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Monday, 18 February 2013

Running Away With The Gypsies.....

~ Many moons ago when I was just a small child....

I am thinking back today of when I was just a small child. I remember my Mum in times of stress and worry stating quite clearly, she would love to run away with the gypsies.....
I never understood why?
In fact I used to worry that she really would!
~ Of course I understand now she was perhaps wanting to be a million miles away.....
Just for a day only!

~ Only for a day...
~ My biggest worry then was would she take me with her?
Of course I quite fancied seeing the world and travelling via a beautiful caravan!
~ Seeing only through my small child like eyes...
~ Never laying down roots...

Just for today I feel like running away with the gypsies too!
~ But only for today.

~ The sun is shining which helps lift the spirit...
~ But the long winter seems to have had us all in her deep clutches for a wee while now..
The last week here at home has been a 'busy bee' one!~And a nasty cold still lingers with me...
~ Oh I do hope Spring is around that very next corner.......

 "Mirror Mirror on the wall"
This lovely mirror tray came home to live with me this week!
A treat from the pretty gift shop were I spend my hours.....
The best part is finding a special place to display it..

~ Patrick will smile and say "Do we need another tray?"
My reply will be " Of course not, but it was calling to me"...

 ~ Lots of pretty things call out to me ~
I have been listening to this wonderful CD, by Julie London....
I hadn't heard of this bluesy artist before, but her singing is so reminiscent of times gone by...


~Do YOU have days were you feel like running away with the gypsies, I wonder?

~ I wonder where YOU would go?



~ After word.
And do you know I did grow up always dreaming of being the cadbury's flake girl! 
( The one where she is biting into the flake as the beautiful, gypsy caravan moves away)
I wonder if this came from my Mum's thoughts...
Thanks for being lovely friends on here...
Love Maria x
I will be popping into your blogs very shortly with a nice cup of lady grey tea!


  1. Goodness Maria....
    Julie London...Takes me back. She had one hit in this country...'Cry Me A River' back in ...wait for it...1957. Made a few films, sang mostly jazz, died in 2000. Lovely looking lady to...
    AND..Talking of lovely looking ladies...The very top picture on this post....She is absolutely beautiful...Despite the fan she's holding...I would be her biggest.....Fan...! :) (Deep Sigh).

    And...Gypsies...Lovely...Lovely people...
    My grand parents where gypsies...My great, great grandfather was Chinese..I don't really know when he went to Sicily, but, l know he died at the age of 99. And, my grandfather died aged 106. So, there's a good chance, l'll get a telegram on my 100th from King William...! :>).

    Just gonna take a brake....
    You've mentioned Lady Grey....Well, l'm gonna make an Earl Grey...Lemon tea...I'll be right back....!

    Here we are...Lovely..Lovely read....
    And, l think the mirror is lovely to.....Love the frame...Don't really do mirrors...Don't always get a reflection.....That is worrying.....! HeHe!

    Fantastic read Maria....Took me back...I live in the past...mostly...Memories....Wonderful.....!

    "A son is a son, till he takes a wife...A daughter is a daughter all of your life". Bless!

    1. Willie, YOU really must write that book! I so want to read it my friend!
      My mum used to the quote the above.... about a daughter being a daughter al your life too...( just beautiful) Thank You Willie!

    2. Ah! The Book...The Book...!
      The first Blog l ever clicked on to was 'Life's a Bitch'.
      Back in 2008. Simply because of the title....As it turned
      out, she was, and still is a writer of children's books.
      Has a home in America and, here in Dorset. She wanted
      to meet me, and, we have had three coffee mornings, locally.
      She, was quite insistent, on writing a book.
      At the moment she's in America, fulfilling a contract with an
      American publisher for seven children's books.

      Then there's Ally, who is, actually, the author of my Blog...
      She has offered on several occasions, to write a book.
      Don't know if l fancy, strutting around my home...Dictating!
      HeHe! We'll see...We'll see....!
      Maybe, l'll just bypass the book....And, go straight onto the
      film...! :0).

