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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Honey Pot village.......

Hawkshead is a pretty little village in the Lake district, about 20 minutes from where I live.....
On mid summer evening of last week, Patrick decided he would take part in the yearly 10k road race held there.....
He has taken part for the last few years.......
A lovely drive out after work sounded just perfect....

It was the most beautiful evening, all though my hay fever played me up no end!
I can remember when I was small, all our weekends were spent in the Lakes,We had a Cherry and Cream colour Triumph Herald Car ( would be proper vintage now)
We all used to pile in with a picnic and visit Coniston and  Bowness and last of all Fell foot park, My favourite place ....
Good memories!

Back to our evening....
With some beautiful little places to have bar meals (we ate here after the race)....
It was very nice too!
Us Mum's appreciate, someone else doing the cooking after all, don't we just....

Lots of quirky shops.....
I would love a bath like this, with out the flowers though!

Beautiful chocolate box cottages, it all looks quiet, but actually their was a hub of folks and excitement, as the Olympic Torch was due to pass through Bowness the following day.......
There are many references to Hawkshead in Beatrix Potters books of course, notably, Johnny Town Mouse, who was based on the village Doctor, I believe....

Loved these books....
Can remember reading to my children, we loved, the Tale of Tom Kitten......
There is also a museum which houses William Wordsworth's old school desk....

And lots of pretty shops, Patrick was soo glad they were closed though, as men usually are!

Don't worry I am not going to show any sweaty middle aged men running on here, ooh Lordy  no, this is a blog of pretty things after all....
But Patrick did win the team event and was first home for the veterans race.....

It was the most beautiful sunset, for mid summers Eve,
A real Barmy night....

I even managed to get a couple of bits and bobs for the lovely Ali http://alibeecreations.blogspot.co.uk/  who I am swapping jars with in the Jar of Love swap......(you may have read about this on my side bar)
I can't keep secrets I am afraid, never could!! hehex
A real Honey Pot Village........
Bye for now!
Maria x



  1. Hi Maria, What a lovely post. The village looks really pretty. Shame those shops were shut.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely words.
    I really enjoy the music on your blog, I'd forgotten all about Dream Academy.
    Have a lovely week. Ali x

  2. Beautiful post Maria, LoVe the bath of flowers!!
    Victoria xx

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful evening. Congratulations to Patrick for his success. Hawkshead looks lovely, the Lake District is still of my list of places to visit. I read the autobiography of Beatrix Potter last year and there were wonderful descriptions of the area.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your son!
    Sarah x

  4. Looks lovely Maria! Thank you for the flowers today, and for your lovely company ... See you soon xxx

  5. Oh, I hadn't twigged you were in this part of the world! I was at Charlotte Mason College in Ambleside, and taught for my first four years at Ivegill near Penrith - thanks for your lovely photos, which really take me back. Thanks for your comment on our son and hen!

  6. Hello Maria
    Your post is so lovely, I have been to Hawkeshead, but a while ago now, it really is a pretty place, glad you had a wonderful time and well done to your man! Thank you for your sweet comments.
    Thea x

  7. Thanks for sharing only the "pretty" pics!! I've visited the Lake District a couple of times and it's such a beautiful place. What a lovely evening you had, I'm enjoying your summer vicariously!! Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. Sx

  8. How lucky you are living in such a beautiful part of the country! You were so lucky to have the weather on your side too. Well done to your fella.

  9. I love the little lane with the bunting strung up! How neighbourly and lovely. It looks like a beautiful place, I'd like to get up there myself one day.

    1. Hi Missy,
      The little lane bearing bunting is called' Flag Lane', of all names......

  10. I wish this lovely place was just a little bit closer to North Yorkshire - I don't think we could manage Beatrix Potter, Wordsworth & John Ruskin all on one day out. But I wouldn't mind trying...

  11. What a beautiful village especially minus the sweaty men! Lily. xxx

  12. Hi Maria, Followed you over from Booty-Full Things, so glad i did, you have a lovely blog. Good Luck with the 'Jar of Love' Swap, I've entered too. So exciting isn't? I have to say what I lovely idea to have music playing when anyone hits your blog, totally fallen in love with Track 2 & 3, can't stop listening to them, thank you for introducing them to me. Looking forward to following you. RM xx

  13. Cómo me gustan éstas fotos!la bañera es genial.Saludos

  14. Hi Maria, well done to your man .. I don't actually think I could run to the bottom of the road, so I am mighty impressed!
    Love the little village, so pretty.

    1. Hi Kate,
      Oh, Patrick has been running for ever...
      The Film Forrest Gump, springs to mind!!!

  15. Hello Maria, it looks beautiful in that little village.You are very lucky living so close.Your husband is lucky too that you were out there cheering him on while you were suffering hay fever!

  16. What a beautiful village! I love the bunting and the old style bathtub :)
    Sorry to hear about your hayfever, mine has been just awful as well..sniffles galore!
    Have a lovely day today..
    Magie x

  17. We were there one day during half term! Such a pretty village. We visited the Beatrix Potter Gallery and climbed the nearby Latterbarrow. You live in such a pretty area. Best wishes, Pj x