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Friday, 15 March 2013

Wearing Of The Green....

~ For each petal of the Shamrock.
This brings a wish your way~
Good health, , good luck and happiness for today and every day....
Author unknown
(courtesy of Google)
Thank you very much..

I'm posting a little earlier with my St Patrick's day Greetings!
~ and pondering  will YOU be wearing of the green this Sunday?

~Will bring you luck on Sunday and with out it you will be pinched (so tradition says) 
Which incidentally sounds very unpleasant!
Traditional dishes to try on this day will be Corn beef ash made with bacon.
Cabbage stew and sweet Irish soda bread...
Ooh may give those a miss!

~ We have a family get together as my sister Donna's birthday is on the day it's self!
We have always called her a Paddy born baby...

~ I always look for a Lucky shamrock as part of my gift .
Its part of our traditional...
~ On Sunday we will be drinking Baileys and pints of Guinness for the men folks..
~And settling down in our local for tales of Leprechauns and magic!
~And like the Irish who have the 'gift of the gab'......there will be lots of celebrating!!~ 

 Lucky shamrocks!
~ My gift...One for Donna and one for me...
"As sure as there are Leprechauns to make a wish come true....Tis nothing but the happiest of days I'm wishing YOU".....

With a tiny Easter bunny... hopping in for the photograph!

~' May the blessings of, St Patrick be with you'.......

Although I looked high and low to find a Leprechaun!....to no avail...
I did stumble on a  jolly, PIXIE...
Who ever so kindly came home with me and very politely said he would join us all for the celebrations on Saturday AND Sunday!!

(courtesy of Google)
Thank you very much...

~What ever you do this coming weekend...
Whether it be to hang a pretty garland or wear a piece of lucky shamrock
Have a jolly time!
Thank you ever so much for taking time to visit me...YOUR lovely words make my day!
With the kindest thoughts..
~And tootle pip!
Maria x


  1. St Patrick Day.....Yes! Love it...
    Had three cards already this week, and l've sent five...And, l do have to put my hand up, and confess, as l'm a catholic, and we have a new Pope..Whey-Hey! That of all the nations in the UK. The Irish, l find, are the best. Take to long to explain, but, never met a bad one...I've know quite a few, and drank the 'Amber Nectar' with 'ALL' of them...Hic!

    AND...Maria, you must a least try the Cabbage Stew and Soda Bread....It's great, put hairs on yer chest (As my Dad used to say). :).
    It's lovely....
    And, if your trying to find a Leprechaun, no good looking high for one....As there only tiny people...! :>).

    Have a great weekend Maria...Not to many Baileys now....! And, no! I won't be wearing of the green...Like blue...Never wear it...!
    So! To one and all...........
    La' Sona St Padriag....x

    1. ~ Good Morning Willie ! Ahh My Dad used to say that too! now Patrick says it, but to Olivia!
      I like soda bread actually, but I don't know about the cabbage stew..hehe...YOU looked for the Leprechaun too! I bet...My lovely friend swears she saw one hiding in her back garden, but I hasten to add she has an imagination akin to mine! soo who knows!!Ooh and the very best to you Willie!

  2. "Well top O' of the morning to you Maria" said in my best Irish accent..Is that a Maileg Pixie I spy!! Happy Birthday to your sister too..

    Fin has Irish descendants he has the blue eyes and dark hair..and likes a Guinness!!
    We are seeing my eldest son at the weekend who's partner is a lovely wee Irish girl, so I am sure we will have a toast or two...Sláinte!

    Iam off to kiss the blaney stone..It sounds a better idea than the stew!! Happy weekend
    Thea x

    1. ~Hi Thea....I can imagine Fins Irish gypsy looks! Enjoy your lovely weekend with family, my friend... sounds like you could be toasting with a baileys of two! Enjoy!

  3. Have a fabulous time! Love the music playing and as always loving your posts! Karen x

    1. ~ Hello Karen...Thank you for popping in and leaving the kindest of words...Ooh just had to add Audrey and Frank and Nat to my music! It just had to be done!!

