Elegant Rose

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Feeling Like Twitterpating...

Valentine true love folk lore..

'On Valentines day if a woman see's a robin
flying overhead she will marry a sailor.
If she see's a sparrow or two she will be happy but 
marry a poor man.
If however, it is a goldfinch she see's 
she will marry a millionaire'...
( Taken from a year in high heels
 by Camilla Morton.)

This very romantic week see's this little old blog
of mine...
~ being two years old.
I wonder just how that happened? 
Of course I had been reading and falling in love
with blog land for all the years that
I nursed my Mama  on her very long journey
with Alzheimer's disease..
"I must confess to breaking my' rosey tinted spec's' a number of times
 in those seven years"...
Ooh my.
~ My heart being at it's most heaviest in those sad days..
But time is a great healer and they did repair once again.
To wear with pride.

~ And I would like to say quite simply
" Thank you"!
For being my friends on here from
 far, far away...

It's been a little place for ramblings....
~ and a corner of my very own for
 putting feelings into words and pretty pictures..
Some times for healing sake.
But usually for merriment..
And I'm giddy with gratitude about the friendships 
I've made on here...

~ I always try with all my heart to 
be Rosey tinted..
I'm a 'glass half full ' person 
you see..
Always have been!

I will be having a  little give away in my very next post....
As a way of showing gratitude...
~ Some thing special I think chosen from Bumble Bee, maybe?
I will pop on my thinking cap!

~ And for those folks with ' Twitterpating' at
the forefront of their minds on
I would like to leave them with this.. 

The most romantic scene from of course,
( My favourite Disney movie of all time)

Have a day full to the very brim of
' Twitterpating', on Friday...
won't you?
Hugs and kisses
Maria x
PS...I am thinking  with all my heart, about those affected by the dreadful rainfall....
'Be' safe and keep cosy, my friends...


  1. Good morning sweet and precious friend. I love Thumper, your sentiments (I smiled when I saw the little bird) and your lore is fun. May you enjoy the LOVE of LOVE forever, dear one. It is marvelous to bask in it, in no matter what form: friends, family, lover, admirer of nature....the list goes on.

  2. I always love your gentle, happy posts and value your friendship and uplifting comments too! I too, always try to ensure my posts are happy but it has been a little harder of late ... and the rain still falls ... !!! Hope you are spoilt on Friday and have a lovely day! M xx

  3. I saw a raven this morn'in.....Does that mean l'll
    marry some old crow!!! :). HeHe!

    I did chuckle last Saturday...In my Saturday comic,
    The Sun....That candlelit dinners are out...Instead men
    want to do other things to impress their loved ones.....
    Like...Putting the bins out...Doing the dishes....Doing the
    ironing...Giving her the remote control...Getting the vacuum
    out...And...And....Wait for it....Putting the toilet seat down...
    Don't know about anyone else but my sparkly pink toilet
    seat is 'always' down'. :<).
    Ah! Men are just hopeless romantics.....!

    And...Goodness two years old...Well....Each and every
    post has been a joy.....Pussy~Cats and all.....Lovely...!
    HeHe! Won't watch the video....To upsetting....!
    Maybe later....! :).

    And, yes, those poor...poor people in the floods......
    Terrible...I've watch quite a bit of it....And, a far as
    the government and the agency are concern.......
    The less said the better....I'm not prone to bad
    language....(Oh! Willie...Your getting controversial).
    HeHe! "Nuff Said". =(^.^)~

    1. Well...I've just watched the Bambi video....Twice!
      HeHe! Love it when Thumper beats his foot on the
      ground....Takes me back.....

  4. And YOU, dear Willie are the very best part of blogging.. YOU always make me laugh out loud..hehe! Those Valentines written in The sun! haha..The remote made me really smile :) I never can get a hold of that...x

  5. The news reports have me praying for all those effected . The whole world is up side down this year!
    I smiled at your opening comments! Oh a robin! then a sparrow! Now that is why I stopped bird watching! But I missed the goldfinch as a result!
    Blessings and LOVE! xoDebi in Canada

  6. You're most definitely a glass half full type blogger, which is why I always enjoy popping in.
    Fiona xx

  7. Congratulations on your Blogiversary Rosey Maria! I love that scene from Bambi too, but my favourite romantic Disney scene has to be the spaghetti one in Lady and the Tramp ...

    I love little sparrows, they are becoming rare apparently, so maybe that little fable may have to change!

