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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Finding Your'e Own Wings...

The full moon in January..
Thursday 16th.

The full wolf moon.
According to lore, under this moon, wolves would howl
in hunger outside Native American villages.
When the moon is full in January, people tend to eat too
much, drink too much and play to much trying very hard to fill
a Winter emptiness inside...
(The girl who chased the moon)

Our week here at home started excitedly!
On Monday, Miss Olivia passed her driving test..
And I won the lottery!
They say that luck can come all at once..
~ Olivia's wanted to drive since the beginning of time!
~ And I must confess, it's been a 'wish' in the
 wish box too!

I'm not a driver!
Yikes no, the roads are much safer with out me on them!
~ But Olivia, I believe has found her own wings..
~ and learnt to fly!

~ Mr Rosey Tinted Spectacles passed his test when he was
just nineteen too..
~ But I've never needed wheels or wings for that matter  to get
 me from one old place to another.....
I've always been able to do this quite nicely by myself..
Let me explain.

~ Many moons ago when I was quite small....
I could be stood  in assembly with all my friends at school
 and yet not be really there at all..
I had a way of magically disappearing in my mind!
~ to some where I really wanted to be.
~Some times it scared me as I could feel quite light 
and almost out of my very own body!
But for the most it was exiting and I could drift off
to some where more interesting...
Usually outside in the playing friends or in the nature garden to
the side of the school gates...

I remember telling my Mama, who said
 "It was most probably
my age".
But I knew she understood, because she could do this too.
she said we both needed to ground our energies...
and all would be well.
~ she also said" We were quite lucky to have this gift
of escapism"... handed down to us..
and I suppose we were...


~ I wasn't really sure just how to ground my self, but days were filled with growing up! 
and because my Mama moved house, almost every time the wind changed...
I forgot about the day dreams..
And just got on with
 filling my boots with real life!

I tend to only dream at bed times now.....
Some times they seem ever so real.

But I do always wear my' Rosey Tinted spectacles' in the day, of course!!

Wishing you a week full of lovely day dreams.
~ and hoping you are keeping as cosy as' kitten's in mitten's'...
Love Maria x
 After word
(I will be sending my £25.00 winnings to water aid.)


  1. What a lovely post and what a fabulous gesture to give your winnings to charity. I don't drive either, but would to be able to. Congratulations to your daughter on passing her test. Oh ......... keep dreaming!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Damned Bloglovin! I have missed your posts! My apologies! I'm on my old dashboard, and there you where!
    How wonderful for your daughter! And nice begining to the New Moon Year with a lottery win and gifting it back!
    Your memory boxes are enchanting! Your Mom sounds lovely indeed!
    I won't loose my way back! xoxoDebi

  3. ~ She was very unique and very magical, my Mama......Thank you Debbie for kind words here and over at Bumble Bee x

  4. I always think, one of the most things in life is to
    have passed ones driving test....I drove all sorts,
    l learnt in land-rovers, vans, lorries...Then three
    weeks after my seventeenth birthday, l got a
    cancellation...Borrowed a friend car, took my
    test and passed....Though! he passed me, then,
    asked me five questions from the hyway-code,
    l got one right....HeHe! l was so chuffed at passing,
    felt like getting out and running round the car.....! :).
    HeHe! He asked me...'Who has the right of way on
    a round-about'.....I said the biggest vehicle...True!
    And, l did silly things on the test....But! He passed me.

    La Mama...La Bella Mama....
    I remember mia Mama, and her silly Sicilian sayings...
    I had them thrown at me ALL the time growing up.......
    Cani di pagghiaru abbaia e sta luntanu
    (A useless watch dog barks, but stays away).

    Burrasasca furiusta prestu passa.
    (A furious storm passes quickly).

    Aprili fa il ciuri e le biddizzi, l'onuri
    l'havi lu misi di maju.
    (April makes the flowers and the beauty,
    but, May, get's all the credit).
    And...The good old...
    Batti lu ferrru mentri e' ca uda.
    (Strike while the iron is hot).

    Keep dream'in Maria....Keep dream'in...
    I've been dream'in since l arrived on this
    HeHe! It's a great life....If you don't weaken!!!

    1. Willie, I like the very sounds of your Mama too!
      " It's a great life...If you don't weaken was always the words my Mama said as she got older!!
      It's an awful lot stricter with the driving test, now my friend...Olivia just said " What will be, will be"... and if I don't pass I'm not good enough to be on the road yet...Not at all nervous..A Virgo, she is like you! haha..

  5. Oh how brilliant! Tell Olivia congratulations from me ... there'll be no stopping her now! Lucky you, wonder what the third thing will be?

    Love Claire xx

  6. Thank you, Mrs Thriftwood, I sure will x

  7. Congratulations to your daughter, and also on your winning the lottery!
    You always sound such a happy soul Maria and I love the way you spin your lovely yarns. They have a way of making you feel as if you are wrapped up safely in a little coccoon where nothing and noone can hurt you.
    Full moon on thursday making us eat and drink more? I am already struggling to cut down after the excesses of christmas!!