  2. Yep, I know where you Mum was coming from, somedays.......but like you I couldn't do more than a day, well maybe two! :) x

  3. Good afternoon darling Maria!

    YES, I have often thought the same thing. For one day (I would do this for a week!) I would go to:

    The countryside of England/Scotland/Ireland/Wales - ON HORSEBACK

    Paris - in my BEST HEELS

    The coast of Greece - in my best bathing suit

    Provence - with an airy skirt and sunhat

    Carmel, California - with good shoes and a coat to walk the chilly coastline.


    1. Ooh Anita, I would so LOVE to join YOU on his trip!

  4. Hello Lovely Maria
    I used to be scared of the gypsies when I was little because my Mother said..
    If was a naughty girl the gypsies would come and take me away!!
    She was not very tactful at times..

    I know what you mean though escaping the hum drum of life from time to time would be very magical..I think I would land on a deserted beach, walk bare foot on the warm sand, wearing a long flowing dress, topped off with a big floppy hat ...and then be back in time for tea!

    I love your mirror tray just my thing...
    Sorry to hear you have a stinky cold, hope it flies away soon

    I did have a giggle over your valentine comment..don't forget Fin and I have only been married couple of years (he is still trying to impress me) only joking he really is a very good cook, bless him
    Take care my friend
    Thea x

  5. Oh yes, I would trundle away wearing beautiful full, long gypsy skirts and scarfs, spend the evening dancing by the fire in my bare feet (I wouldn't need my chair), dusty legs... sigh and only for a day! Hope your cold goes away soon :) xx

  6. I often see a little shack when I'm on my travels and think that would be a nice place to run away to Maria ... just for a little while to collect my thoughts and escape from the hustle and bustle. Lovely mirror tray, I haven't seen one like that before, very unusual. Hope you're feeling better soon and we can get together ...

    Love Claire xx

  7. Hello Maria
    This is such a lovely post. I know just how your Mum felt. Sometimes I would just like to get away for a few hours and be myself. Not someone's Mum or Wife, so many expectations are put on us by others. I'd definitely run off to Edinburgh and sit on a hill above the city and watch the world go by, bliss.
    Although I think I would miss my OH hee hee. Oh I used to love those flake ads. They were very escapist and I do remember the gypsy one. Your tray is really pretty and practical as it's both a tray and a mirror. Hope your having a lovely week.
    Ali x

  8. A lovely post Maria! I have the same conversations with my husband about baskets rather than trays, I love old fashioned baskets and would buy loads for the house if I could. :)

    Ah, some days I would run away from work and all the other things we have to do. My favoured spot would be to sit under a tree in a field on a sunny day and read or stare into space. Bliss!


    1. ~ Ahhh sitting under a tree with a book on a lovely warm day...Sounds just what the doctor ordered!!Thanks Liz for visiting me..

  9. Hi what a lovely post,gorgeous mirror!I have been drinking lots of fresh lemon in hot water over the winter and not had a cold!!I'll probably get one now I've said that!Kind regards Pam.

  10. My lovely friend!

    I am flying back home to my native state of California! And for about five days, I will be on my own, living as much of a GYPSY life as possible! I will be seeing old friends, staying with my beloved cousin and I plan to take the train to the shore of Santa Monica. Thank you my dear for coming to visit me and with such kindness; I love YOUR MUSIC TOO!

    I just learned that you live near the shores, in ENGLAND! Oh, how I feel so blessed to know so many kind bloggers around the world!

    Keep warm my dear; we are having chocolate and strawberry tea tonight. It is well below zero, Farenheit here! Anita

  11. Some days CAN be trying. I used to want time alone more when the kids were small ... and Dad would never do, only Mom. Tiring days. Then things got better until my parents became suddenly, instantly ill, and it shook up all that was solid in my life. That's when I really felt like escaping, but my day away would be to the north woods ... a cabin ... beside a tiny lake.

