Elegant Rose

Monday, 4 March 2013

~ A Moment With Audrey...

March arrives, the last hurrah of winter and the first whisper of spring. Slowly our spirits reawaken, along with the natural world,  from a long winter's slumber.....
~ Simple abundance.

~ Hurrah hooray! Then let spring begin..
I have such a fondness for this enchanting advertisement that's gracing our screens at the moment!
I wonder have you seen Audrey singing so beautiful 'Moon River'?....
~ It made my heart skip so....

'Tis a little strange but true, I was thinking of adding this song version to my music box only recently.
The song is taken from the movie, 'Breakfast At Tiffany's', starring the handsome George Peppard.....
Isn't it delightful!
Ooh I wish all adverts could be like this...

~ I have a weakness for Galaxy too!

I had an Audrey moment with this little vintage frock..
~ So, dusting off the cobwebs of winter , it came out of the closet to play once more, this week...
Well it has been so'spring like'!

(Vintage floral dress ebay find £10)

~ My words, precisely!

~ Sipping my morning cuppa from the prettiest china teacup...... I pondered on my horoscope for this week....
It read...
"Be careful of seeing things from the past through Rose Tinted spectacles".....
Tee Hee, this made me smile..
Is there any over way to see things!

Daisy Mae,came to live with me recently.
(My mother's day gift)

She's a dash of 'springtime' , all right!
In her vintage petty coat, with the prettiest daises ever...
~ she also wears the cutest pantaloons in a pretty lilac shade.
In her tiny ears are the sweetest pearl earrings....
She seems to have made her self right at home, here.

She was created  by the lovely Helen Mckenna...
A local lady.
(Helen has a website)
www.helenmckenna sews.co.uk.
She's a vintage girl, through and through!

Pedro and Trinny catching a few rays of sunshine.....
"Ooh don't be fooled by US...We are like an old married couple."
We play together, lay together, then fall out and make up and do it all again....
'Such is life'.

(Notice also our handy work on the wall paper here! )

~ I will close for now, but I wonder what has filled your hearts with glee this last week?
The snow drops, the crocus', the beautiful bird song, all spring times promise's of her beauty to follow.....
Take time to dream.
I am off to buy that galaxy!
Love Maria x


  1. Your vintage dress is absolutely gorgeous - I'm a fan of Audrey Hepburn too. Roman Holiday is my favourite!

    1. It is my favourite too! ~ Thanks for popping by!

  2. Ah! Audrey Hepburn....What a lovely..Lovely lady....She always looked so bright, and clean.
    HeHe! Perhaps she washed a lot...! :).
    My most favourite film of hers was, the little known 'Footsteps in the Fog' with Stewart Granger.
    1955, l think...! Brilliant film....!

    ooooO! Horoscopes...! I do look at mine from time to time...Being a typical Virgo...
    Perfectionist, Practical, Diligent, Reliable, Critical, Analytical, Modest, and, Intelligent...mmmmM! Not sure about the last one...! :>).

    And, Ah! Pedro and Trinny....! Ah!
    Tisses all round....Lovely...Lovely....!x

    Well, it's 8:20. Must get on and spruce myself up.....Don the dicky and waistcoat....And, go, upset a few people.....(Lardy cake day to-day). HeHe! Love It...!

    "Some people laugh at me because l'm different...I laugh at them, because there all the same..".
    (John Davis). Edited by me....!

  3. Ooh Willie, Stewart Granger, I was brought up with him! Well not really but he was my Mums most favourite actor.....He was our Sunday afternoons viewing very often...along with Errol flynn. A VIRGO....My Olivia is one of those! Articulate, writes lists to no ends and quite a neat freak! All good things..hehe...YEY for Audrey! such an icon....I do hope the Sun is shinning on your Monday, Willie! ~Leaving You smiling :) Maria x

    1. Aaaaaaaaaaaarh! Oh! Dear!
      There's me going on about 'typical Virgo'....
      I was out and about earlier...Thinking about
      things...(As you do).
      One word l don't have in my vocabulary is 'mistake'.
      And...Silly Willie has made one.....So! So! Sorry...! :).
      It was Jean Simmonds in 'Footsteps in the Fog'. NOT...
      Audrey Hepburn...
      So! I've shot home to put things right....NOW! That is a
      typical Virgo.....HeHe! Lardy Cake anyone.....! Ciao..Ciao...