  8. Congratulations to Olivia for passing her driving test and also to you for winning the lottery. Hope something else good heads your way this week!
    Sarah x

  9. Congratulations to Olivia! May the roads be straight and smooth for her always! And thank you for this lovely post, from a rosey-tinted-spectacled dreamer to all us other dreamers! Chrissie x

  10. Congratulations Olivia ! the world is now your oyster..(I said this to my daughter once and she replied "Mum you know I don't like fish")
    And winning too...well there will be a third so hold tight!
    I can drive but I do not have a car at the moment. I must admit I do enjoy being driven
    I can tell from your words Maria that you know how to fly ....
    Full Moon Blessings
    Thea x

  11. I loved hearing all your stories! I'm glad we can dream right along with you!

  12. My father always used to say that if you don't have your dreams then there is no point to life. I think that he was quite right. I've always been a dreamer too like you. I could spend hours just sitting looking out of a window but not really be there but miles away doing anything that my heart desires. my nighttime dreams are really vivid too and really exciting but unfortunately reality always pops up somewhere!!
    Rosie xx

  13. That's not luck - that's a very clever girl you have!
    I never learned to drive either - I'm sure if I did drive I'd make others cross as I pootered along the motorway at 40 MPH. Life is too good to rush!

  14. Nothing wrong with daydreams except of course when you're driving! Well done to your daughter, great achievement :) x

  15. Oh yes, Olivia has wings now, and you will have to get your wings on to keep up with her! BRAVO FOR HER! And how lovely is your space here, always so inviting dear Maria!

  16. Congratulations to Olivia and to you Maria too on your lottery win and how kind of you to donate your winnings to your chosen charity,
    Hope you're having a wonderful week!
    Susan x

  17. Congratulations to Olivia! Lovely to win the lottery too & even lovlier of you to donate the winnings to charity x

  18. You have a great daughter Maria, and I didn't know she has a similar name with mine! And I love your china and this wonderful vase on the last photo! Wish you always be able to donate Maria!
    A big warm hug from me!

  19. A lovely post as always! The gift of dreaming is a good one to have, never stop. Congrats to Olivia and well done you with your lottery one. Good things come in threes so look out for something else exciting soon :-)
    Have a happy rest of the week,

  20. Dear Maria,

    Congratulations to Olivia for passing her driving test and lucky you for winning the 25 pounds! I won 5 euro's over Christmas :-) The beginning of a fortune!!

    Happy weekend ahead!

    Madelief x

  21. What a lovely week, congratulations to Miss Oliva, and well done on winning the lottery! I was going to ask what you were going to spend your winnings on – but I found the answer at the end of the post. I’m sure even nicer things are on the way for you Maria, just keep dreaming and never plant those feet!

  22. Congratulations to your sweet daughter on passing her driving test, Maria!

    I know pretty much what you mean about drifting off when surrounded by others. I recall in assembly at school being able to disconnect myself from my body, if you see what I mean, and drifting off to goodness knows where. I'd find it a little disconcerting at times, I must say!

    Happy weekend to you, dear Maria.


  23. Hello dear Maria,
    Congratulations to your lovely Olivia on passing her driving test :)
    What a wonderful Idea the wish box is, an Idea I may have to borrow.

    I love that you could escape any time you wished as a child, I can think of nothing I would have loveld more. I still dream of escaping now at times.

    A wonderful gesture, giving your winnings to charity, more evidence of your kind-hearted nature.

    I'm sending you hugs and love on this coldest of weekends.
    Stay warm my dear xx

  24. I love the names of the full moons. I collect them in a book. They are so beautiful to me. I m glad my husband likes to drive because I do not enjoy it at all. This is a lovely post very interesting about your passed down ability! Have a wonderful week.

  25. Lovely post Maria ...so pleased for Olivia....I know what you mean about dreaming it's a wonderful ability ! And you know I just LOVE the full moon !
    Keep on dreaming....Gail x

  26. Congratulations to Olivia!! And how wonderful of you to give your winnings away to charity. You have a huge heart :)

  27. Learning to drive is such a great thing to do, especially if you do it young. I had to learn in London and it was terrifying, I'm still a wimpy driver.... I enjoyed hearing about your mystical dreams, it always comes across in your blog....

  28. Dear Maria
    I breathe out and relax when I visit your blog....there is music to greet me and I know you are going to talk about warm,mystical things....perhaps there is a little magic in this blog of yours :-) .....I'm late visiting again but I'm here.
    Congratulations to Olivia on passing her test !
    I drive because I have to and I don't really enjoy it. I am ok if I have the music on. I totally agree though learning to drive is an essential part of any young person's education.
    I so understand when you mention drifting off to your dream world. Thanks to my dream world I got through an unpleasant childhood. I'm Gemini anyhow and Geminis are mostly dreamers!

    Ohhh! winning on the lottery fab...lucky you!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  29. You are such a magical person...... All too often I think we are told to stifle those wonderful gifts as children...... I had a very strong and believable imagination as a child and heard voices....... Having always been told it was nonsense I learnt to block them out but I so è times wonder if there was something more to it..... keep flying away it's a wonderful gift x