Elegant Rose

Friday, 22 March 2013

Bless Their Little Woolly Socks.....

~ March brings breezes cold and shrill, Stirs the dancing Daffodil....
~Sara Coleridge.

I am NOT going to talk about what I can only imagine we have all woken up to this morning!
~ And the North wind will blow types of gushy....WINDS!
NO...March.....ing on swiftly from this!
~And on to Spring like Things....

~A little Easter Baking!

A lot of  Easter decorating.

~ And hearing the clanging of Milk bottles on my step, once more...
I have come back home to my local milkman....so to speak!
Ooh the nostalgia of milk bottles...hehe!

~ At the Weekend Patrick has promised our annual walk to see the baby Lamb-ies born just days 

( This photo was taken last year....when we had a borrowed...... ~ from some where spring time! )

"Bless  their little cotton   woolly socks"......
My heart goes out to them.
I do hope the farmer's have them in their warm, little spring jackets!
To be born just now, seems harsh!
I will tell YOU a little SECRET.......
I have to really STOP my self from pinching ( saving) one or two or three or four.........I just want to bring them home!
~ Shhhhhh.. lets not talk of this...
March......ing on once more...

~Are YOU looking forward to the Easter holidays?
Tis my favourite time....More than Christmas even!

~Thank you ever so much for listening to all my witterings on....

Please keep cosy and warm....Brrrrr it is so cold!
Until next time...
Take time to dream!

( Trinny this morning...... OUT side for all of 'Two Minutes'!)
~She lifts her paw to make you feel 'sad' for her....hehe....
March...ing on now.......
 Maria x


  1. HeHe! Yeah! Wind....Rain...Gales...Arrrrrh! Hate it...Hate it...! :0).
    Anyway, here l am, sat in front of my pink PC, keyboard, mouse, monitor, and speakers...oooooO!
    I can hear Frank...Witchcraft..Lovely, old 'blue' eyes...(Had a few of them in me time)!!!!

    Well, l've been trying to feel 'Springy'...
    I've been singing an old Sicilian folk song to myself...
    Vinnii la primavera li mennuli n'ciuri,
    Lu foco di l'ammuri lu cori m'addumo.
    E ammezzu suli ciuri, avvoluni l'aceddi.
    Tutti 'sti cosi beddi,
    mi fannu suspira.

    Oh! No...Oh! Dear! I seemed to have written it in Sicilian...HeHe! Well...I'm not gonna delete it...
    Translate it? Translate it?
    O.K. May take a while...Just pop down for a lemon tea.....
    Spring has come, the almond trees are in bloom,
    and, the fire of love has awoken in my heart.
    Amist the sun and flowers, little birds are flying.
    All of these beautiful things make me sigh...
    (Best l can do).
    This song is also known as 'Si Maritau Rosa'.
    It reminds me of mia Mamma...As her name was Rosa Maria..Piazza!
    Only know the first verse, l'm afraid. There is/are Ritornello/Chorus. If you Google the title, you can hear it on U-tube. Enjoy...!x

    Goodness...Gone on a bit to-day......Never mind eh! Soon be Christmas.....!!! :>).
    Just a little x for Trinny...And, not forgetting El Pedro..x.

    1. Afternoon, dear Willie....Ooh my electricity has just come back on again....and the internet has returned too.....WINTER be off with YOU! Thanks for such a lovely comment always......I love your dear Mums name..so pretty...I was actually going to call my Olivia, Rosa Sophia, Maria....LOVE your verse Willie....WISH you could see EL Pedro...he is all loved up with the radiator!!! haha..

  2. In my head it is spring,I'm refusing to look out the window! Talking of milk bottles, I've just posted a picture on Facebook of one of those little ones we used to have a school! Have a good weekend! :) x

  3. Oh to get a dinner break today! This means I can comment on Maria's post!

    I love Easter too - but got to be honest it comes after Christmas for me. Your baking looks sooooooo good. Pity I don't know where you live or I'd be popping round for some!!! Hahaha

    When I was feedIng the chickens this morning there was a little robin sat on the gate waiting for the crumbs. I thought of the poem I knew as a child - 'the north wind duth blow and we will have snow and what will poor robin do then - poor thing'. Do you remember it?

    Have a special Easter Maria - love your posts. Where is your blog? I hear you say!!!!

    Love Portia xxx

    1. Do you know.....I was saying that same verse my self, dear Portia! The robin is the messenger bird... You will have news a ~ coming your way! Watch out for Mr Postman....hehe..

