Elegant Rose

Monday, 7 May 2012

"Fashion fades, only style remains"....Coco Chanel.

Don't you just love a train journey? Especially as the sun was shining and I had a 'bee in my bonnet' about not having any thing at all to wear to a family wedding; which is getting incredibly close now...
So on Saturday myself and the lovely Claire of Thriftwood ( http://thriftwood114.blogspot.co.uk/) and my Olivia hopped on a train to hit the shops and do what I do best...... shop!! I decided that we both can't look good; it was either me or the house-work! A day out shopping won with fying colours!

It's maybe not the best idea to take ones lovely young daughter with you on a shopping trip as you can sometimes feel like a faded rose in contrast, when trying on clothes...hehe x

We had tea and cake here at this fabulous coffee shop... ( just lovely)

I had a little deja-vu and felt like I had been here before, although I hadn't, it still felt familiar in some way.....Do you ever feel like this, as soo you have perhaps been as though in a former life?

Claire advised us very accurately about a lovely little boutique called "Miss Matildas"...Soo a little spending was enjoyed here....

Had to be really careful and smuggle my wares home and when my man asks I am well prepared...."Aww this dress, I've had it for ages" I will say!!

I will leave you with these words by- Kennedy Fraser..........
'"I haven't got a thing to wear" does not, of course, mean that we must resort to nakedness or seclusion; it means that our wardrobes contain nothing that might match our mood or offer a just reflection of our lives.'

Well if the mood fits...
Hope your May day is full of spring blossoms....xx


  1. Lovely post Maria, and thank you for the link! Your clothes look lovely in situ in your boudoir, as though they were made to live there! And hey, there's nothing nicer than a faded rose (apart from a fresh rosebud bursting into bloom, of couse). Had a lovely day, see you soon for scones with jam and cream xxx

  2. Hello Mrs! I soo enjoyed our trip out too.....We will be Dora The exploring again soon,I am sure....xx hope you chilaxing today xxx

  3. Ooh beautiful dress Maria!
    Victoria xx

    1. Why Thank you Victoria! Yep very naughty but soo nice! x

  4. Coffee shop looks great. Love the quote too - so true!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

    1. Hello Liz! The coffee shop was amazing, the pictures didn'nt do it justice really...It was more of a ice cream parlour...Happy Tuesday x

  5. Hallo Maria....you found and followed me and here I am visiting you and following you too!! I know just what you mean about the"Aw..this old thing" Do it all the time...I think he's twigged but still goes with it! Love the dress and your love of vintage things. Joan

  6. Hello Joan...Thank you for visting me too! You meet such lovely folk on here! x Us girls are all the same regarding clothes....hehe x