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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Little April Showers.....

April, The Angel Of Months....

"Always laugh loudly....
It's cheap medicine"...
~ Lord Byron.

Happy old fools day!
Every one knows there's no fool like an old fool, but today foolery is as hard to avoid as a hang over on 1st January, as April starts with all fools Day....
Look left, right, up and down ~ and proceed with caution today....
There could be a trickster around the very next corner...

No one will open up to when and where this folly originated, but reports go as far back to 1582 and  originating from France.
It all came about regarding our Georgian calendar shift.
Those  behind the times, so to speak and still living to the old calendar  date...
were labelled an April fool.
Tis a light hearted day for us now associated with high spirits and merriment...
Ooh....only nice pranks and light hearted folly, thank you very kindly today!
This week I celebrate my birthday....
~ And my Wedding anniversary too!
I love the month of April.

~ Always lovely to eat lots of cake and to blow out a few candles and make 
WISHES ******
Even if YOU are another year older.....and another year sillier hehe!

(My lovely beret!)

~ In my little place of work, last week...
I happened to enquire about a very pretty beret, a lady was wearing!
she happily told me she had knitted it up over the weekend....
Clever peeps visit all the time.

She looked the Bees Knees....
Always amazed by the kindness of people...
I now have a beret too, knitted for me by my new lovely friend!
Thank You, Jill!
I think you read my blog.
You are ever so kind....

I LOVE IT SO MUCH!~ And because it is so~ so chilly.

 My ears are all cosy and warm now.....


~ The sun shined brightly over the Easter weekend.....
I do hope it shined on your weekend too!
Although we still have the cold easterly winds.....
I finally got to walk out to visit those baby Lamb~ies...
Patrick smiled as I sat on a fence and nearly fell off!......in order to get a peek at this wee one!
Bless them.

~ Do what makes your heart smile today and enjoy the rest of the Easter break....
But remember don't be too foolish!
I will close for now, but because it is now April....and we may just get a few of these......
( You may have to turn my music box off at the top left corner in order to hear....April Showers!)
~ Taken from my favourite Disney movie....


" Happy April fools day to you all!.....
Have fun, if you are rolling those Easter eggs too!
Thank you for kind visits always....
They make my Day...
With 'twinkles' ****** and Chocolate hugs!
Maria x


  1. Hello sweet Marie! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your birthday and anniversary this week! Yay! The beret is gorgeous and the lambs are so sweet! I enjoyed your lovely photos sweetie! Thank you for your visit and kind words! I wish you twinkles and send you chocolate hugs in return! Happy Easter! Lots of love, Paula xo

  2. Lots of fun and laughter, maybe a few little tricks here and there.
    Here's wishing you a happy 1st of April Maria.
    Love the Bambi video.. i remember when i took my children to see it.. i loved it too.
    Enjoy the rest of your lovely chocs and goodies.
    Here we certainly do have April showers... I can't wait until they bring the flowers, that bloom in may.
    It might even rain forgetmenots.....
    with love and big hugs
    val x x x x

  3. Maria,dear friend.
    I am blowing you big big kisses for your birthday and wedding anniversary for this week.
    May you have a wonderful time.. with lots of pressies..

  4. Dear little Bambi. Happy Easter Maria and a Happy Birthday AND Anniversary .. you will have had more than your fill of cake soon I'm sure. Here's hoping there's lots of sunshine on the way to help you celebrate.
    x Kate x

  5. Well Maria, I certainly hope you didn't get married on April Fool's Day!! That would just be too much ;) Have a VERY Happy Birthday and a VERY Happy Anniversary ... lots of opportunity to be spoiled this week! So much celebrating all within a couple of weeks, how can you stand it?! Cute Bambi clip ... I love all the little critters running to get in out of the rain, makes you feel all cozy. Your beret looks very retro, and I love the brooch adding to the charm. Thank you for your kind words and chocolate hugs ... here's hoping for more sunshiny days ahead of us all :) Wendy


    My birthday is April 23, and I understand that it is also Shakespeare's birthday as well! AND I had my 31st wedding anniversary on March 6th and you are enjoy YOUR celebration this week too? Well, I wish you double blessings and joy! Oh look at the little lamb; how I love these creatures. I hope you had a special Easter. We did; we went to the lake and took a beautiful walk and watched the sunrise. It was a perfect day because right after we got home, the wind kicked up and it became colder. But the morning, the time of promise, we were able to enjoy hearing the birds sing praise with us.

    Enjoy your Monday! Anita

  7. Oh Maria a charmed life you lead, sweet, lovely and charming. You have such a lovely way of putting things. Oh and Bambi ...one of my very favorites , adored that little clip. That little clip took me back to when we went to a beautiful old theatre in London when I was litter and we saw Fantasia, it was a wonderful memory ! Yes we lived in England for a wee while (three lovely years ) when I was a child, my father was in the Armed Forces.
    Best as always,

    1. Ooh I remember Fantasia too! A charmed life sounds charming, Willow....Not sure about that....Must be that I wear my rosey tinted spectacles from morning to night time...Works a treat you know...hehe!

