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Monday, 28 May 2012


I am an old soul at heart and some times feel as though I have been before...after reading the honest and  and inspiring post from Fliss -Joshy and Belle, I felt compelled to answer a question that came to my mind, who are the lovely people behind the blogs I read and what are our reasons, if any for blogging?

(I wonder who I get my love of cats from)
My blog perhaps stems from grief and loss, I am afraid..
You may have noticed I often mention Mum a little and often here on my blog!
Well the truth is I nursed Mum through 7 years of an incredibly long and cruel illness, yep Alzheimer's is a long, long journey to take...
Some of your blogs certainly lifted and inspired me at this time..
I loved reading how others lived there days, such as Lynn (Sea angels), Niki (Nostalgia at the stone house), Gena (These foolish things) and Karen's beautiful Moonlight and hares, to name but a few. I never left a comment as I was just happy to be, rather than do...
I could lose myself in blog land and I never really thought I would have a blog myself one day
as my days were certainly filled up with caring. But nothing, however difficult, lasts for ever dear friends and I certainly feel we all have times in our lives that are difficult and test us to our best and worst. I can truthfully say I feel my mum shouldn't have suffered the way she did and in this day and age, we should have a choice!

I now own a suit case of memories from mum and my Grand-mother which I would like to show you!

My Grand parents and mum as a baby 1932, would be the year...
(notice the cute dolly)
Soo loved this era, although Mum's Dad passed at 47 with TB so, like most, they didn't have a lot of money...


I was brought up on the stories of my great Grand-mother, Mary, who was a medium and took the stage at the local spiritual church each Sunday..
Mum used to say she was incredibly spooky and would dress for the part with her fur stole and pearls..
After her readings she would "take to her bed" to rest, as she had given so much and was very often exhausted.... She was said to be amazingly accurate too with her messages....

She is the one on the back row left hand side...
I wish you could see the cloche hats on this photo.
My Grand-mothers holding mum and the era is so apparent in the clothes they are wearing...
I know mediums and this type of thing is not every bodies 'cup of tea', but I was always taken as a young person along to our local "Spooks" as mum called it! haha
So now I own all the memories and keep sakes and really my blog kind of keeps these memories alive, as Mum gradually forgot her love of animals and flowers and her home and sometimes me, I now keep her memory alive a little on here..
Thanks for staying with me on here, I may have gone off a little Ronnie Corbett ramblings style! he he.

Which leads me to the tell you I am excited as I have tickets to see Mr Colin Fry (the medium) in June...

I am excited and keeping fingers and toes crossed for a message, to let me know mum has arrived safe and sound!

I will leave you with this view of my moggies all enjoying a' purfect ' morning blogging along with me !
Thank you for listening, you are very lovely!
Love Mariax


  1. Hello Maria, and thanks for your comment and for this very honest post. I also started blogging for my mum, who died a year and a half ago. It was a way of keeping up a connection with her when phonecalls and emails became to complicated for her, and my tastes have continued to develop in line with hers because of the vintage nature of my blog. Bless you.

  2. Thank you for sharing your memories and lovely photographs. The stuff about mediums is very interesting - my maternal grandmother was very much in contact with her husband after he died. I had transcripts of the conversations they had, but they seem to have been mislaid :(

    Your moggies are beautiful! I am a totally crazy cat lady and proud!

    Claire xx

  3. Loved looking at your Mum's pictures today Maria ... And lunch was lovely! Congratulations on your giveaway win! See you soon, Claire xxx

  4. Maria, what a heartfelt post, I feel quite moved. I'm so sorry you had a rough time before your mother died, it must have been very hard for you and your family. Love those old photos, particularly the one of the two ladies in their beautiful dresses, I'm guessing one was your mother, the one on the left perhaps?
    How exciting about your date in June, I hope you post up all the info, I would so love to hear about it.
    Kate x
    PS, thank you for your lovely comments again x

  5. Hello Maria and thank you for leaving me a lovely comment over on my blog.I have become a follower as I have found the articles on your blog fascinating! I have been told things by mediums which no one could possibly have known and believe there are many things we dont know about.My mum tells me one of her aunties read the crystal ball, presumably she was psychic too and I think my late brother had some sort of ability as he saw angels and people who had passed over for years before he died.
    I blog because I like to think there is something of me 'out there' for my future generations. I dont blog about anything too serious, there's a lot of me that remains private and is probably no interest to anyone else anyway!

  6. Thank you dear blogging friends for your kind and thoughtful comments on this very personal post, your are indeed very lovely!

  7. What a lovely post ! and good luck with Mr Fry ! Gail x

  8. Thank you lovely you!
    Well you understand and know where I am going with this.....
    Bless you Gail, its such early days for you and your family....
    Maria x
    Ps you know I will be telling you all about it too!