    2. Oh My, YOU are a typical Virgo, Willie! I wouldn't have been none the wiser....Jean Simmons is a beautiful lady also! And was mentioned in my last post of The Thorn Birds...Now enjoy that lardy cake..Ciao...Ciao...Bye for now!

  4. Ooh Audrey is just the epitome of style and glamour ... a true vintage classic! Galaxy's nice too ...

    Love the dress and the dolly, ooh and everything else! Get your rosy specs on, Maria, there'll be a lot of reminiscing going on tomorrow!

    Love Claire xxx

  5. ~ Hehe Can't wait Mrs Thriftwood!

  6. I could watch her all day, my eldest daughter has the look of Audrey Hepburn, unfortunately she doesn't look like me!!! :) x

  7. I gave that shopping card to my cousin....hilarious....and I too love the ad, the model is gorgeous!!

  8. Good morning Maria!

    It is always a pleasure to come to visit you dear one! I love Audrey Hepburn, and her young AND "mature" style will always be what I chose for my wardrobe and fashion sensibilities! That commercial is darling and my favorite good-feel movies are always with her.

    Good to see you this lovely but chilly March morning! Anita

  9. I love that advert too! Your new doll is beautiful. She fits in perfectly! I have been smiling alot lately and feeling grateful just to be healthy with a wonderful family. Karen x

  10. I will be back precious Maria; you are just a sweet delight to me! HAPPY DAY! Anita

  11. I just love Audrey ... shame a few more young girls couldn't aspire to have her grace and elegance ...
    Your dress is a beauty and your new doll is so you!
    Have a lovely week ... sun's shining ... YAY!
    M xx

    1. Hi Marina, she actually is a little like me...Well her crazy hair! oops not the colour, but the curls...xxx

  12. Sweet Maria,
    This is such a lovely post. I love your little new doll.. I can see she feels very much at home on her new chair.
    I loved Audrey Hepburn. We call my daughter in Law Audrey Hepburn.. she has alikeness to her.
    Then when my eldest son's daughter was born.. they called her Audrey Marie. After Audrey Hepburn.
    She was so elegant and graceful. A great film, breakfast at Tiffany's.
    It seems that winter has not left us yet Maria.. our weather is very bad.
    I am hoping it will lift soon and I can start work on the garden.
    happy week

  13. She was so pretty and sweet, I love Audrey Hepburn... yes and Galaxy too! Your dress is so pretty, and I'm starting to feel Spring creeping in :) xx

  14. Such a pretty post! I love Audrey and your vintage frock and Galaxy!
    What has filled my heart with glee? The sun is shining; the snowdrops and primroses are flowering, and it’s NOT raining! Happy Spring!

  15. Daisy Mae!
    What a truly scumptious name.
    I adore your cats so innocent sitting by their wallpaper handiwork!!
    bestest to you...off to search ebay for a dress like yours wish me luck!
    daisy j

  16. The vintage frock is so gorgeous - absolute bargain ... like that advert too but after reading your post this morning I have been singing the song aaaalll day - cannot get it out of my head!

  17. I need to get out more!! I've watch the 'Audrey' clip 3 times!!! Moon River I've got it on my iPod - love it. As for Daisy Mae love her too!!

    Thanks again for another sweet post. Looking forward to seeing you in the vintage dress -it is just you.

