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Friday, 24 January 2014

Alligators, Old Mink and New Money....

'Tucked in a drawer in my mother's dresser I found
an old navy slip whose fabric felt like butter in my hands.
 I knew that my mother had tucked away hundreds 
of such items throughout the house ~ from her youth, from childhoods
of my my sisters and brothers and me 
~but I didn't know that this had belonged to my grandmother until
I asked if I could borrow it.
I put it on, and if fit beautifully, I clinched the waist
with an inexpensive black stretchy belt and 
completed the outfit with sexy, strappy sandals, 
and a python ~ patchwork clutch.
As I prepared to leave the house, my Father was baffled.
" Where's your dress?" he asked.
" This is my dress, I told him......"
Taken with kindness from one of my most favourite books!
Alligators, old mink and New Money.
~By Alison Houtte and Melissa Houtte.

 Lovely blog world....
I've read this book not once but three times..
~ I loved it from start to finish...
It's a old book and has been in my collection for quite some time...
~ Parts of it remind me of Bumble Bee...
( my little place of work)
The peeps that I meet and their stories and tales they have to tell....
And other pages remind me of my past....
 I wore an awful lot of old ~ vintage clothes from my Grandma
in my 'hey day' eighties...
The above extract reminds me very much of now!
~ Mr Rosey Tinted Spec's  often asks
" Just where is the dress"!!!.... ~ as Miss Olivia leaves the house...
~ Clothes can seem very short these days!!


The book tells the story of
One woman's adventures in Vintage Clothing....

And the interesting folks that pass through her shop door!
~ to buy the clothes that capture their memories...

This week has seen me letting go of a little of old ~
~ in order to make room for a little of new....

I have three bags for charities...

I've also had a little spend...
I've been saving my pennies for a rainy day since before 
~ And goodness knows we've had days and days of these....
This week I invested in the above little dress...
~ It's by Noa Noa .
~ and I am over the moon to say..
" It cost me a fraction of the price being in the late January Sales....
I'm a happy bunny, when this happens!

I was also treated this week to this beautiful corsage!
It's very lovely and was made as a gift for me by Lucy, a lovely customer
and indeed friend..
I meet the nicest peeps in my little day job, I really do!

Another peek!
The fabric is Liberty, and ever so pretty!

~ Thank you for kindest words on my last story telling's too...
~ They mean a lot...x
I bet my bottom dollar that you have a story attached to a
special some thing that you wore once upon a time...
~ I know I have a few....
But that's another post!

Take time to dream...
Maria x


  1. Hello darling Maria...I will be looking up that book as soon as I finish my visit here...might be a while I seem to have missed a few posts?
    Thank you for voting for my Mum.....you are the bestest ever
    Daisy J xx

    1. ~ I'm going to vote again for your Mama...
      ~ she's soo inspirational....x

  2. HeHe! I love wearing old, vintage cloths....!
    O'K. I'll be truthful, l'm still wearing it....Love
    it all to bits...I still have cloths from the 60's.
    Think l've said it before...Don't have a washing
    machine, never have, and never will....Ruin of
    cloths, especially older vintage things!
    Though l do understand, it's a necessity,
    now~a~days, with families and children.
    I've always wash by hand, even when it was
    just me and my daughter....She was always
    the best turned out for school.....As l was too,
    best girl in the class!!! :>). oooops! boy!!!

    I must also just say.....More confessions...
    The lady's head and hat....Don't know why..
    I've always had a 'thing' for her....I think, she's
    lovely....HeHe! You don't have the rest of her,
    Maria....You know...The body bit....
    Oh! Well! Never mind.....I can but dream! Do a
    lot of that to! It's good for you! :).

    Nice to see El Pedro lending a helping hand....
    Bless! Don't expect pussy~cats been out much,
    what with all this rain....Hate it!
    Never mind....Soon be Christmas! And, it was only
    yesterday l dismantled my crib....Always a bit upsetting
    Roll on Easter...Better weather...And eggs...Chocolate eggs! :>)

    1. Willie, I have the biggest grin reading all this :)
      El Pedro isn't the least bit interested in frocks and all....this is little Trinny, peaking in the photograph...It's a girl thing! hehe...
      I will pop Pedro on my next post and Willow...ooh and smoky, just for you!

