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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Homeward bound....

I am a little excited this week as my first born is home for a few days....
I know I will be doing  a lot of this.......

Cooking that is!
I eat to live I'm afraid, rather than live to eat..
So I am not the greatest of cooks...
Unlike a lot of you clever blogging ladies!
There will be lots and lots of ironing....
Such is life!
But boy, I can't wait to see him.

The last time Dean was home was Christmas so there's lots of catching up to do!
He is also here to do a talk to all the young folks at the John Ruskin school here in Cumbria.
I may have mentioned that Dean works in Brum and trains with the UK athletics disability team.
The John Ruskin school, I believe, have been doing research work on Dean and hopefully, this will include his Olympic debut....
Dean will talk them through his extensive training scheme and possibly do a training session with them.
Pretty good going!

It's all about the forth coming Olympics and the young athletes that have been training for this like Dean for many many years!!
Paula Radcliffe has been training with Deano and pals also....
Yep I am blowing trumpets on this dear friends!

I do hope the sun has his hat on for you, as he certainly does here!
Maria x


  1. Enjoy Dean's visit Maria! Absolutely love your tea towel, where's that from? Have a lovely time, Claire xxx

  2. hiya claire!
    It's from a dear friend of course!!
    Will be in touch to hear all about your hol!

  3. Hello Maria - thanks for popping over to mine and leaving such a nice comment!
    Your blog looks right up my street - and I see we share some blogging pals...
    pleased to 'meet' you
    fee x
    (ps just FYI I'm a Channel Mademoiselle girl. But also partial to Jo Malone 'pomegranate noir'!)

  4. Hiya Fee!
    Thank you also for your sweet words...

  5. Well you must be so proud, have a lovely time together, yes at last the sun is shinning!
    Thea x

    1. Hello Thea!
      Thank you for kind comment...
      Yes we have sunshine at last..
      Hope your day is kind to you.Maria x

  6. Wow what a worthwhile job to do.

  7. Hiya Daffy.
    I see you are a fellow runner too, you will understand the commitment and hard work and love, that goes into training at this level!
    Thank you for your sweet comment!
    Maria x

  8. How exciting..have a lovely visit :) Enjoy the sunshine!
    Ps: love your peg bag..it is so pretty.
    Magie x

  9. Hiya Magie.
    Thank you kindly.
    It,s made by a lovely lady called Helen Mckenna, she has a on line website!
    She is very clever and uses vintage fabrics that really are the bees knees! Maria x

  10. Hi Maria,

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! I see we have a lot in common :-)!

    Love the vintage feeling of your blog.

    Happy evening,

    Madelief x

  11. Hello Madelief,
    Thank you for your lovely visit..
    Maria x

  12. Hi Maria
    Thanks for popping by and for leaving your lovely comment. Seems like there are days all I do is bottle wash! Enjoy your weekend with your son, no wonder you are so proud .. even though he brings his washing home!!
    Happy weekend x

    1. Hello!
      Yep washing and all...hehex
      Your work is so lovely on your blog!
      Happy weekend to you too..

  13. Hello Maria, I do not how you found my blog, but I am so glad that you did and thank you for becoming a follower. It sounds like your weekend is going to be pretty darn wonderful. It is always great to spend time with your children. We are also going to see our daughter and granddaughters this weekend. Our daughter has been accepted into a masters nursing program that she will start in the fall. So we are meeting her this weekend to do some house shopping. She knows that she will be there for at least three years and maybe more, so she wants to find a small fixer-upper to buy, instead of wasting her money on rent. So, looks like we are both going to get to be with our babies. Have a great visit with your son, and thank you again for following my blog, Connie :)

    1. Hi Connie!
      Lovely to chat with you on here!
      Maria x

  14. Hi Maria! Nice to meet you!
    I was very happy to have her in my blog, is welcome!
    I loved your story and should be wonderful to live in a Victorian house ...
    In my blog I talk a little of everything, and I'm passionate about vintage, so I think we'll do very well!
    Welcome back to Brazil!
    Have a blessed weekend.
    PS: it was a bit confused what I wrote, you have not mastered English, and for me to correspond with the international friends I use Google tradutor.Ok?

  15. Hello again Luciana!
    I loved looking through your blog!
    I was remembering our trip to Disney, when the children were so little!
    Isn,t the blogging world wonderful, that we are friends on here and you live in Brazil!
    Have a happy weekend!
    Maria x

  16. Hi Maria - thanks for stopping by my blog..welcome!!! Sounds like you'll have a wonderful time with Dean but I don't envy you the washing and ironing!!! Hope the weather is kind to you and it all dries! xxx

  17. Thank you Laura'
    The weathers been just amazingly kind!
    Washing all done and son packed up and on his way again!
    Hehe till the next visit!
    Maria x

  18. I hope you had a wonderful time and didn't have tooo much washing!!!
    love jooles x

  19. Hiya Jooles.
    Thank you we certainly did!

  20. Hi Maria,
    Hope you had a wonderful few days with your son. It's wonderful having them home isn't it despite the extra work they are worth it! Will he be taking part in the Olympics?
    Sarah x

  21. Hi Maria, isn't this lovely sun making Blighty seem a much better place :o) I found your lovely blog via Magie's....blog love on a Tuesday (when I'm supposed to be writing an essay too.....argh)...xx