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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Clog Boots.....

"Style has nothing to do with money. Anybody can do it with money. The true art is to do it on a shoestring". - Tom Hogan.

Hello there, lovely peeps.
Do you ever 'set your cap', at some thing that you really, really, want?

I did.

~ Some time ago I fell in love in a big, big way and the object of my desire was quite simply these beauties!

~ Clog boots.

I remember I almost had kittens when laying eyes on them in the shop window.
~ Love at first sight, I believe it was.
There was a slight hiccup, at the time, I do remember!
~ and this was quite frankly, the cost!
Oh my, they were very expensive indeed!
Still one can dream ~

I would have to save my pennies or make a big 'Wish' in my wish box!
~ Believe.

Last weekend we had a small dusting of the cold, white, seasonal stuff.
~ and a day out to make the most of the views...
~ Very magical indeed.
 Wrapped up warm and cosy.
It was wonderful to be out and about at long last, since recovering from the pesky Christmas bugs!
So a'wandering we did go.......
We didn't intend to shop, just wander.

~ But there they were in the very same shop window, with a ticket displaying sale of 50%. One pair only and can you guess the size?

My Size!

I hoped and skipped and jumped!
~ and they came home to be mine...

Puss in boots, perhaps!

'Willow' much preferred the box....
No accounting for taste!

~ That evening we had a family celebration, where Olivia played acoustic guitar and sang out tunes of Lana Del Rey and Of Monsters and Men and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers!
~ A  perfect end to a lovely day!

~ And do you know I danced and 'Jigged' all evening in my clog boots!
(Patrick calls them my 'Smurf' boots) hehe..
~But I don't care!

( Wool from charity shop~ 40p )
Perfect for crocheting.

~ Have you picked up a bargain or two in this year's sales, dear friends?
Or are you drawing in your horns?( My Mums favourite saying) till spring time...
Wishing you a week full of 'wishes' ******
Keep warm and cosy!

"Outside, winter's darkness closes in. Inside, you have found your very own light"....
Love Maria x


  1. .... Oh I am a great believer in fate. You were MEANT to have those gorgeous boots..... And how much sweeter the victory when they cost half the price..... Whoo hoooo.... So exciting(good shopping!) I am trying to just stay away from the shops( against my true instinct).... Can't think it will last all jan....happy wishes to you have fun skipping around in your new booties x

    1. Me too, Miss squirrel.
      I always say buying like this is an investment! My excuse..hehe.

  2. You will love those boots for the rest of your life...
    Believe me....I mentioned those 'Furry Boots' of mine
    in a previous post...I bought for £12 upon my return
    to this country in 1973. Love them to bits....Still no
    white stuff down here in the tropics....Dorset..! :).
    So! they'll have to stay in their box for now....HeHe!

    And yes! I've picked up a few bargains....But, there
    again, l always do...!
    The bestest is still that coat l bought for my daughter,
    up in Stoke-On-Trent at Christmas, £40 for a £189:99
    designer three quarter length....
    Great fun...I-LOVE-TO-SHOP...HeHe! Some local shops l go
    into...When l walk through the door...They ALL hide.....
    And, shout...."Take what you want Willie". :>).
    I put the fear of God up'em....!x

    Something just crossed my mind...(Not far to go then).
    If you choke a Smurf.......
    What colour does it go...........? :0).

    "The Road To Success Is Always Under Construction..".

    1. I think these boots will last for ever and yes I always love for always....
      YOU are also a great shopper Willie! Forgot about your daughters coat, such a bargain!!
      We are chuckling at the Smurf joke! hehe x

  3. They were certainly ALWAYS meant to be yours! i loved this story and i LOVE your clog boots.
    I am having to sit on my purse at the moment ..... sadly!
    love jooles x

  4. Ooh I love it when that happens, Maria, they were sitting there just waiting for you! The wool looks a great bargain too ... what are you making? I'm still on track with 'no spend' January, but I'd have been ok with the wool as it's a charity shop buy!

    Keep warm and carry on ...

    Claire xx

    1. ~ I am making a blanket, Claire, well Olivia is supposed to be making it! I loved the colours and got four balls at 40p each, thought you would think this a snip! hehe.

  5. It is sheer perfection when things like that come together - they look gorgeous with your frock. I haven't had any bargains yet but then I haven't been anywhere .....

    1. ~Aww thank you, it was a ebay buy! soo a bargain too!

  6. Oooh Maria they were waiting for you...I love them (I always like something a little bit different)
    I love the pic of Willow in the box..little pickle
    Fin treated me to a "White Stuff" dress in the sales (half price) so very pleased...

    P S. your dress is so pretty
    Keep Warm
    Thea x

    1. Hello, lovely Thea,
      I can imagine how lovely your dress is too!
      Mine was just a ebay buy! but I do love floral dresses..
      Love Maria x

  7. Now that is what I call fate..Yey for lovely clog boots, half price in the sale :-)...and they looked lovely, and what lovely legs you have Mrs... if you don't mind me saying! xx
    sophie x

    1. Well thank you kindly, Sophie, they were always on the long skinny side at school! Must be all the walking I do! hehe.

