Elegant Rose

Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Pretty Things in June...

It's been a peaceful kind of week......

With lovely gifts from a friend......
Wild roses, lemon balm and Rosemary,all from her garden....

Plenty of walking and thinking, always noticing the world around me.....

There was two of these guys, 'Two for joy'.....
His mate watching and waiting in the distance.....

I love the scent of the earth after all the rains...
Mother nature is soo doing her thing at the moment.....
There is some thing quite 'witchy' and special about the elder tree...
Don't you think?

There is a little spot of catching up with books, that I love.....

You know it must be Wimbledon time, because Strawberries taste perfect too...

I just can't stop eating them....

And time spent watching a movie, that makes you laugh, but also makes you cry.
Loved it!

Hope you are taking time to 'Smell the Roses' along life's way too....
Wishing you a week of  Peacefulness...
Maria x


  1. Beautiful post Maria. Can't wait to see that movie!
    Victoria xx

  2. Hi Maria, What a lovely post. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. I've read the book OneDay. I haven't worked up to watching the film just yet. Will have to invest in a box of tissues. Have a lovely weekend. Ali x

  3. I love your summer photos, picked some Elder flowers today to make 'champagne', I love strawberries too, summertime treats!
    Thea x

  4. Romántico rincón en el jardín es precioso.Saludos de Sara.

  5. I always see something I want in your posts! Today it's the little pink jug with the cream for the strawberries. I love that and have four plates that match it exactly!
    I have read One Day twice and I'm nervous about seeing the film in case it's not as good.
    Tomorrow I am buying strawberries. You've made me fancy some!
    And thanks for your comment over at mine, I'm glad I made you laugh!

  6. Ah what a lovely post, all my favourites in one, food, books and gardening! And a gorgeous puss pic to round it all off.X

  7. Lovely summery post, unlike the weather. Just heard I have a pitch at Dorchester Vintage Market next Sunday so hopefully will be more fun than the town hall.

  8. A Lovely post Maria, I just wish the weather would get better! I haven't seen that Movie..definitely one for my "to watch" list xx

  9. Have just had a big bowl of strawberries, yum yum! Love your little garden ... Very inviting! See you soon xx

  10. Hello Mary,
    I love the scent of
    rain on the grass, there is much that
    does not rain and the heat is terrible,
    but in a month's arrival in England ......
    I wish you a weekend full of sunshine
    Susy Love x
    P. S. I have another blog www.susycottage.blogspot.com

  11. Sounds like a lovely way to spend the time. Such a pretty spot for reading books in your garden..just lovely.
    I have been having strawberries pretty much everyday as well, they are just so tasty! I usually have mine with a bit of cream or with frozen yoghurt :)
    Have a lovely weekend....
    Magie x

  12. What lovely pretties.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Nina x

  13. Hello Maria. I love your blog. Your pink jug is adorable.
    I bought the pink teapot online and have a matching jug in blue. They have lots of matching cups too, which I am tempted by but delivery overseas is expensive.
    Did you like the film? Have you read the book? I really loved it. Emma reminded me of myself a lot when I was younger.
    Tracy xxx

  14. Hello Tracy,
    Thank you soo very kindly for these lovely comments!
    Yes and Yes, I have read the book and loved the film!!
    Emma was so dreamy and I loved her bicycle and of course, the eighties was my 'hey' day, soo the music brought it all back.....
    will be popping over to you again soon!
    Maria x

  15. Hello ! what a lovely post...I love the Livingston seagull book ! Gail x

  16. I did enjoy reading this - and how wonderful it must be to sit on your circular lawn eating strawberries and reading One Day. Lovely!

  17. Hi Maria, Thank you for visiting my blog! Strawberries are in season here in Boston as well, and I have eaten more than my share. I have read the book "One Day" (and loved it!), but I've never seen the movie. I hope you spent some time cuddling with that pretty kitty after you snapped the photo! :) Fran