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Monday, 13 August 2012

A Guilty Pleasure.........

Hello there lovely peeps....
How do you feel after the closing ceremony and after two weeks of our splendid Olympic's. I just loved it all, although I must add I spent most days either jumping for joy or weepy with emotion........

Didn't we do so well.....
I don't think you could have wished for more...

Goodness knows how I will be, when we are in that 'Olympic Stadium', I honestly can't say whether I will be able to stay 'Put' or, I may have to do a disappearing act before Deans race...
We have checked on line and the 1500 metres is a sell out event and I can only imagine the noise and atmosphere. I am sure the old British public will get behind the Paralympic's as they have embraced the Olympic's themselves and it will be a proud and wonderful, if not humbling experience!! 

One thing at least until the games begin, I will be able to get on with some jobs, here at home hopefully!
Honestly I have just been going into work and then, I have been glued in front of the TV!!
The closing ceremony had some thing for every body, I believe.
I loved that 'Take That'  were among the celebrities performing as 'Rule the world' just happens to be my favourite song and is also taken from my favourite movie 'Stardust'.....
I guess, I am always perhaps looking for my own Babylon candle to transport me to another time and enchanting place....

Especially when I have house work to do, anyway... hehe....

(Bless Gary Barlow too)

I had a little spend at work, last week and treated my self to this 'Rosy, Posy' jug, well you can't have to many of these, can you now!
I sneaked it in of course!
I do have a thing for vases with old fashioned flowers on.....


I have just decided this week that in my next life I am coming back as a moggie, 
 as all mine seem to do all day is sleep and eat (great life for some)

I had better be swiftly moving on now, do you ever feel a guilty pleasure, when you blog ladies, I do sometimes........

Husbando very often emails me from his very important job, building nuclear submarines, I may add and jokes me up with words such as " are you still blogging, get some cleaning done" haha...
He's having a laugh of course and my return answer is always the same,"My idea of house work is to sweep the room with a smile"......

Along with the kindest of wishes,
lot's of lovely peeps have asked when the Paralympic's take place and a little more information on our Deano's race.......
Well the games opening ceremony begins on the 29th of August and runs till the 9th of September.
I can't wait!
Channel four is the hosting channel for the games!
I will be talking more in my next post of details for Dean!

 I do hope your week is full of Sun and flowers!!
bye for now and thank you for always popping in........
LoVe Maria x


  1. Maria, I do wish Dean well. I will look out for him.
    I bet you are so excited and I am sure it will be a great atmosphere.
    I loved the whole two weeks and I was sure Take That would not be there and then they came on doing my favourite song, bless!
    better get on with the cleaning now....two weeks worth of dust round here!

    1. Hi Lyn,
      thank you for kind words always and we share the same favourite song!!

  2. It's all gone a bit quiet new the Olympics have finished, so roll on the Paralympics! Think I'll leave my union Jack up, even though i'mthe only one in the street with one! Can't wait to watch Dean. My heart goes out to Gary Barlow, really don't know how he did it xx

    1. Hello Mrs!
      Well you know only too well Claire.....
      See you soon!

  3. Dear Maria,
    I wish all the best of luck for Dean in his race and will be rooting for him!

  4. I'm glad to have a short break from the emotional Olympic rollercoaster - I feel as though I have been rung out! Good luck to your Dean. You will love the park.

    1. I know what you mean here!l
      Yep can't wait to see the park and Sarah Raven's wild garden flowers too!

  5. My cat has a very good life, I remind her of that when she bites me! She had a bad kittenhood so can be temperamental! Ada :)

    1. I have one like this also, he was a ferrel cat, but he is also very affectionate too!! ( LoVe him)..hehe.

  6. Hi Maria, the Olympic games was the best thing on telly, wow is Dean in the Paralympics how thrilling for you lots of luck to him. Your cat on the back loves devine in your lovely home. Julie xxx

    1. Thanks Julie, lovely to have you pop in.
      Yes we have a very exciting time coming up!

  7. Hello Maria
    Well what a wonderful fortnight it has been, I must admit I enjoyed every minute, I am so excited for you all, I am sure the atmosphere in the stadium will just blow you away.
    I love your rosey jug and all your prettiness, and puss looks so content.
    Fin also is a bit cheeky about my blog, he asks me how " My blog Ladies" are!
    Thea x

    1. Hi thea, we have Hubbies similar too!! hehe..

  8. I'm so glad we have the Paralympics coming up as at a loss what to watch on telly now the Olympics are over. But we did fabulously well and I'm positive our paralymipians will do us proud also! Loving your new rosey jug too!
    Victoria xx

    1. Thanks Victoria, I know what you mean,its a little flat with out the Olympics!

  9. Hi Maria,
    It must have been amazing for you watching the closing ceremony thinking that you will be there in a few weeks time watching your son's race! There already seems to be quite a bit about him on the internet! My son is also now watching him on twitter. I can't wait until the paralympics it is such good news they have sold so many tickets over the last month. I think it will be even more inspiring than the last 2 weeks. Looking forward to hearing your experiences of it.
    Sarah x

    1. hi Sarah,
      How lovely your boy is following mine, via Twitter....
      I don't go on here (don't understand) really!
      Have a lovely weekend.

  10. Hola Maria, me gustó mucho la clausura de los juegos olimpicos.Espero que su hijo tenga mucha suerte.Muchos saludos desdes España.

    1. Hola Sara, have popped in to your blog also!

  11. Hiya, yes it's been a great fortnight and I'm looking forward to seeing your Dean ...how exciting !! I bet the atmosphere will be great. That's a good idea to come back as a cat ...that big black stray has pretty much moved in now..he's soooo lovely..haven't picked him up yet...being patient...! Gail x

    1. Hello lovely you!
      Aww he will be in and settled and 'made' for life, with you Gail!

  12. I will be watching on the 29th and will be looking out and clapping your Dean on..
    I can imagine how excited you are Maria.
    I love your red rose jug.
    your cat looks really cosy and happy.
    best wishes from Val in Portugal.

  13. Thank you for kind words Val..

  14. Hi Maria: Your new little jug is beautiful and so is the kitty. I really did enjoy the Olympics, but it seemed they went by so quickly. I'm hoping I can find a channel in the US that carries the paralympics. You must be so excited for your son, wish him all the best. Thanks for leaving such kind words to me. I appreciate hearing from you..Happy Friday..Judy

    1. Thank you Judy, I do hope you can tune into the Paralympic's and yes, the games were over far to quickly!!
      We don't know what to watch now, on TV...
      Happy Sunday to you too!!

  15. Hello Maria
    Not far off now and you'll be so busy and so excited you'll not have time for us LOL

    I'll be watching too of course ... its all so thrilling

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. Hello Amanda, have just popped over to you!

  16. Will be thinking of you this weekend Maria..
    Todo de bom. e boa sorte para Dean..
    He will be running on the 25th.. i will be looking out for him.
    I am sure that you are in big excitement there at home.
    big hugs..

  17. Maria, I am SO excited about your son competing so imagine you can hardly contain yourself. You can be sure I will be glued to the TV screen.
    Kate x