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Monday, 25 February 2013

The Thorn Birds.....

~ There's a story.....a legend, about a bird that sings just once in its life....from the moment it leaves the nest, it searches for a thorn tree....and never rests until it has found the perfect tree......It then sings more sweeter than any other bird on the earth. On singing it impales itself on the longest sharpest thorn until death....The Thorn bird pays with it's life for just one song, but the whole world stills to listen..... - Taken from the Thorn Birds....

I wonder do you recall this mini series filmed in the early eighties? 
The Thorn Birds.
~ It's the story of a priest torn between his calling of the church and the lure of the purest kind, a beautiful young ranchers daughter named Meggie.
I loved every thing about this series and the story set in the Australian out back...set between 1920 - 1962.

I remember I fell for Father Ralph de Briccasart too...
This scene is my  most favourite, when Ralph  realises, his love for Meggie, is different to any he has ever felt before.......

~ The beautiful music takes me back...
I remember we were glued to our screens ! ~ Well the girls in the house any way!

The cast was pretty splendid too, with Richard Chamberlain and Jean Simmons and Barbara Stan wick ( Both ladies being my dear Dads favourite actress's)
Today I treated my self to the whole series on DVD...
Ooh and the book by Colleen Mccullough.
I know I will cry and have to watch by myself! hehe...
But I am an old romantic at heart....

~ Spring has most certainly sprung here!
I am keeping my fingers AND toes crossed  that we are past the worst!
Today is bright and chilly, but so spring like.
Even my kittie cats seem to have come out of hibernation....
~ and at least venture out for a short while now....

~ I have been puttering and a pottering ( I do this better than any thing.....)
And put together this basket of vintage crockery, beautiful  African Violets....Herbal teas and a few pretty cloths...A gift for a dear friend who has just found her Wings......And learnt how to fly again.....! After leaving a bad relationship!

"Believe in your self and all that you are!"
Words that speak to YOU, if you only listen......

~ I have been having a browse through this lovely cook book....

~ Gwyneth Paltrow's cookery  book is lovely with lots of ideas on vegetarian meals and simple family lunches using lots of herbs and various cheeses, olives and of course my favourite sun blushed tomatoes....
I always prefer cook books that are less about cooking and more about lifestyle.....
Gwyneth tells a story while she prepares food lovingly.... and I guess I like this more than the actual recipes!
It is priced at £2.99 in WHSmith at the moment, so really reasonable too!

It has been Patrick's birthday this last week so we have been eating lots of cake and making merry!!
Cats and all...
~ Happy Monday to YOU all! 
"I am off to make some 'Hay While The Sun is Shining."
Leaving You with 'Twinkles' ******
Love Maria x
Oops Thanks for being just the nicest peeps on here! ~ And I do hope you remembered 'The Thorn Birds too!
Or were you watching 'Fame' around this time? Oh I loved that too!
~ another post, me thinks!


  1. I remember The Thorn Birds series well Maria, but much preferred the book by Coleen McCullough, both were very popular in the 80's and caused quite an uproar!

    Happy Belated birthday to Pat, and I love your little basket, what a thoughtful present ...

    Hope we will be getting together soon, it's been too long!

    Love Claire xxx

  2. My Mum loved the Thorn Birds when it was on!

    Pottering is one of my favourite pastimes I must admit. I am hoping that Spring is coming very soon, its very dull and grey and cold here at the moment.


  3. Well....Here we are...Monday...Monday...
    Lemon tea and lardy cake.....HeHe! Just to get me in the mood...! :).

    Thorn Birds...Yes! Terrific series, me and my young daughter, (Then) never missed an episode.
    I've watch it on and off, recently on Sky....Though l did feel a bit...Cheated....When Richard Chamberlain true identity was revealed...But...That's life..As they say....!
    And, always think of mia Mama....She wanted me to be a priest....God! Can you imagine...oooops! Sorry! HeHe!
    Mind you...I could be Pope by now...Now! That l could handle....ALL, those cloths....Wow! Yeah! Bring it on...."And the lord said unto Moses.......". :>).

