Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

January Pinks....

~ They say January really isn't the month to be
relentlessly pursuing new years resolutions.....
contemplating them, yes preparing for them, maybe...
but for optimum success we are better of waiting till
February to put plans into action..

That's good enough for me ...
Because today instead of thinking of
The January Blues...
I'm thinking of The January Pinks...
~ and that's a whole lot better, isn't it?
~ I've read recently that mother nature doesn't rush about...
She doesn't change from one season to the next...
~ It's not Summer one day and then Autumn the next...
And that I believe is good advice.

~ Today because my camera has been awfully naughty..
I've put together a post of past pictures...
Those that made me feel happy...
and warm inside..

~ And some that made me think home and cosy..

For Willie..
(El Pedro and Trinity)
One moment in each others arms and the next fighting terribly..

Much like an old married couple!!

~ And just because it's raining cats and dogs outside..
( I do wonder whether to send out a dove)

Inside it's cosy and warm...
Tuesday's are my days to just be..

I'm trying my very hardest to think that
~  with out rain there simply wouldn't be rainbows...
( But it's ever so hard)

Above my little house last week!

Yes, today I'm most certainly thinking January pinks..
~ I've even kept my fairy lights out to give 
January a little sparkle all of her own...
I'll take them down when more light appears in our days..

Take time to dream...
We are almost there..
The earth appears to be sleeping...
But look closely, very closely...
The ignition switch of a new season is slowly being lit...

( Beautiful card above from moon light and Hares blog)

~ Keep cosy and dry...
But most of all keep your chin up!
~ Can you really believe it's the month of LOVE on Saturday!
And for me that's a blog anniversary of two years...
Wishing you a day full of January pinks.....

Cats know all the best places...
Don't they just!
PS...Willow will be on my next post..
~ She just didn't want to come out and play today!!
Hugs and kisses


  1. Ah! Ah! Ah! Thankyou! Grazie!
    Had to pop downstairs to get the tissues for this one!
    Look! Look! Paws for thought! A true gesture of friendship!
    Fast asleep! Love dem..der...Pussy~Cats! x. ~(^.^)~
    (Sorry gett'in a bit carried away....Further the better, me thinks).

    And, l saw a rainbow, on my way back from Wimborne this morn'in.
    Quite a wide one...could'nt find the end of it....Always look...Well! You
    never know..One can but 'dream'. :).

    Oh! Love those little pink baby shoes....Can't remember...But!
    apparently, l used to wear a pair, with my pink coat, and pink
    hat! HeHe! It's a good job photos were in black/white back in
    those days...But! Then, it's done me no harm, quite the opposite
    really....! :>).
    Hence my trilogy in life.....
    "Love Food...Love Cats...Love Pink".

    1. Ooh pink and kitties most certainly make the world go around..I'm not much of a foodie, Willie......~ Although my kitties have been naughty recently.....I never show all the damage that they really do...They just look good on photographs...naughty, but very nice....x.

  2. Oh your lovely post has left me in the pink. Your kitties look so sweet. Ours isn't too keen on going out at the moment. Too much rain and a very unfriendly cat across the road. I don't mind January too much as we have quite a few family birthdays, including mine. So there's always something to look forward to. Stay warm and cosy. Hope your camera is behaving itself soon.
    Ali x

    1. Good to hear from you, Ali..
      Ooh happiest of happy birthday wishes sent with a hug to you..x

  3. Maria, this was a sweet post! Loved to see the kitties of course and noticed the right end side mention that January is the month of dreams...Now I am even more glad to have put my giveaway this month!

  4. Pink is just the bestest, my favourite, the prettiest shade in all the world, and I love love love your sentiments about changing the January blues to the January pinks! That lifts my spirits! :-) Chrissie x

  5. Can we have the January greens as well please?! Your photos are such a tonic Maria - whether they are current or not - they never fail to give me the 'warm and cosies'! Have a lovely week x Jane

  6. I so love your idea of January pinks instead of the blues. We here in the upper midwest and eastern states can certainly fall into the winter blues these days, but to look at it all through ROSEY TINTED SPECTACLES? Perfect January weather for me my friend. Anita

  7. Hi Maria
    Thank you for such a beautiful post...you write in a really beautiful way....
    I always think that the dark days bring the warm cosy lights so it always feels little like a fairy tale home.
    Spring will be saying hi to us all soon enough which will be lovely :)
    Tilly x

  8. Dear Maria,

    found you. In Dutch the name of your blog is "een roos brilletje". Rather funny because that's what I often say about myself. Never leave the house without my rosy spectacles. Another coïncidence.
    I cannot believe the pictures: the two sleeping cats are SO much looking the same as ours.
    Your Pedro is the twin of my Lou and your Trinity looks like Lola. We had another cat once (she disappeared mysteriously) who could have passed for your Smokey. That's so weird.
    Furthermore: I read you took a stray cat in, we did the same with Lou, 13 years ago.

    Since all of this is serendipity, I had to become your follower. (thanks for following me)

    Hear from you later,


  9. I am loving the pink idea for January instead of blues Maria! I am so pleased this month is almost over, such a long dark miserable one normally. As you say, the month of romance will be upon us very soon-lovely! Your puss cats look so happy curling up with each other, wouldnt you just love to be a cat?!

  10. Your January pinks are much better than January Blues. Sarah x

  11. Pretty pinks and puss cats..what a purrrrfect post!! ... It is so grey wet and soggy everywhere,
    you gave me a real lift
    Thank you my twinkly friend
    Thea xx

  12. Your kitties are just gorgeous.

    All your images seem cosy, as always.

    I find your blog a warm and cosy place to visit too.

    Have a wonderful day and happy blog anniversary :)


  13. Thank you for cheering up my Grey Day, Maria xxx

  14. Yes all for changing January blues to pinks. To be honest, I have had such a wonderful January and maybe it is because I have surrounded myself with lots of pretty colours. Loving all your gorgeous eye candy, a really pretty post Maria. Enjoy your weekend xoxo

  15. Your cats are utterly adorable. I always think that cats really make a home...
    Beautiful post, thank you,
    Jo x

  16. January pinks, I like that idea. Your home looks so pretty and cosy. :) x

  17. Ooh and thank you for sharing my little card. xx

  18. Dearest Maria,

    Hold on! The rain will abate and the sun will return! Clearly you and I have pink on the brain this month! :-) I was so very happy to see you sweet comment today, thank you for making me smile as always.

    ps I love Karen's work! We have a few of her works gracing our small home.

  19. I love the pinks and the kitties! :)

  20. A really soothing post, and I love the photo of your two cats on the chair. x