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Monday, 18 June 2012

Twinkles and Stars........

Aww, I would like to start with a big thank you to those very lovely ladies, who gave me awards last week...

Boy, I was humbled.....
But if I am honest I worried that I wouldn't be able to post a reply and i didn't want to offend any one....
soo, lovely Anna whose blog is charming http://miss-beatrix.blogspot.co.uk/
and my lovely friend Claire, http://thriftwood114.blogspot.co.uk/ you know that I think you are the bees knees, soo thank you and don't think I am a 'funny one', it's just I was, well, shy really!
I have had a very busy bee week indeed.
Wednesday I had a treat out  with hubby to the cinema to see Snow White and the Huntsman....
Karen had recommended this movie on Moon light and Hares blog...
I loved it and found it soo visual and enchanting!

I didn't know Florence and The Machine had sung the sound track until after the movie.
Loved it!
I saw Florence in concert two years ago at the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool, wow she can sing!
I took a lot of photos as the setting again was superb and looking back on them I noticed we were surrounded by lights and what could only be described as orbs around us...
Quite spooky really!

Thursday was an evening spent at Olivia's sixth form college, where she show-cased her creations for her Art and Textiles exam (A tense time for all).

We saw fab creations from the young students and when they modelled their collections, it was simply amazing!
We were told afterwards every thing had been put together technically in a couple of days!
This is one of Liv's peaces, a beautiful vintage wedding dress, complete with Suffolk Puffs (my vintage 1930's fabrics from the wonderful Sal's snippets I may add!)

My mum had made her own wedding dress back in the fifties, soo I hope Olivia has inherited this....
Saturday brought my much anticipated date with the medium Colin Fry.
I wrote about this in previous post, well I wasn't lucky enough to receive a message, but I like to think those who did, perhaps needed to more than me...
It was a wonderful show.
Mr Fry is a very charismatic man and there were lots of Twinkles and light coming from him, a real people person!
I did manage to get a signed copy of his autobiography and a star struck photo that Patrick had to take!
We laughed later about this as Pat kept calling him Stephen Fry, I think he wished it had been a show with Stephen Fry actually! hehe..

 Colin Fry and me!

I will leave you with this little enchanting find that I picked up at one of the vintage fairs over the Jubilee weekend.....
What do you think?
Not everyone's 'cup of tea' I grant!
But I think she is sweet.....
I am wishing you a week full of twinkles too
Love Maria x


  1. Hello Maria,
    Busy week indeed Maria.
    What a lovely dress! All those buds and flower garlands around it and the lace trim draping down at the bottom of the dress.... really magical!!!

    I'm looking forward to going with family to to see Snow White and The Huntsman too...glad to hear its worth it.

    Amanda :-)

  2. Love Olivia's dress and the little plaque at the end, see you soon, Claire xxx

  3. What a lovely post!! Oh I ADORE the dress it's just beautiful!! I love the little plaque too xx

  4. That is so lovely and what a nice picture.

    Nina x

  5. Olivia's dress is absolutely gorgeous!
    Victoria xx

  6. You must be so proud of your daughters talents, her dress is exquisite
    Thea x

  7. Hi Maria, Your daughter's dress is beautiful. Congratulations on all your awards. I've been paired up with you in the Booty-full things jar swap. Can't wait to get started. Will be spending the rest of the evening reading your blog and looking for inspiration. Ali x

  8. That is a beautiful dress....I love your blog , I'm off to have a good look around!!

  9. Hi Maria
    Thanks for visiting my blog.. I've just popped over and must say I love your daughter's dress, it's beautiful.
    Looking forward to reading more.
    Julie xx

  10. Your daughter has done you proud Maria (and herself, of course). And glad to hear Mr Fry didn't disappoint.
    Have a great week x

  11. Great blog - I'm now following you. Love the dress. X

  12. What a stunning dress..I just love the Suffolk puffs added to it, just lovely!
    I like the little decoration you bought at the vintage fair, she is very sweet indeed.
    Have a lovely day today and thanks for paying me a visit :)
    Magie x

  13. What a lovely blog and I went to see Snow white and the Huntmen too last week with my children I was scared in parts and they were not :)Absolutely love the dress. LBF x

  14. Hello ! Oh I love Olivia's dress !!! gorgeous ! Have a lovely midsummer weekend ! Gail x

  15. many congratulations on all those awards x
    Your daughter is very clever, what a beautiful creation, my daugher did textiles for A-level too...i was amazed at how much work they have to do.
    I hoping to see that film at the weekend, it looks fab
    love jooles x

  16. Wow your daughters dress she made is stunning i see a big future there for her its so pretty. Sally has some amazing fabrics. Loving your bakelite valve radio does it work? i had one of mine serviced and the sound it produces is wonderful. You look so lovely in your photo to ;-)Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

  17. Hi Dee,
    Thank you, Liv has worked hard with her collections....
    Yes the radio does in fact work, but I like it just for show really!
    Take care, Mariax

  18. That is a beautiful dress and I just love the music with your blog xx

  19. Hello again. I had to say, I love the dress. It is so beautiful. What a talented girl.
    I love your dresser an spotted lots of beauties and the pink teapot and a lovely bunny. I wish i could come to tea!
    I love Florence. I think I may have to go to seethe film now after your verdict on it.
    I hope you are having a smashing weekend,