    The basket of vintage crockery, Maria looks splendid....Lovely pressie to receive...Such kindness...!

    Well, l must get on....Don't make those bails of hay to big Maria...You'll never lift them...! You'll be clutching at straws....!

    "When ever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light".
    (Vera Nazian).

    1. ~ I knew you would remember this drama, Willie...I know what you mean about a little cheated...I suppose it was the same when Rock Hudson also came to light!! My Mums favourite...Ooh after Richard Gear!! YOU make me smile with your lemon tea and piece of cake!! with kind thoughts...Maria x

  4. Oh yes, I remember watching the Thorn Birds! I loved it.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. I loved the Thornbirds too - I watched it with my Mum.
    A beautiful gift basket - you are such a thoughtful friend.
    Best wishes, Pj x

  6. Oh that quote....it reminds me of Oscar Wilde's "The Nightengale and the Rose." That always makes me weep as I think of unconditional love. Oh Maria, you are so gentle.

    I have not seen, NEVER seen this series! We are avid movie watchers with just barely learning about DOWNTON ABBEY. We bought the DVD then caught up with all the episodes! Beautiful story telling comes from your homeland my friend. That darling bunny at the end of your posts puts me in just the right mood to get myself started this day. Love and peace to you, Anita

    1. Hello, lovely Anita!..This series is quite vintage, but so beautiful to loose your self in....I think this is what I do often...I hope you are well and recharged from your wonderful adventures...Can't wait to hear all about them!!

  7. Oh, I remember the Thorn Birds so well ... my mum had a big crush on Richard Chamberlain! I also have the quote written in one of my notebooks.
    What a lovely gift for your friend - so thoughtful and pretty. I shall look out for the Gwyneth book - looks like the sort I love.
    M xx

    1. ~My mum had that crush also, Marina....I think she remembered Richard Chamberlain from his Dr Kildare days!!Thanks for kind visits...

  8. I remember the Thorn birds too and they have been repeated on Sky tv in the last year or so. I had the book too, it may still be tucked away somewhere and it was a wonderful read. Such a lovely series and I was so sad when it ended.

    1. ~ I was sad too,Anne! But really enjoyed watching again on sky recently!
      Thanks for kind visits always...

  9. Yes yes yes, Maria ..I do remember the Thorn birds, I was Meggie (in my dreams) such a wonderful drama I adored everything about it, thank you for reminding me..
    Your basket of kindness is so lovely and thoughtful, such a sweet lady you are..I hope your friend continues to fly to a happier place..
    Birthday wishes for Patrick sounds like he had a purr-fect birthday
    Glad you are seeing Dean soon I bet you cannot wait..my son has gone back to London today, he is a lot better, but I am missing him already.
    Spring hugs
    Thea x

    1. ~ I was Meggie too, Thea! I really loved this series...Aww I am pleased your son is well again..Thank you for always popping in with the kindest comments ....

  10. I'd forgotten all about the Thorn Birds. Must be the fact I'm reading a book on mindfulness and living in the moment :) I read the book and watched the series, they were both wonderful. I also watched Fame and had the leg warmers to prove it. The cookbook sounds lovely. I think I may have to take a trip to WH Smiths. There's room on my shelf for another cookbook. What a lovely friend you are the basket looks absolutely beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog. You lucky thing having sunshine yesterday, we didn't have any. In fact it was a very grey day. Hope your week is filled with more sunshine.
    Ali x

  11. I've heard of "The Thorn Birds," but I never watched the series. It sounds fascinating. Now, you're going to go crazy because you have the series on DVD. I think you'll be watching these everyday now, non-stop, tee hee! :)

    Your vintage crockery looks lovely. I certainly wouldn't mind receiving a splendid gift like that one. It's too bad that flowers can't last forever though.

