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Monday, 11 March 2013

Cherry Pie And Mothers love.....

~ "A Mother is someone who seeing there are only four pieces of cherry pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for cherry pie any way."....... Tenneva Jordon.

(Courtesy of Google)

Happy belated Mothers Day to YOU all. 
I do hope you spent it with those you love....
The quote above I wrote on a plaque this week, for a little person to give to their dear Mum......It made my heart smile!

I spent my weekend in Birmingham, ( Brum) visiting Deano , which was lovely!
I haven't seen him since Christmas and knew he had spent all of January and part of February in Nairobi in Kenya doing the thing which he loves the very most.....Running!
I call his running fuel for his soul....
~ Each year a group of athletes are asked to train at high altitudes in the warm weather climates to assist their training schedules........and  Dean was one of only two from the Paralympic team selected.
It has been a fabulous opportunity yet again for him... 
Although he was poorly with dehydration on the long flight home (nine hours in the air) 
~ He is now  fit as a fiddle as the saying goes...
And his training went wonderfully well, with very few niggles!
It was great to catch up and hear all! hehe..
~ .

~ This is a very special picture of Dean having a spot of lunch  and joking with a tooth pick.......
Taken in Kenya.
I wonder if you can guess who the  very famous athlete is here in the picture ?
I will tell all at the bottom of my post! hehe...

~ Mothers day isn't the same for every one, I know....
And for most of us it  will be spent remembering our very special Mums, who are no longer with us..

Thank You Mum for showing me many things in my life....
To be patient, as some things are always worth waiting for....
To be kind and to try to tread gently on this earth...
And most of all Thank You Mum for teaching  me how to LOVE....
I WISH you're special place in heaven to be full to the brim of kittie cats and waifs and stays all needing to be cuddled and nursed and shown a little love and tenderness.
And of course my Dad.

God bless you both.

~ As I type and send out this post very dear to me....The snow is falling ever so gently.

My washing on the line is frozen and almost like cardboard....
I guess winter still has us all in her clutches for a wee while yet.....
I will be hanging those flowery frocks back in the closet once more... 

( My lovely cards)
I do hope your Mothers day was special too! Wishing you a week full of happy times! .
I am off to pop on the kettle and catch up with you all on here!
~ Take time to dream...
Love Maria x
Oops forgot to add the athlete in question is Mo Farah of course!
Keep cosy and bye for now...


  1. Qué bonito el marco de fotos de hierro es muy romántico y sus tonos pastel me gustan. Muchos saludos de Sara.

    1. Thanks Sara...Yes the frame is very pretty....

  2. Brrr, it's so cold here, no wonder your line has frozen! So glad you had a happy Mother's Day, and I must ask you about your amazingly beautiful picture frame... it's so so pretty :) xx

    1. Hello the picture and frame were both my Mums, Cheryl...They were a gift from me and I brought the frame from work...Try Gisella Graham for one similar...Thanks for sweet words...

  3. The quote at the top of your post rings true for many mothers I think. I always make sure everyone's got what they need before I sort myself out. It also made me think of the Terri Hatcher book 'burnt toast'. She talks about not giving her daughter the burnt toast but eating it herself. I think it must be inbuilt in mum's to put others first.
    Dean seems to becoming firm friends with Mo, what a wonderful experience to go to Kenya.
    The photo of your parent's wedding is beautiful, they both look so happy.
    It's not the weather for flowery dresses, it's so cold I'm wrapped up in sweaters and about to go and grab a throw. Thanks so much for your reply
    to my email. Have a lovely week (if somewhat cold).
    Ali x

    1. ~They were so happy Ali, but Dad passed when I was very young....Mum spent so many lonely years....Always devoted to him. ~ ooh not sure about firm friends with Mo. Still an absolute privilege to have met him and trained with him! Ali take care of YOU.

  4. Lovely heartfelt post, Maria ... Glad Dean is well and you had a nice time ... I love the picture of him and Mo, very special, and your Mum and Dad's wedding photo s so happy!

    Keep warm and carry on!

    Love Claire xxx

    1. Thank you Mrs Thriftwood.....I know you are like me too. Remembering your lovely Mum....I hope your day was special...

  5. Sweet and darling Maria!

    HAPPY BELATED MOTHERS' DAY! You all celebrate much earlier than out here! I hope yours was lovely, and I am sure it was, since you strike me as a gentle and happy mother! Many hugs and thanks for coming to visit me! We are almost done with this winter of ours out here!!

    Love to you, Anita

    1. ooh glad you are home safe and sound, Anita and Winter has 'done' with your part of the world...

  6. Well not many people can say that they have trained with Mo Farah - how great is that! Very cold here too today.

    1. I know we have been a running meetings were Mo has trained and even taken part in the cross countries there.....But to have one to one with him over the month for Dean was just wonderful!

  7. I used to do a lot of running at school....Mostly away
    from the teachers....! :). HeHe!
    Seriously though, l represented Dorset a few times in the
    cross country. I used to run short and long distance....
    And, throw the javelin...NOT, at same time of course...!

    And, love the pink, card with the kittens...What more would
    a Mum want...Yes! o.k. chocolates..flowers...perfume...!!!
    I sent my Mum a card...Care of heaven...Cos that's where she
    is...Put money on it...Being a strong Sicilian catholic, when
    she was alive...!