    2. Oh! Yes! Sorry....Of course it is....
      Please apologise to Trinny...
      ALL the lovely puddy~tats.....
      I get a bit confused....I always just
      look at one end! HeHe!
      Bit rude otherwise! :>)

  3. Dear Maria, Alligators, Old Mink and New Money is a wonderful title, and it sounds like a wonderful read. I must look for a copy. Now you come to mention it; I probably do have a tale or two attached to something worn in the past. I will have to give that some thought. I’m sure you are going to enjoy wearing your pretty new dress. Much love xxx

  4. I think you lent me that book Maria, and I loved it ... I'm sure it was that one! Your dress is lovely, you know I love a good bargain ...

    Thanks for popping over to Thriftwood I your jim-jams ... You're always welcome!

    Love Claire xx

  5. The book sounds Amazing! I as well am "second Hand Rose!" Never buy new....but love my neighbourhood vintage shop! To this day, I wear my (late) Mom's clothes! Her taste and classic style have helped me Shine!
    Beautiful brooch! Your new dress reminds of Lauren Bacall! I love the colour and pattern!
    I love visiting! xoDebi

  6. Maria I love your new dress, it is so you!! I think its wonderful to have a good old sort out but 3 bags for the charity shop is one heck of a sort out! The corsage is beautiful too, someone is very clever.XX

  7. Oh wow - this is such a well-timed post for me. I have just read Astor Place Vintage by Stephanie Lehmann (short review over at mine) and this book seems as though it will fill the gap left by finishing it. Thank you so much:)x

  8. Good evening sweet Maria! Now this sounds like an adventurous book and I need to find it! HOW FUN is this premise! And you my dear, how are you? I hope that the floods have not gone over your way?

    Enjoy yet another read of any of your favorites this weekend! Anita

  9. Hi Maria - a copy of Alligators, Old Mink and New Money is winging its way to me as I type. You are more than welcome to my copy of Astor Place Vintage - just send me an address daffodill2011@live.co.uk (don't forget the extra l in daffodil!) Have a lovely weekend x

  10. Hello lovely Maria,

    Oh how I love all your pictures, you have so many wonderful things around your home.

    This book sounds like the perfect read and I will definitely look it up - thank you for sharing :)

    Have a perfect weekend xx

  11. Hello Maria
    What a treat, a Noa Noa dress..we all need a little treat to brighten our days, I love it very special..And all those beads and brooches so pretty
    I bought a little dress today too...
    I have been having a clear out ..I feel much clearer in my mind when I have filled a bag for the Charity shop
    Your book sounds perfect ...Vintage clothes..I used to wear my Granny's velvet shawl as a maxi dress!
    Happy Days my friend Thea xx

  12. That looks an interesting book and your purchased are so lovely. Sarah x

  13. Yes, vintage is nothing new - ha ha!
    I've been wearing lovely old clothes since the 1960s - now it's not just my clothes, I am vintage too, I'm afraid.

  14. Ah Maria I have missed visiting ~ it is always so very wonderful , warm, welcoming here !
    I had been away from the computer for a short spell as the weather broke and I was so happy to be out and about more , but the huge amount of snow returned . Oh but that is fine as I am back back to the marvelous cozy blogs such as yours !
    Say "Hello" to lovely Miss Olivia for me, hope Patrick is doing well in his recovery .
    Now I will hop backwards and see what I have missed here in your magical wonderland !

  15. I have that book too ... I love it! Your recent purchases are lovely, especially that gorgeous dress ... in one of my favourite colours. Keep well my friend. M xx

  16. Hello ! what a great title for a book and "crikey" I thought you were off out in a little sexy slip for a minute there !! hehe ! love your new Noa Noa dress so pretty and your corsage ..even nicer because it was a gift made just for you ! Gail x

  17. Hello there Maria, you had me fooled I thought that you were stepping out in that slip at the beginning of the post. Your book has me intruiged and I will be keeping my eyes open for it. Your new dress looks wonderful. I always manage to fill quite a few bags for the charity shop when we have a clear out but I never understand where all the things come from. I thought I got rid of all the stuff with the last clear out, he he. Hope your are all cosy and warm in Cumbria.
    Ali xx

  18. Dear Maria
    First please let me wish you a Happy New Year (I get round to things eventually!)
    Second: I am with you on the charity bag front (though it does not seem to make a dent this end!) - it is that Spring urge do you think? I know that I am sensing a big clear out of STUFF.
    Third: A lovely dress indeed - working hard deserves a treat
    Best wishes to you and yours

  19. Good morning darling Maria! It is always, always a treat to see your visit on my blog page! I do hope you get a chance to visit Jeri Landers, for her art and tenacity to get things right is an art in itself. Enjoy a lovely day out your way; we are freezing here in our part of the world! Anita