    Hope you're feeling better soon ... both with your pesky cold (why can't the cold take off) and with your happiness. :) Wendy

  12. a nice image in my mind of gypsy wagons and chocolate now thank you! hope things are better now, Heather x

  13. I grew up with a fear of gypsies too as I was told that was where I would go if I was naughty! Thank you again for the lovely give away it was special arriving on my birthday.
    I would like to go somewhere warm with the gypsies now it's freezing here again today!
    Sarah x

  14. ~ Thank You for all the sweet comments! I was just having a dream with his post....I think the poor summer and this cold long, wet winter has taken its toll...We are all in dyer need of a glorious long summer! YEY! I am going to jolly well put a request in for one!! ~

  15. I'm not sure about running away with the gypsies, though I'd quite like to be able to claim gypsy ancestry...and I'd love a gypsy caravan in my garden!

    1. Ooh me too, Nilly!!!! do tell more of your gypsy ancestry...x

  16. Hi Maria, thankyou for popping by! You have a beautiful blog and this post is a lovely read. I would like to run away to your shop please!! It looks gorgeous. I quite like the idea of laying in the bath with my flake, but would give the bit where she runs her toes down the tap a miss just in case my big toe got stuck up the spout as I am a bit clumsy tehe May even have to call the fire brigade, oh dear..... would need more than my flake to cover my modesty! Ha! Bet you have a beautiful cottage too. Going to have a little nosey round your blog now.. Karen x

    1. Hello Karen, thank you for coming over too mine...Wish I could pop the kettle on for YOU! Ahhh I remember THAT 'bath' flake advert Oh yes sire.. I am a lucky one working were I do!!! Never ever get my wages home though!!!! No I don't live in that beautiful 'Rosey' cottage...not yet! BUT... I have it on my 'WISH' list...I am a BIG believer in cosmic ordering....It has never let me down...Sending YOU some 'Twinkles' *** and wishing you a happy Thursday! Love Maria x

  17. Hello lovely Marie! Your posts are always so delightful my friend! I love your gorgeous photos! Your home is so beautiful and cozy! I love the mirror you found and how you have displayed it. Your doll is so sweet and the hanging birdies too. I do hope your cold goes away and you feel better soon. I am ready for Spring too! I would love to go somewhere beautiful with forests and sunshine and eat out of doors. I think a day with the gypsies would be fun. Oh, the caravan. If I had one, I would have it all done up in pink and lace! What fun! Shall we run away together? Have a beautiful rest of the week sweetie! Take care! Lots of love, Paula xo

  18. Hi Maria,

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! Hope you are feeling better! Your new tray looks lovely!

    Madelief x

  19. Dear Maria, thank you so much for calling into my blog and leaving a smile! You have a beautiful blog, and I know I would love your shop! When I was a little girl (living on a farm in Hampshire) my ‘playroom’ was an old Romany caravan. I have no idea why it was in a field on the farm – it just was! Isn’t it funny how we don’t question things like that as a child and only think about it years later?

  20. Hi Maria...what a lovely dreamy post ! think I will put an old romany caravan on my with list ...put it in my garden then I could run away to it anytime !! love the mirror tray..too nice ...have a nice weekend...Gail x

  21. Thank you for you lovely comment Maria.
    I love that advert too....and the one where she is sitting in a field painting and it starts raining.
    Your tray is very pretty...and I get a comment like that from my OH when I bring home a 'treasure'!

  22. These words of yours strike a chord in me! One of my dreams is to own and decorate our very own gipsy caravan; maybe your mother would have been happy with one too?

    I love your doll by the way? Did you make her?

    Take heart; the wild violets have sprung. Spring is on it's way.


    1. ~My mum moved home all most every time the wind changed...So I would imagine a gypsy horse and trap would have served her perfectly well, Stephanie.. hehe..Ooh my wee Dolly was a gift from The Button and The Bean, beautiful blog! I couldn't take the credit for her! Thank you for kind words always...

  23. What a lovely post that brought so many things to mind for me, just a lovely lovely trail of thoughts!

  24. Hello Maria, yes, I think that sometimes, as you know when I was little I used to play in an old gypsy caravan, belonging to Pet Liley, I now have the mirror from his caravan in my lounge, sadly the caravan was sold...i would dream of being a gypsy and traveling the roads, loved the little grey rabbit books too! for the tales of wandering hedgehog :-) so yes I would of done then, but not now, xx thank you for a lovely post, so nice to pop by your place..if a little late!! xx happy sunday xx