    2. When I was "little" Maria Oh glad you saw Fantasia too!
      Were you wondering what "litter" meant.
      Hee hee oh I must watch what I write!

  8. Ah! Bambi...Don't know about anyone else, But, there's
    always a part in a Walt Disney film, that l leave the
    room for...Oh! dear! What a state to get into!
    My daughter picked me up once, with the film...'The
    Incredible Journey'. The original..1963?
    Never watched the end, only the once, in the cinema,
    when it first came out! The lights came up, right at
    the very end, NOT, a dry eye in the house....! :(.

    And...Yep! What a day yesterday...First day this year,
    was able to put the Sicilian flag up...Lovely...Lovely
    sunny day, down here in tropical Dorset...! So! the
    Italian embassy is officially open!!!! :).

    And...A very, very happy birthday and anniversary, this
    week Maria....Have a Lovely...Lovely week, enjoying them
    both....Lot's of vino calapso...! HeHe!

    Well, must get on...Popping over to Wimborne later, got that
    Barby to do. Think there's thirty people showing up...Looking
    forward to it, never done one this early before. Still, l've
    got plenty of 'road kill' to shirt....HeHe!

    And, getting a year older, and sillier....That absolutely right.
    Look at me....Daft as a brush....!

    Lovely...Everyone take care...No jokes after midday..Does'nt
    count...Oh! By the way...."Bees don't have knees".

    1. ~ Have fun today, dear Willieee...
      Ooh remember the scene from, The lion king....Always reminds me of watching with Dean....and me trying to make it all right..... all the way home that Simba's Daddy was really ok and watching from heaven above! Bless....x

    2. Oh! My goodness...Yes!
      Wish l had shares in Kleenex! HeHe! :).

      And, Bambi is on Sky Disney, at 3:25 this
      afternoon....! But, l'll be Barby-que-ing!
      So! We'll ALL have a fun day....Hurrah!x

      "I love Micky Mouse more than any woman l've
      (Walt Disney).

  9. Birthday and anniversary celebrations, great month for you! Thanks for reminding me about today, my other half is a monkey with this sort of thing, I'll be on red alert! :) x

  10. Hello Maria, a lovely week of celebrations ahead for you! Love the beret, how kind of Jill that was. Enjoy the rest of the Easter holiday (I'm still battling the lurgy) and I'll be in touch about our get together next week.

    Love Claire xxx

    1. ~ Take care Mrs Thriftwood....and yes can't wait!

  11. Dear Maria, Wishing you a very April and good wishes for your celebrations this week. What a lovely beret, I'm glad you didn't manage to fall off the fence to capture that lovely photo of the lamb!
    Sarah x

  12. Dear Maria,I love the lamb picture,its so cute. lots for You to look forward to this coming April,looking forward to hearing your celebrations :o)
    Thankyou for visiting Me and for Your kind words. Always thoughtful, XxXxXx

  13. Dear Maria - Hope you have a brilliant Birthday and Anniversary.

  14. Espero que tengas una semana muy feliz con tantas celebraciones!
    Feliz Cumpleaños Maria.

  15. Oh my goodness, my mum had the picture of the little girl in the corner with the doggy. I’ve not seen it for years and years, thank you so much for sharing. Happy (soon to be) birthday and anniversary, I hope you get lots of lovely things. Your new beret is gorgeous, what a lovely friend. Every visit to your blog makes my heart sing – thank you.

  16. Your blog is full of sweetness and loveliness.I also enjoy so much this wonderful music! Maria, I wish you the happiest anniversaries and glorious days foe ever!
    Thank you for your kind words and visits on my blog. Hugs

  17. I been looking through your posts and what a lovely blog you have. I'm looking forward to reading more from you soon.

  18. I was so busy battling my way through freezing winds on Lincolnshire Showground yesterday (buying antiques if you wondered) that I completely forgot it was April 1st. What a fool I am!

  19. Happy birthday and Happy wedding anniversary Maria!

    Madelief x

  20. Hello Maria, Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary. Hope both days were wonderful. April is a special month for us as it's our daughters birthday. She will be 21 next week. I don't know where that's gone I can still remember bringing her home from the hospital. Lucky you a gorgeous beret, I really like the colour. I was glad to see you got to see the lambs, I hope you were wrapped up warm. I really have had enough of the chilly weather. Take care.
    Ali x

  21. Good morning sweet Maria!

    YES my friend, I do believe that GIF photo of Leonardo is from the Titanic, such a beautiful movie, sad story, but the costumes of that era, so striking! Thank you so much for always coming to visit and I do hope that you are enjoying a lovely spring? We are still gray and rainy, but that is OK because soon we will catch up to everyone! LOVE TO YOU ! Anita