    Just going back to the last post....Very strange...
    Have 'WE' seen the new Galaxy advert on telly...
    It's the one where the young lady, sitting on a bus,
    with Galaxy, looks out the window, and a guy in an
    open top motor pulls up. She gets off the bus, steals
    the drivers hat, runs over to the guy in the motor, puts
    the hat on to guys head, and gets into the motor....
    Well now....! The young lady is the spitting image of....
    Audrey Hepburn...With enhanced make-up, it 'is' her....
    With out doubt...First time l saw it....Yes! Audrey Hepburn...!

    Well, must get on, nearly seven, love the morn'ins being lighter.
    Call, for a second lemon tea first....! mmmmmM!

    "You'll never regret times blowing bubbles".

    1. Willie! Good morning to YOU! I bet you were a jolly decent runner to run long and shorter distance AND throw the javelin YOU are a man of many talents....The advert with Audrey and did you see it was Rock Hudson with her.....is wonderful! Patrick likes to remind me it is computer generated and not real! But ha ha it is real enough to me! I have a funny You Tube to send to you...I just wonder IF I can do it! We will see? ~ Maria x!

    2. Yes! l do think your right there...Rock Hudson...!
      HeHe! NOT that l'd be staring at him....!!!
      We won't go down that road....! :).

      And, yes, l was good at sports...Heading the shot...
      catching the javelin...chasing the....We won't go down
      that road either....HeHe!

      Look forward to the funny You Tube...I'll open the window..
      May help it to get here quicker....
      When it comes to computers...I've the IQ of a rocking horse!

  8. Happy belated Mother's Day to you, Maria! If you like I will return on our French Mothering Sunday in May and wish it to you all over again :-)

    It is true; mother's are always willing to deprive themselves of a portion of dessert if needs be. My mother did it and now I do it too.

    Stay warm and cosy during these last throws of winter. We were eating lunch in the garden on Sunday; hard to believe now.


    1. Please do Stephanie...I have popped over to you and left a rather long.....message! Thank you for kind words..

  9. Dear Maria,

    I wrote you a fairly long message but Blogger gobbled it up! Happy belated Mother's Da to you and stay warm and cosy during these last throws of winter.


  10. I love the way you write your blog and set out your words and pictures Maria how lovely it is...Hope your not too cold today or too snowed in ha ha
    Hugs Lynn xx

    1. ~ And I love and have always loved your beautiful blog and art work Lynn....Soo glad you are here in blogland again...With 'Twinkles' **** Maria x

  11. Hello Maria
    So glad you were able to spend some time with Dean..and Mo must think himself very privileged to have met your lovely son !
    Your photos and words about your Mum and Dad are so beautiful, you look so like her too..
    Thank you my dear friend for your kindness,
    Thea x

  12. ~And Thank YOU lovely Thea for always the kindest words...

  13. What a wonderful post you have written Maria.
    It's not mother's day here. But I so much liked what you have said.
    We cannot forget our Mother's.. how they were kind and loved us, and taught us all we know.
    How great to be able to catch up with Dean..
    He is a very busy athlete.
    Great photo..of him with Mo Farah..wow.
    Well after all.. Dean was in the Olympics.
    wishing you a wonderful week.
    val xx

  14. Now there are the words of a very proud Mother, and also the words of a Daughter who loved her Mum so much! :) x

  15. Hello Mary,
    here in Italy Mother's Day falls
    the second Sunday of May.
    Fine words that you said to your mother,
    very moving and compliementi for
    your sporty and handsome boy!
    Love Susy x

  16. I like the quote about the cherry pie it is so true! It must have be lovely to see Dean again and catch up on all his news, what a shame he was poorly on the way home. It was good to see the picture with Mo again, David showed it to me on twitter.
    Beautiful words to your Mum too.
    Sarah x

  17. Hi Maria,Thankyou for popping over to my blog and for your kind comments,your post is very pretty.'bye for now Pam.

  18. Something else about Mums - our children's happiness makes us happy, whatever else might be wrong. Just look at Dean's smile - you must be a very happy woman!

  19. ~ That's a lovely comment Nilly and yes so true...Dean has always surprised and amazed me really....From a little boy who didn't walk till school age....right up till an young man who ran for his country....Thank You and yes I am always a Happy Mum and a lucky one...

  20. how fabulous........frozen washing!!

  21. What a lovely post Maria. Your posts are always touching and a real treat to read. A lovely touching post about your mum and I hope for those things too for her in heaven.

  22. Thank you Anne that's such a kind thing to say...I love your post of Richard Gere!! WOW !

  23. Very belated Mother's Day wishes to you Maria. Such true words about mothers ... my mother always put others first whether her husband, children or guests (I believe it was the way their mothers raised them). That's a beautiful photo of your parents. How nice for you to have spent some time with your son. He looks thoroughly happy in the photo. I have my brother and his two boys here for two weeks for their March Break. Barely any chance to catch up on everyone's posts! Must run off again now ... happy day to you Maria! :) Wendy

  24. Just catching up ... ! What a lovely post and what a wonderful mum you must be. How amazing for Dean to train with the great and humble Mo. Hope you're catching a bit of sun this week. M x