    Love Portia xxx

  18. Hello Maria
    Oooh spring is in the air!! I love love your new dress you must be so pleased, and your new little doll is very special..
    and as for Audrey, I used to have a poster of her on my bedroom wall..right next to Marc Bolan, how weird am I?
    I have been so busy this last past week Maria I do not know whether I am coming or going!! hope to put a post on later in the week
    Spring Wishes
    Thea x

    1. ~ Hello, lovely Thea. Missing your posts, very much!
      Ooh I had John Travolta on mine.. Now that's WEIRD!

  19. Ooph galaxy, now you are talking! I just love your posts Maria, they are always filled with loveliness. I love your mothers day gift and your pussies are so cute.Saw what you meant about the wallpaper, my old cat used to love digging her claws into that sort of paper. Marmalade's trick is to scratch the carpets pulling the wool until it looks really raggy!! Ah, the joys of owning our feline friends!!

    1. Hi Anne, I have one also that does the trick with the carpet to see how much she can pull out!..... I am a thinking of packing them up all sweet and pretty and sending them off to my dear friend Willie!

    2. Now there's a paws for thought...HeHe!
      Make sure it's first class postage then.....
      And, yes, all sweet and pretty....Pink box..
      Pink paper...And, Pink ribbon....Pussy-Cats..
      Are always welcome....! :>).

  20. You have got a definite style about you Maria ... the dress is so pretty, light and airy ... I bet it does that lovely fluttery thing that dresses do when you wear it on a balmy spring day! And your dressing room with that huge mirror and enormous wardrobe, just casts this image of you and all your vintage charm :) What a charming old fashioned gal is Daisy Mae ... all flowers and sweetness! Love the advertisement with Audrey ... that dress she's wearing is something I would love to wear ;) Have a great week Maria ... and this post makes me smile today. Wendy

  21. You added Glee to my day reading your post. I love that advert too! Your dress is lovely you were brave wearing it yesterday it felt cold down here yesterday!
    Sarah x

  22. Brrr - it's still cold in Yorkshire. No flowery prints have made it out of my wardrobe yet!

  23. Hi Maria,I'm loving that advert too :o) I think there is only one way to see things,love that horoscope. your dress is ever so lovely,its been a gorgeous day here,hope its been the same there too.love Your mothers day gift,such a sweetie.take care love juliexxx

  24. The children and I also love that advert (is that a bit sad!) - I think it is also the colours that they have used as well as the nostalgia of it all. Clever stuff - though I have stuck with my daily Milky Way!
    Your horoscope is telling you something!
    Best wishes

    1. I know... I know...BUT I wonder What!! Thanks for popping in Jenny!

  25. Lovely Audrey Hepburn ...oh how I enjoyed that little clip ... everybit of it, and oh How I adore your view from rose tinted spectacles ! Lovely refreshing post as always. Xoxo Willow

  26. I just love Audrey Hepburn ! and galaxy...and your kitty cats..sat looking sweet and innocent !! and your mothers day prezzie is gorgeous ! take time to dream...indeed ! Gail x

  27. I love Audrey Hepburn, galaxy chocolate, adore my cats that I spoil another make me happy is Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, vintage dresses and a full 10 hours sleep xxx

  28. Hello sweet Maria, Your posts are always so delightful and cheerful! Audrey Hepburn is stunning! She was so graceful, elegant, feminine and gorgeous! I loved the advert you shared! It certainly makes you want to eat Galaxy chocolate! :) I loved reading all your wonderful words and seeing your beautiful photos! I love your vintage frock! What a great price sweetie! I am so glad you have enjoyed spring weather and have been able to wear it! Your tea set is so pretty and I love Daisy Mae! What a wonderful gift!!!! She is a treasure! Your kitty's are darling! Enjoy your galaxy and all the delights of spring! Much love, Paula xo

  29. Your mother's day gift is delightful. Our mother's day is not until May. That clip with Audrey Hepburn was interesting. I was always one of her fans.