  4. Oh Maria I loved the stroll here as always. You have displayed such delightful Easter decorating . Those little lambs I hope stay warm as it sounds like you are having a cold snap. We had snow yesterday too. Our little terrier was demanding a sweater in our chilly farm house, so I attempted to crochet one ~ as you can see by my post it wasn't perfect ... but some fun doggy photos anyway ;)

  5. Maria this is such a lovely celebration of Easter. I love Easter too with all the new growth emerging around us. I couldn't believe it when I turned on the TV this morning and saw all the snow effecting so many parts of the country. Hope you don't have a wintry weekend!
    Sarah x

  6. Such beautiful Easter images... I love the doll with the purple hair... Sarah x

  7. ....i could just tuck into your yummy cakes.....'cept i can't breathe as i'm stuffed up with cold and can't taste a thing!such lovely pics and smiling in the face of adversity....we will not be moved...SPRING IS COMING and that's the end of it.Have a wonderful weekend and hug those little lambies from me x

  8. We are lucky that the snow hasn't reached us here, though it is bitterly cold, so how good to be warmed by your lovely pictures of your cosy house, beautiful tulips pussy cat and lambs :) xx

  9. Good morning precious Maria!

    SNOW FOR YOU TOO? We just had some about two days ago with these high gales blowing snow all about! And we are having an unusually cold March as well! But the Easter Bunny IS here, for I saw body prints in the deep snow in our garden!

    I send you warm hugs and greetings for a lovely day. Anita

  10. We seem to have Mr. Winter knocking at the door here on the Pacific NW coast and it is mighty cold on the island! I can hardly believe it is soon Easter.
    I will miss seeing the lambs in the fields this year as we will not make it home (new roof and much needed appliances replacements, sigh...) but looking forward to next year!!

  11. Hello Maria
    It is bitter out, howling wind and blizzard snow, those poor little lambs, I hope the farmers keep them in,
    I am the same, I saw a little Chocolate coloured lamb in Buttermere a few years ago, a wanted so much to bring him home, I even gave him a name!
    Your home is looking so very pretty, already for spring
    Yummy cakes too..Bliss
    Thea x

  12. Me gusta ver tu blog con ésta música tán bonita. Saludos

  13. I know the white stuff has returned but your photos still bring spring to blog world! X

  14. My cat used to miaow to go out of the back door, then 30 seconds later miaow to come in the front door. She was a dotty old thing, but such a good friend.
    (I wonder if they say that about me?)

  15. I am so pleased the snow has returned if only for a couple of days. I decided that once Tony had gone to work I would give the house a really good clean. My kitchen especially has had a good going over and boy did it need it.All spring cleaned and ready for the Easter break!
    Loved your lovely pictures, always very pretty.Enjoy your week!

  16. Such a lovely post - thank you for sharing so many pretty things. I saw some lambs wearing little fleece? jackets the other day - bless that farmer. I love the music you have with this post - lots of memories there.

  17. The coffee set is beautiful. Greetings x

  18. that has got me dashing to the kettle for more coffee.........I wish my tightly closed bunch of daffs would blossom for a bit of colour!!

  19. What a lovely blog you have Maria, just going to have a look through your older posts, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. jayne x

  20. What an enchanting post! Your Easter decorations are simply adorable! I averted my gaze as I saw the, um, winter weather you are enduring these days. Please take heart; spring is on her way, and, should you have a moment take a peek at my latest post where you will see her reigning supreme!

  21. I have had no snow...boohoo..I love the snow, but not even a small flake has landed :( I like that you 'love Easter' and that you also have your milk delivered, same as me. I also like your cat and yes I have fallen for the 'feel sorry for me and let me in pose'. (my husband does that alot and unless he has bought me a bag of maltesers I don't let him in. tehe) Thanks for entering my free give away! Karen xxx

  22. Hi Maria,

    Your Easter decorations look lovely! I especially like the beautiful floral teapot on your photo's and the delicious looking cakes. I believe the weather is the same in the UK as in Holland. I hope Easter will be better!

    Thank you for mentioning a lovely quote in your comment on my blog too. It was new to me.

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  23. Oh you'd love to meet my Uncle, he's a sheep farmer and very busy at the moment with the lambs. I really hope the snow doesn't take too many of them. Your chocolate cake looks delicious and all your china is so pretty. I love the tea pot. Have a lovely week. I hope you get your walk to see the lambs.
    Ali x

    1. Hi Ali...I would only like to meet him.... 'IF' he would let me bring them lambies home!!! tee hee... Glad you are back, my friend....

  24. What a lovely post and I too would love to bring those cute lambs home!! Oh it doesn't feel much like spring does it? last weekend the weather was just too hideous .... I still went out for a walk mind you but I was well wrapped up. It's snowing a little again today but at least the sun is out. Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend...Gail x

    1. No tooo cold me lovely Gail. I almost thought of hibernating! ~Easter blessings to YOU too..x

  25. Oh dear ... still catching up on blogs here :) I was in Scotland in April for my brother's wedding 20 years ago. I so enjoyed seeing hundreds of mama sheep with their tiny cavorting lambs all over the high green hills. We had a long train ride to the tip of Scotland, so we chugged through miles and miles of wooly goodness the whole way. Lambs are cute (and portable!), but what would you do when it grew to be full sized?! It wouldn't fit on the sofa beside you anymore (admit it, that's where you would keep a lamb, feeding it crumbs of sweet cakes!). I love all the Easter pretties you've captured here Maria ... you have a lovely home. Enjoy your week, I'm sorry you are still stuck in snow ... ours is gone (here in town anyway), except for the odd piles that look like they used to be snowmen. Wendy

  26. Ooh am wishing my self a small holding, Wendy for rescue lambs and battery hens....It's a one day WISH...But I feel it a coming...YOU always leave such lovely comments....Thank you for this!