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Monday, 20 August 2012

The Swan Feather.....

I have been trying to quiet my mind this week, with extra hours at work and 'the usual family goings on', home has felt busy as always and I have struggled with sleeping........

My Grandma's sewing tin and Bakelite pin box, I used to always play with these, when visiting her. 


I am an Aries, by star sign and fluctuate between bursts of excitement and business and moments of quiet contemplation, where I dream and have to have time to be still........
I have been trying to sew and crotchet, but alas I am an enthusiastic starter but a slow finisher.....


I found this cute Mabel Lucie Attwell material in our local market, I am pondering on doing patch work, but find such pleasure in just looking at the pictures.....
Maybe more hours in the days, is what is needed.


Wednesday saw heavy rains here in the Lake District, but  we enjoyed a short journey and lovely bar meal here, Patrick had a athletic meeting and I was happy to read and just 'be' really, rather than 'do'.
We enjoyed a lovely fish and chip supper!!


There is nothing better, when you are in a mindful mood and hungry, all in one.

After the rains, the evening became warm and there was a lovely wood burning smell of Autumn in the air! More a September feeling, rather than a August night.


I watched a small feather float under the bridge and away, the water very high in parts, from all the rains.

I was happy watching the Starlings and the sky was really pretty.

Patrick is just, about getting used to me and my camera now!!
I fell in love with this vintage cupboard and the wall paper was stunning, so I had to take a snap.

All though it looks quiet, it was extremely busy inside, I sat here and noticed how the seasons are changing....


On some of our visits to the Swan Restaurant, I have managed to see the resident pair of beautiful Swan's that live and grace the lake, but not this time, I did find a perfect white feather, which, I see as, Good Luck and always bring home with me.

I do hope the sun in shining on your holidays and you are puttering and pottering too!!
It's good to dream!
LoVE Maria x


  1. What a lovely post - beautiful pics and it has a very relaxed feel to it despite you being so busy! Hope you can find some time to unwind properly and get some sleep. M x

  2. Nice post Maria,
    You are a busy girl. Lots of nice things to design and work on.
    The fish and chips look divine.
    Hope you get some sleep and dream of good things..
    val x

  3. Hello Maria
    What a lovely post, your Grandma's tin and box must be very special for you to have and I love the Mabel material so sweet she is one of my favourites.
    I always bring feather's home with me, It's so nice to make time to stand and stare.
    Hope you have good night, I am not sleeping very well, I never do when Fin is away, his travels with his job
    Thea x

  4. How lovely is this, its nice sometimes just to be quiet isnt it, we past the Swan many times but have never been inside. Julie xxx

  5. Agreeing with the others Maria, what a lovely post! Adore that Mabel Lucie Attwell fabric, can't wait to see what you make with it. Hope you manage a better nights sleep tonight.
    Victoria xx

  6. I loved my Grandmas button tin, in fact I've just raided my Aunties, she could tell me where each button came from! Not bad for 91! Hope you have a good week! Ada :)

  7. Hi Maria,
    Your post is so reflective and calm this week despite you not sleeping well hope you get more sleep this week. My husband like Patrick is getting used to me taking more photos the burden of having a partner writing a blog!! It does feel as if Autumn is starting to make an appearance down here too.
    Sarah x

  8. I loved reading this post Maria.Whenever I see a white feather I tell myself an angel has been to visit!

  9. I agree with Anne, Maria, an angel has been to visit! Beautiful post ... I love your Mabel Lucy Attwell fabric ... I'm getting a bit melancholy with the changing of the seasons, not ready to snuggle down into Autumn yet, hoping we'll have a Indian Summer as we haven't really had a British one yet! Hope to see you before your big adventure in London ...

    Love, Claire xxx

  10. What a lovely uplifting post. Love Swan feathers, always think they are magical! Do hope you sleep better soon. I swear by a drop of lavender into a bit of body lotion in my palm and rubbed onto shoulders before bed. Bliss!

  11. Hermosas fotos,ya se puede ver el lento cambio de estación,bonito lago.Un saludo.

  12. You have a lovely blog, I didn't know that swan feathers are good luck, we have a lot of peacock feathers in our local park. x

  13. With everything that's going on in your life I'm not surprised you're finding it difficult to sleep. Not long now!
    Btw in answer to your question I do make some clothes for sale .. Check out my shop which is www.harmonyandrosie.com or you can always drop me a line if you like.
    Take care Maria, sleep well x

  14. I know what you mean about always having a camera handy for photo opportunities - luckily Mr N does it too! I love your Grandma's sewing tin - mine had one just the same & it entertained my sons too, when they were small.

  15. It was our first visit to The Swan what a lovely place, we had a gorgeous meal and the next day that Pimms went down very well. It is a busy place but worth the wait at the bar!

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  17. Lovely post..I am not ready for autumn yet but it does feel a bit that way doesn't it ? looking forward to seeing your Dean's race on TV ....not surprised you can't sleep with all that excitement ! Always nice to find a feather.....Gail x

  18. I think I am cracking up....I swear I had commented on this post already. Oh well here goes... I enjoyed this post looks like you had a wonderful day and the courtyard near the river looked so beautiful not to mention the Fish and Chips. Tracy x

  19. I am also an Aries, and I have the same problem - starting a project but never finishing one. I seem to go one one thing to the next at warp speed, ha, ha! The fish dinner looked good, but I kind of freaked-out with the high waters approaching the bridge - yikes! However, your photographs were lovely as usual.

    Blessings to you! :)

  20. Hi Maria,

    Hope your managing to sleep better, it can be so frustrating.
    I love your gorgeous photos the sewing tin and pin box look beautiful and you can't beat fish and chips. Your photo of the view from the restaurant looks so peaceful. Thanks for sharing. Ali x

  21. Beautiful cupboard and I love the swan sketches. x