  8. Great boots - they were obviously meant to be yours. Best wishes, Pj x

  9. How lovely your story had such a happy ending! I'm sure the joy of owning them was so much more with you having to wait for them and getting them at a reasonable price.
    Sarah x

  10. Maria! they are adorable!

    Waiting for you most definately....and timely for the weather to come?

    Daisy j

  11. Lucky you!
    No bargains here, but booked on a couple of workshops at Hope and Elvis, as a treat for myself. Xxx

  12. I can't think of a nicer person to get such a great bargain! :) x

    1. Awww what a lovely thing to say, Ada, thank you!

  13. They are beautiful, no wonder you lusted after them :) Definitely meant to be xx

  14. Super boots Maria - I'd have joined you in a clog dance if Olivia played "Little Talks", I love it.

    1. Ooh Nilly, you always make me smile!
      I 'love' this song so much too!
      Just sounds like the original!

  15. How long is Dean in Kenya for? It must seem a far away.
    Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah, Yep I am following him on Twitter. like every one else!
      Fabulous opportunity for him yet again, as he will be altitude training there for a month...(Away from our cold January)It was just the flight that concerned me and to know of his safe landing.. hehe A mum thing!
      I have asked him for a photograph of 'Mo' and by all accounts Mo is just as he seems on our screens, a lovely guy and a great runner!
      Will keep you informed and thank you for kind thoughts...
      Love Maria x
      Sarah I noticed the series filmed on your coast is due to be screened shortly with Neil Tennent, thought of you with this...

    2. Ooh apologises to Daisy!
      I may have called her Heidi....
      Silly Me. :)

  16. How lovely ... you must be delighted with your good luck ... Bee xx

  17. how wonderful, they had your name on! Heather x

  18. Hello Maria, Oh they were so meant for you. They look sooo warm and cosy. Your family evening with Olivia playing guitar and singing songs sounds wonderful. I'm going to try very hard this year not to spend. My friend brought me lots of lovely fabric today so I'm going to get creative with that freebie. Stay cosy it's freezing here.
    Ali x

  19. Now those boots are perfect for snow and cold. I have my eye set on getting a new winter coat ... a nice looking dog-walking, slipping-out-to-the-store-in-a-hurry kind of coat. I've had mine far too many winters. Enjoy your jigging in your clog boots!!

  20. Hello ! oh those clog boots are so cute ! you were obviously meant to have them ! was thinking of Dean and how he's getting on...perhaps he could send warm weather home...today it is sooooo cold don't you think ? I've just been out to put fresh water out for the birds...straight away a blackbird went in and had a bath..so nice ! take care ...Gail x

    1. Awww,yep would be lovely if he could send some, Gail!
      Soo pleased YOU are thinking of the wild birds, I can't really as my four turn into Figaro from Pinocchio, when birds are in view! Naughty..

    2. OOps again... YOU know I meant Cleo, Gail...
      Silly me yet again! hehe.

  21. It was indeed meant to be Maria - I bet you are as snug as a bug in those dandy boots. Throughout the 80s I wore black 'fur' trimmed ones from the 50s and wore the heels to stubs....been looking for another pair ever since...
    Throw another log on the fire
    Best wishes

  22. GOOD MORNING SWEET FRIEND! Do you know that I have never seen these kind of boots before???? Here in Minneapolis, we have UGGS that are sweeping the malls by storm - even sequined ones! But I have never seen these. THESE ARE WONDERFUL and I think I too would want to dance in them! YOU GOT THEM! YAY! I know about shoestring budgeting, but it sure is fun and worth it to save then get what you want, CREDIT-FREE!

    Thank you my friend for your kind words and visit. All is well, just NEW. Living a life of an artist is unsure, but fun all the same. May you have a lovely day; I am off to work as a substitute the rest of the week. LOVE! Anita

  23. Your boots are just gorgeous and I would have snapped them up too. I was lusting after some metallic Bertie shoes before Xmas but couldn't justify £85, last week they were in the John Lewis online sale for just £29. I bought two pairs, one in each colour. Woo hoo!! Snow arriving here on Friday ... apparently. Stay warm. M xx

  24. Hello sweet Marie, I am so happy for you lovely friend! They are beautiful and were meant for you! I love them and your outfit! Perfect! So glad you had a nice time wearing them. I enjoyed this happy post so much! Love and hugs, Paula xoxo

  25. Tee-hee! I was smiling as I tried to imagine you "dancing and jingling" in your new boots. They look very cute. I'm glad that you were able to buy them. Isn't it nice when the price goes down on something experience that you REALLY want? When this happens to me, I always find it to be a pleasant surprise.

    Blessings to you! :)

  26. Hello Maria:
    We do like your boots, as we also do your blog which, very happily, we have discovered through 'The Custards'. It is such fun to come across something such as this which is both entertaining and lively - certainly an excellent way of bringing cheer to a cold Budapest day of sleet.

    We have signed as Followers.

  27. They definitely had your name on them from the moment you first set eyes on them Maria! Lovely!

  28. Beautiful your boots Mary, it seems that take very hot.
    I, with the sales I have brought two pairs for the price of one,
    the real deal!
    Love Susy x