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Saturday, 2 June 2012

A Jubilant Weekend...

Wishing every one a wonderful Jubilee weekend!Whether it is a street party or a vintage fair, or just enjoying a cream tea with family and taking time to slow down for the bank holiday...

I've had a busy bee kind of week in the little vintage shop where I work, we have been selling bunting and union jacks galoure!
It's good to see folks getting into the spirit of things really...

I can remember so clearly the Silver Jubilee and have quite a bit of keepsakes from this too.
We had a street party held in our local school and being of a certain young age, I can remember thinking,"whats all the fuss about".
I  can now safely say, I am of a certain age and am looking forwards to the weekend and our local vintage fair, that is being held in The Railway Terrace fields complete with swing boats, a brass band and marquees selling vintage wares!
aww and of course cream teas..

I can't wait!
I will perhaps be wearing a little red, white and blue too!

A little nostalgic picture or two here.
This is my my man's junior school picture for the silver jubilee ,he's the one back row left hand side three from the end, looking rather shy,with a cute bob hair style!haha..
He doesn't know I am showing his photo on here, but my picture of the Jubilee isn't nearly as sweet, as I am in my secandary school years with a little more attitude and am a lot less happy to smile for the piccy!
Yep I have a toy boy!
I love all the streamers and colours on the photo.

The lovely vintage glass here is again from my keepsakes and has the Coronation date of  june 2nd 1953 on it..

Local news papers of advertisments from 1977!
Still in tact, I loved the old pictures on these..

I know I will be having a Pimms or two, this weekend!
As I have been soo lucky to win  a give away on the lovely http://ooohbetty.blogspot.co.uk/ 
I have never won any thing before, that I can recall, soo Thank you once again Mrs Betty!

I will close with this little bunch of wild flowers, hand picked for you!
Have a Jubilant weekend!
Love Maria x


  1. I also remember the Silver Jubilee quite well and was at secondary school. We had a pageant, I was dressed as a monk, that picture certainly won't be appearing on my blog!
    I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your glass or 2 of Pimms!

    1. Hi
      Thank you for always popping in to visit!
      Hope your weekend was of the lovliest kind too!

  2. Hello! Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    I was also a teenager at the time of the Silver Jubilee, I started work that year. And like you I also have a toyboy!
    You have inspired me to gather up all my royal paraphenalia (I haven't got much of it) and create a little display!
    Enjoy your weekend and have a cream tea for me.

    1. Hello Missy!
      We are lucky with our Toy Boys!
      Have a fab time celebrating..
      Maria x

  3. Hi Maria, lovely post, nice to see everyone getting in Jubilee spirit ... And I have a toyboy too! See you at festivities tomorrow xxx

  4. Hello dear Mairia, What a lovely post! I enjoyed your previous one too! So sweet and heartwarming! Your Jubilee keepsakes are beautiful! I am so glad you are enjoying the wonderful celebrations! I do hope you have a lovely weekend and lots of fun. Your vignettes are so pretty and I love the wildflowers! Thank you dearest, and for your sweet comment! Love, Paula xo

  5. Lovely post Maria, enjoy the weekend! Victoria xx

  6. Hope you have a great weekend too!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Have a great time at the vintage fair, it sounds like so much fun!
    Enjoy the rest of the Jubilee Weekend with the cream tea's and the Pimms..:)
    Magie x

  8. Hello my dear! Good morning!
    What a cool thing!
    Ah! How I wish our culture here in Brazil, had the "Tea Time" ... I think it's so beautiful!
    A big hug and be with God!

  9. What a lovely post, hope you have had a fab time this jubilee weekend! Glad I found your blog today, pleased to be your newest follower! Love Katie xxx

  10. Hello!
    thank you for popping over to my blog. I have enjoyed reading this post...I remember the Silver Jubilee too but we don't have many photos from the day.
    I will add your blog to my sidebar and pop over again soon.

  11. I have a JUBILEE TOY BOY! His 60th birthday is this Jubilee Week. Can anyone top that?
    Nilly xxx

  12. Me gusta tu blog tán romántico,un saludo desde España.

  13. What a lovely post. Love all the pictures!

  14. Hiya, Your package of goodies is on it's way. I hope you like your special kitty!
    I have a toy boy too btw,11 year age gap, do I win?
    I am pleased you have had a lovely weekend.....Pimms is a must!
    Big hugs, Mrs Betty xx

  15. Aww thank you Mrs Betty!
    Can,t wait!
    Maria x

  16. Thanks for popping by and for your lovely comment.I hope you had a wonderful Jubilee weekend and enjoyed a Pimms...or two! I suppose I'll have to put my bunting away now it's all over. :0)