    Have a heart filled Valentine's Day ...

    Love Claire xxx

    1. ~ And to you too, Mrs... i know we both journeyed together with our blogs..We use to ring each other up to ask how to post things on here..hehe!

    2. I think we've come a long way since then Maria, but sometimes I think that I do things by accident, and can't remember how I did them next time! Hve a lovely Valentine's Day, and thanks for popping in!

      Love Claire xxx

  8. Ah Maria, thank you for posting the Bambi clip, so sweet and gentle. I thought Thumper's lady friend had the look of a young Barbara Cartland. Have a lovely day on Friday.
    Jean x

  9. I always read your posts with a smile on my face Maria. Lovely and gentle words, pretty pretty photos and ever optimistic! Happy Valentine's day to you on friday dear Maria.X

  10. Congratulations on your second blog birthday. It is always a pleasure to come over and visit your magical and cosy corner of blogland. Sarah x

  11. Your Mum must have been so proud of you. And I am so glad you managed to keep your rosey spectacles. I can always see you looking through them when I pop by. Congratulations on your blog anniversary. I'm so glad we were paired up for the swap otherwise I may never have found your rosey blog. Have a lovely Valentines's week.
    Ali x

    1. Good to see you back, Ali...thank you for these kind words, but I don't think my Mama was proud of me..., in a lot of ways I feel I let her down dreadfully..Alzheimers stole her memory of me you see..and she only seemed to see me as some one making her do things which she just didn't and in a lot of ways couldn't do.......I saw my Grandma journey with this too...But to see my Mama struggle through this terrible journey was my very own nightmare..I still wake up panicking about .her last few months...Hugs Maria x

  12. What a lovely, sentimental post, you always make me feel rosey when I visit here! :) happy blogiversary and may your beautiful 'ramblings' go on! Chrissie x

  13. I'm a Mrs Glass-Half-Full too - but, oh dear, I fear my rosey-tinted specs could do with a clean!
    Hope you have a Valentine's Day full of love!

  14. What a heartfelt post and I am so pleased that you ramble on here, as it is such a pleasure to read and you always seem so very grounded. Here is for being half full, how lucky we are! Loving your pretty card and I also love that gorgeous basket filled with all that pretty crockery. Sending a warming and healing thoughts for the little void left by your Mum, I am sure she must be so very proud of you still! Take care and happy valentines sweetie xoxo

  15. I’m so glad you started your blog. Just think of all the pretty things we would have missed if you had never begun!
    Thank you and Happy 2nd blogging Birthday dear Maria. xx

  16. Sweetest Maria ~ I am so very , very glad you are here in blog land !
    Two years , congrats my friend , congrats. Your blog is one of the most charming of sorts and your lovely ways are always so soothing and cozy.
    I am celebrating year "one" this month and you my dear blog friend were one of my very first commenters and I have cherished your blog friendship ever since !
    Cheers to you my friend , here's to you .

  17. Such a lovely post Maria...you are definitely a glass half full lady and it's such a treat to visit you in your rosey world!
    I'm definitely a Bambi fan and like Claire I do love the spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp too..Your mum was a lucky lady indeed to have such a wonderful, caring daughter...x
    Congratulations on your 2nd blog anniversary and long may it continue!
    Always stay rosey!
    Happy Thursday,
    Susan x

  18. Dearest Maria, this is such a sweet blog post.
    Congratulations on your two year blog anniversary, how quickly time flies and how wonderful
    blogging is that it keeps our minds occupied and away from the sadness that can often fill our lives.

    I am deeply sorry that your lovely Mama had Alzheimer's, it's such a cruel disease.

    My heart goes out to you my friend.

    Have a lovely day tomorrow xx

  19. Hello my dear Maria
    Well where did those two years go, congratulations on your gorgeous blog..It is such a lovely space to visit
    We obviously had the same idea and plucked up courage to join in at the same time
    Hope you are safe and sound after yesterdays storm
    Wishing you love and happiness my twinkly friend..Thea xx

  20. Hello darling twinkling Maria.....Two years Oh my.....time flies....always a joy to spend time here...stay out of the wind and stay safe today....bestest valentine wishes to you!
    Daisy j x

  21. Well I am late getting here, but still twitterpated! Love that Disney movie too, I have it and will toss it into the dvd player this week during one of our never ending snow storms (what else is there to do?) Love your world here in blog land and always enjoy my visits. Happy Blogging!