Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

February Brings....

February brings...
China tea, the scent of hyacinths, wood fires
and bowls of violets ~ That is my mental picture
of an agreeable February afternoon..
~ Constance Spry.
Simple abundance.

February arrives cold, wet and grey, her gifts disguised
 for only the most discerning spirits to see...

It's also the month for hosting one of the most romantic
dates on our calendars 

 Ooh Love is in the air...

Hurray for February!
and all her wonderful gifts of Snow drops and sweet smelling Hyacinths..
Yes, there's a whole lot of 'springy' loveliness 
around just now..

~ As always I'm reading and appreciating..
All that is good around me ...
There is no friend as loyal as a book
(Ernest Hemingway)...

February brings a whole lot of planting and plotting and
dreaming and scheming of spring time, that's sure to follow..

Stroke the cat, caress the dog.
Lavish kindness on every living being you meet..
See how different you feel by the end of the day.
( Taken from simple abundance)
But most of all take time to dream...
Hugs and twinkles

PS.  I have also attached my little ramblings from my little
day job at Bumble Bee at the Hive...


It would simply be very lovely of you to pop in and say


  1. Love is in the air,
    Everywhere l look around,
    Love is in the air,
    Every sight and every sound.

    And l don't know if l'm being foolish,
    Don't know if l'm being wise,
    But something that l must believe in,
    And, it's there when l look into your eyes.

    Love is in the air....(That's enough Willie).
    Your gett'in carried away....HeHe!
    Well...It's John Paul Young...1978.........
    Re-released in 1992.......
    Just think...There are over 500 songs with the
    word love in...
    Think, one of my all time favourites is...
    The Four Tops....Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever...

    And, of course the 14th....Saint..What's his name day! :).
    HeHe! ALL that mail to get through...Again....!
    Trouble is...I get cards.....7 last year, ALL signed! That's
    not right is it...Never had an unsigned Valentine card.....!
    Never sent one either.....! Naughty! HeHe!

    1. Ooh seven cards, Willie!!! You are a popular one...x

  2. You've made February sound lovely!!
    I adore all your photographs :)

    Daffodils are springing up all over Wales, screaming that Spring will be here soon, but I've been told we have snow in the mountains, it will reach us nearer the coast soon I think. Brrr!

    I've never been one to celebrate Valentine's Day, but I do think it's a wonderfully romantic time of year.

    Enjoy your day lovely Maria xx

  3. February is here with force Maria..
    The song you chose spells it out.
    I have my wellies ready.. Its raining cats and dogs now.. we will have it all week.
    cosy and warm her in my little cottage.
    a lovely post Maria..
    sending you big hugs..
    your friend in blogging val xxxxx

  4. Hello Maria! Not my favourite month I'm afraid but you have made it sound so lovely, with the promise of things to come ...

    Thanks you for your kind words over at mine, you know I appreciate them xxx

    1. I know, Mrs...It's a month of sad memories for you.. .I wear my Rosey tinted spec's through November, as this is my worst month...Thinking of you and sending kindest hugs..x

  5. I also remember the song of Paul Young like Willie! You gave us a good pretext Maria! February is such a particular moment of the year, I love it, it's a lovely transition which promises a lot...
    Sweet friend. I always enjoy your tender views!

  6. I have to agree with Claire February is my least favourite month. However even though it very cold and wet I am thrilled to see lots of bulbs appearing in our garden, so something to look forward to. I will be buzzing over to the beehive.
    Ali x

  7. Where did January go? Winter hasn't really been yet and so many things in the garden that aren't evergreen are still green! have you noticed that some birds are already starting to pair up, I hope we aren't all in for a weather shock.

  8. I love your blog. I bought the Midwinterblood book after seeing it here. x

  9. Lots to look forward to (although its blowing a Hoolie here at the moment) I bought some Daffoldils and a pot of Hyacinth today to brighten a little corner..Hope you have a lovely week Maria,
    Oooh Valentines Day! I wonder?
    Thea xx

  10. Good morning Maria! February is a special month; it makes 34 years since my husband and I MET, right on Valentines Day! For us here, we are inching toward spring, but our spring doesn't usually happen until the middle of MAY! But that's OK, at least it will come!

    HUGS and lots of wishes for a cozy day, Anita

  11. Happy February Maria - I'm sure the 14th will be special for you!

  12. Hello Dear Maria, Happy February to you! It's such a delight to see snow drops coming up in the garden. I really don't know how they are surviving living in a big puddle (lake!) but there they are for all to see.
    I enjoyed your pretty post and will be calling in at Bumble Bee next.
    Hugs Barbara
    PS I’m also enjoying Bumble Bees Facebook page.

  13. Dear Maria,

    Hope you February month will be as lovely as you describe it!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  14. And twinkle hugs back to you dear, dear Maria! Anita

  15. Hello Maria...I see you have Simple Abundance here...it really is a fabulous book!

  16. I happened upon your pretty blog via whimsy willow farm! Oh, Simple Abundance! My wonderful, raggedy eared book! I love it so much! Your sweet pictures and kittens are charming my heart, I live and take care of my ninety year old mama, we have much in common. Only I confess my spectacles aren't always very rosy lately. You are a breath of beauty!