Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Stone The Crows.....

Can it really be May already?

My Favourite Month.
We have been treating our selves to a vintage bookcase recently to house my many books.
I painted it at work and fell in love with it! Soo home it had to come with me to live.
The best part is the puttering or displaying of pretty things on it...

I aways seem to have two or three books on the go at one time, but I am loving this one soo much!
It's The Source by Ursula James. It's very witchy and works along side the moon phrases or cycles...

It tells the story of a 16th century witch or healer as she would now be known, called Mother Shipton...She foretold of many events in  history to come, such as aeroplane's and mobile phones and also the internet.

Sadly as was so in those days she was burnt at the stake for witch craft, but her spirit is believed to live on in a cave in Knaresborough in north Yorkshire....

Do you ever feel different during the cycles of the moon?
I fall in love just looking at our three dimensional skies at night. It's an ever changing scene and the moon is so intriguing...

My man says with my bottles and herbs and many moggies I could have been a witch in a former life....HeHe...
Don't know about you, but I think there is a little Witch in all of us!

Wishing you a enchanting week my friends!


  1. Like your bookcase Maria! Xxx

  2. Hello Mrs!! Yes will show to you, when you come to me for tea and scones next week!!Have a thrifty day my dear...xx

  3. Funny that - my husband says that I am a witch! He thinks my sense of premonition is spooky and that it would pay to keep on my good side. I think it is just a woman's intuition, but I'm not about to disillusion him! :) Pj x

  4. Hiya there Pj...Yep us woman folk do tend to have a strong sixth sence..My nick name is Spooky....I love any thing about magic and mystery and thnk there is a lot about our world that we can not really comprehend with these sences we have....Happy wednesday!! x

  5. Gorgeous bookcase Maria!
    Victoria xx

  6. Thank you kindly Victoria!! now i just need to get the remaining books from under my bed and fill it even more!! xxx

  7. I remember going to Mother Shipton's cave when I was little - thought it was really strange!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Hello..Yes i can imagine you were (being a wee one)..It's the mineral content in the water which turns every thing into stone.... Kind regards x