  4. You make me smile, can only be a good thing :) Green is my favourite colour. Happy Paddy day, have a wonderful time with your sister :) xx

    1. ~Tis mine too, Cheryl with pink....thank you! Will do and I wish you a happy weekend....x with more smiles :)

  5. It sounds as if you will all be having a great St Patrick's Day on Sunday. I will make some soda bread and wear something green. When we visited Ireland in 2000 the children spent the whole week searching for leprechauns in the garden! Ireland is such a magical place to be.
    I love your music it includes some of my parents favourites.
    Sarah x


    1. ~ And mine, Sarah....Thanks for kind visits.

  6. We dont usually do much for St Patricks day but should do really as both of us have Irish great grandparents. My youngest granddaughter O's mum and all of her family are Irish so they usually go to the St Patricks day parade in Leeds. My grandaughter had her shamrock socks on today though!!
    I have got to say I do believe in the 'little folk'.

  7. I will most definitely be wearing green this Sunday! Have a lovely weekend! :) x

  8. Me gusta la musica! espero que pases buen día de San Patricio.Saludos

  9. Oh tootle pip was my Nana's little saying when she said goodbye to us as children. Oh that does bring back happy memories. Have a wonderful get together on Sunday. Love the picture postcards on your post they are so sweet.

    Hope you are well Maria, haven't seen you for a chat and a putting the world to rights for ages!!

    Take care honey bun

    Love Portia xxx

  10. Thank you for the reminder Maria - on Sunday I'll be sure to dance a jig and raise a glass to my great grandfather Pierse Roche of Waterford!

  11. Have the loveliest of leprechaun days Maria ~ and a pot of gold blog post here , as always !

  12. I think I might have forgotten all about it if I hadn't seen your post. Oops! And I think I may even search out a little bit of green to wear .. I'm not fond of being pinched!
    Enjoy your weekend Maria, happy Birthday to your sister and just you savour every one of those Baileys!

  13. Aww, Happy Birthday to Donna, Maria! (I was supposed to be a St Patrick's Day baby myself, but surprised everyone on St David's Day instead).

    Have a a lovely weekend, and not too many Bailey's!

    Love Claire xxx

  14. Many blessings to you most precious Maria! HELLO THERE! Thank you so much for coming to visit me yesterday. May grace be your garment at all times and the crown of forgiveness your most precious accessory! Much love, Anita

  15. Sounds like you will be having a great day ! it's my brothers birthday also and dare I say it ..he is called Patrick hehe ....enjoy the Baileys...Gail x

  16. Happy St Patrick's day to you dear. Today I am wearing a little(vintage of course) brooch that is hand embroidered with an Irish harp and tiny shamrocks. Dom (Dominic to be precise)made delicious soda bread and soup for lunch and we will be pure chance be having steamed (not stewed) cabbage later - we all love cabbage! Dom is Irish so we always have lots of Irish music and stuff in our house. Bronte's middle name is Erin, so no escaping for her! Maille's middle name is Onora - poor souls I am sure they will grow up thanking us for such names! As I do every year I got out my vintage (of course) embroidered Shamrock tablecloth for tea later!
    Best wishes dear and thank you always for calling in
    Best wishes

  17. Oh wow what a super tribute to St Patricks day, I loved reading that, I love anything to do with Ireland especially the folk tales and history.
    Have a super week
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  18. Maria, as soon as I noticed your blog's name I had to follow (sadly late but favourite SIL's view of everything in the world despite battling cancer for near 30 years!).
    It sounds as if you live in a dream house with your loved ones, and know how blessed you truly are!
    Sending a warm hello from the Pacific NW coast, our home for the last 10 years!
    Blessings to you and yours,

  19. Hello Maria, I'm very erratic in blogging this week as I have house guests, and I missed this post for St. Paddy's Day. My great grandmother was Irish, so I claim some right to the day as well. Happy Birthday to your sister ... very nice idea to exchange the shamrocks. Mom had a small planting of shamrocks (pink!) along one wall inside her greenhouse for years. I keep one in my kitchen all year round to remind me ;) I hope you've got your steady legs again after all the celebrating (and rightly so!). Have a great week Maria ... keep spreading your twinkles, hugs & smiles :) Wendy