    Enjoy your cake! :)


  12. Sweet Maria,
    How you have kindled memories of 'The Thorn Birds'- My mother bought the book in the 60's, while reading it, she used to say to me ' you would love this book'..- some time later, I decided to read it. I couldn't put it down. Especially knowing to, that we had just left Australia. I had lived there for nearly 5 years.
    The series was fantastic. It came out later.
    What a lovely thought to make a little vintage basket for your friend. Its during hard times, we know who our friends are..
    Cooking for me, has always been about lifestyle; seasonal too. When my sister was younger, she would have theme lunches or dinners.. Our mother used to do it... lots of fun.
    Enjoy the DVD's.. will be thinking of you.
    much love... val x x x x

  13. Morning Maria
    Sorry it has been so long since my last comment. Oh the Thorn Birds.... I can feel the excitement! This was the first book in my life that I could not put down. I carried it around with me everywhere. This has always been and always will be the book that introduced me to the joy of reading. I have watch the film many times over the years. True love and the sacrifices to be made ..........

    Love the basket for your friend. How thoughtful and kind I am sure it will brighten her day. A little bird tells me you are going to the vintage fair at Bardsea on Sunday - I'll introduce myself.

    Love the final picture on your post. It is just like you - lovely. Always thought that when we chat in the shop!!!!!

    See you Sunday

    love Portia x

    1. Awww I love the mystery surrounding YOU, dear Portia!! But I think I may have guessed who you are...Or maybe I am wrong!~ Thank you for kind words, they make my day! x ~ Can't wait for your blog too!

    2. ......... You have a red AGA fridge and I have a cream AGA cooker ..... Oh the suspense

      Love Portia xxx

  14. Oh gosh - The Thorn Birds, I remember! Richard Chamberlin, sigh. Lovely imnages you have shown here too. The cat in the hat, ha ha! Minerva ~

  15. Yes, I remember it well, we never missed an episode my mum, sister and I! Hope you are well Sweetheart! :) x

  16. That sounds like my kind of cookery book Maria (although I can't believe Gwyneth actually eats anything with more calories than snowflakes!)I'm off to look in W.H.Smiths tomorrow!

  17. Hi Maria, what a lovely post! I remember the Thorn birds and also loved 'Fame'. I remember watching it at the cinema in my leg warmers and rahrah skirt, thinking I was soooooooo cool! Love that you put a hat on kittie too, that made me chuckle. Hugs Karen x

  18. I remember Thorn Birds too ... but the book. I remember watching only the first episode of the series, and after that I think my dad declared it "rubbish" and that was that (he was a TV controller). Watched Fame in the cinema with my (now) husband. Stop this Maria ... you're making us age ourselves!!

    Your friend should love the basket of delights you've put together for her, and I hope she's feeling strong and free from all that was unhappy. Have a great week!! Wendy :)

  19. I loved watching the Thorn birds and it all came back to me as I watched the clip you had added. I'm sure you will have a pleasurable time watching the box set and re-reading the book.
    Your basket looks so pretty and will bring some joy to your friend. The cookery book looks interesting too, and such a good price!
    Sarah x

  20. I remember watching this on TV and reading the book whilst I was at school when I should have been revising for my exams!

  21. I was totally and completely in love with Richard Chamberlain - he was just so gorgeous and yes, I do remember the Thorn birds.
    I love your little basket of goodies, I’m sure your friend will love it.

  22. Oh Maria you do make me smile with your lovely levity !
    I do recall the Thornbirds series and share your sentiments there about it all.
    Always a fun, beautiful post you have, sorry I didn't get here sooner.
    I also enjoy Gweneth very much.
    Thank you for your kind words, feeling a wee bit better :)
    Hope all is well with you, such a sweet one you are.

  23. Oh, i do remember the thorn birds - loved it too!
    I'm your newest follower now - come and follow me too? I'm coming over from Anita and want to invite you to my giveaway. You can win free stylish eyeglasses - have a look!
    Cheers to a lovely weekend!

  24. Hi,I do remember the Thorn Birds,so romantic!and your basket of lovely things is just delightful!Your frock is fab,is that really your bedroom!!?Wishing you a happy weekend,Pam