Maria! How I enjoy your kind and precious posts....I can feel the kindness all the way over here!

    I am not familiar with the shows you are talking about; we have been enjoying DOWNTON ABBY and are hooked on the British lifestyle of old. Oh what intrigue and fun!

    May I enter your giveaway? I so enjoy little notions for sewing as my lovely mother was a fantastic seamstress, having learned her skill from her Mexican grandmother who was a GENIUS at tatting, sewing and other lost arts.

    Have a super day and I love that last photo of the kitty! Anita

  6. AH! WE JUST CROSSED PATHS! Thank you so much for coming by to visit Maria! UP UP and away we go!!! Anita

  7. Hello Maria,
    Glad to see you've been staying inside and keeping cosy. We had a lot of snow but the rain has taken it away overnight. I haven't watched Mr Selfridge yet (on my to do list). I know what you mean about the costumes. I love seeing the designs, so intricate. I have to say I'm really enjoying Ripper Street. Lovely to see the yellow primroses bring some sunshine to our day and your kitty in the case made me smile. Please can I join in your crafty giveaway? Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  8. hello maria.....what a lovely post and GORGEOUS giveaway........yes please...count me in!! i am loving mr.selfridge......such a joy on sunday night...i hate it when the credits come up at the end...i could just keep watching.....would love to snuffle around in their props department!i have just made a big 'life decision' so your opening statement at the beginning is really ringing true! happy bloggy birthday and hope you have a lovely week x

  9. Hi Maria, It may be cold outside but a visit to you always feels so warm and cosy! I have been enjoying watching Mr Selfridge too, I used to visit Selfridges often as a child and their window displays were always outstanding.
    I would love to enter your giveaway too.
    Sarah x

  10. Happy Blog Birthday! I'm loving the drama too, not loving him though and his ways!
    Please could I be entered into your lovely giveaway! :) x

  11. Hi Maria, yes I'm watching Mr.Selfridge and call the midwife too, although that had me in floods this week! I would love to enter your give-away, Heather x

  12. Would love to enter your giveaway. I'm not generally a sewing enthusiast but I've gone and bought myself a sewing machine at Ikea - so watch this space ...

  13. I am just a baby in blogland, only 3 months old but enjoying the ride with the big girls! Would love to enter your giveaway and learn how to have my own one. Your blog is so pretty. Eco Ethel xx

    1. Hello and thank You! YOU are most certainly in the draw...
      I have been over to your lovely blog and tried to say HELLO.. there...But struggled with the word verification...Maria x

  14. Hello Maria
    Yes I have been following Mr Selfridge..the hats are amazing and those big hair do's ( I suppose thats why they needed such big hats) as children we were taken to the store every December to meet "the man in red" I can remember seeing the windows full of gifts and toys..
    I am also enjoying call the midwife set in the 50,s
    It has been a wet and windy day here so I have been sewing and pottering
    Les Mis* film sounds great..I have seen the stage show and it was the best musical I have ever seen, so I am sure it will be good
    Congratulations on your giveaway..please count me in
    Enjoy your week

  15. Oh I love Call the Midwife,I started watching Mr Selfridge and missed a couple and never caught up maybe there will be a dvd box set come out later.Please count me for your lovely giveaway,love the pussycat pic on this post. Love Jill xx

  16. Hello Maria, I used to work in selfridges and the back areas were the best bits....you could see what used to be! bits of old doors,forgotten stairways etc.
    I would love to be a part of your very generous giveaway pleeeeeeeze, thank you.
    D x

  17. I need that big hat for my big head!
    I have been watching Dom watching Mr Selfridge dear Maria - though I love the costumes and background I cannot warm to the characters too much and the women look very much of 'our' time to me (not sure what that means!) - so I watch with half an eye....the other half an eye is busy doing other things!! I will persevere though!
    Best wishes
    La Cootard

    1. I know what YOU mean about the characters, Jenny!
      My 'Mr' thinks Mr Selfridge him self is a little cheesey ...And I do not like his womanising ways! ~ But I do love the period and setting and clothes.....Ooh am getting carried away!

  18. Like you Maria, I'm daring to watch Ripper Street, though the first episode nearly put me off. Victorian London doesn't look cosy - more like the Wild West. Great acting too!

  19. Hello Maria. I'm missing the period dramas like crazy and in fact Mr Selfridge was being hyped on the TV before we left and I thought at the time it looked a goodie. I don't actually watch the TV, which is just as well as Canadian TV is not a patch on British, believe it or not! If you are prepared to send overseas then please do add me to your lovely giveaway but don't you worry if you would rather not.
    I've been catching up on your clogs (gorgeous and what a bargain, they were clearly meant for you) and your lovely kitchen tiles. Some things are worth waiting for aren't they?
    Take care and keep warm.
    Kate x

  20. Happy 1st Blogiversary Maria. Thank you for your comment - I seem to have a blog bug at the moment and my side bar has gone missing from the front page! :( I will enter your name into the hat for my giveaway. I have also added a link in my newest post.
    I have recorded Mr Selfridge as I love period dramas. I'm looking forward to watching it, but I'm rather behind in my tv viewing!
    Best wishes, Pj x

  21. Hi Maria, had to laugh when you said about your man helping you out with the intriguing plots...I'm the same !! I'm enjoying Ripper St too, the sets are amazing. Love the kitty in the case piccy ! Gail x

  22. Please count me in for your lovely giveaway!
    I haven't seen Mr Selfridge - is it worth watching?? I'm enjoying 'Call the Midwife' and hoping for the return of 'Larkrise to Candleford' one day!