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Monday, 27 August 2012

A Time For Everything.....

Thank you for all your sweet comments on my last post, I think you could gather that I was trying to quiet my mind from the excitement of  knowing that Dean was flying off to Portugal along with team GB, knowing that the next time we see each other it will be at the Paralympic games starting very soon now!

Well its almost time.....

And we are almost packed!
I can hardly contain myself with pride and excitement!!

My lovely friend Debbie is coming to stay and look after all my moggies, although Smoky Joe, looks a little sad about being left here......


Sooo London here we come!
Wednesday evening should be amazing, with the opening ceremony!
I don't know about you ladies, but I have felt flat since the Olympic's ended, so it's exciting to feel that it all begins again!


How time flies.....
I thought you may like to see this picture, it was among my dear Mum's photographs and I came across it whilst having a nostalgic moment...


It's Dean of course, but this is my vintage dog 'Shep', he was a push and ride toy on wheels....
I loved that Mum had kept him safe and sound and he was loved and enjoyed once again by my children....
Before play stations and game boys showed up any way!

Dean flies from Portugal into the games on Tuesday, so he won't know I have put the picture on here! hehe...


Just to let you know Monday 3rd September is the date of Deans race and the time has changed a couple of times, but we believe it to be around 8.50pm ( 1500metres) for T 37 categories.
I do feel channel 4 will do a brilliant coverage of the Paralympics as the presenters are so passionate.
Have you been watching Jon Snow's Paralympic show each evening? It has been an amazing insight into the athletes taking part and what about wheel chair rugby!
How tough is that?


 The Paralympic's are going to be amazing!

Dean and Olivia.
Olivia will celebrate her 18th, in the same week we are away....
I can't quite believe this either!

I wanted to say also, that I will be among all the other proud parents in the 'Olympic Stadium'  but you will recognise me wearing the biggest smile and also the boldest 'Rosy-Posy' vintage dress. (of course)

Bye for now, you are all very lovely!
love Maria x


  1. Ooh I will definitely be watching out for Deans race Maria. Have a fabulous time, look forward to hearing all about it upon your return!
    Victoria xx

  2. Oh Maria
    You must be beside yourself with excitement, yes we shall be watching.
    You are right its all been a bit flat since the first Olympics so bring on the second quick!
    I must thank you for your lovely words on my blog, I feel we have a lot in common x
    Thea x

  3. We will be on holiday then and dont have any tv reception in Runswick bay apparently but good luck to Dean and I will catch up on how he does from your blog.Enjoy the time away!

  4. Oh how wonderful. Have fun, I of course will be watching and shoutting from thearmchair!

  5. Hi Maria,
    Have a great time in London and good luck to Dean, and Happy birthday to Olivia what a memorable week you will all have. I'm sure all of us will be looking out for you in the crowds on Wednesday evening and cheering him on Monday 9th September. Thinking of you.
    Sarah x

  6. What a lovely blog you have! This is my first visit! Always glad to find another cat lover. I have four cats, my oldest being 19. I will definitely stop by again!

  7. Good luck to Dean, have a great time....be the proudest Mum there! Ada :)

  8. Eeek, can't wait until 3rd, so can't imagine how you must feel! Love the picture of Dean and Olivia too xxx

  9. Que disfrutes de éstos días tán importantes para vosotros.Saludos de Sara.

  10. Maria I am just about to write that in my diary and you can be sure I will be glued to my seat, cheering him on! So so so excited for you all.
    Kate xox

  11. Good luck to Dean & have a lovely time!

  12. Hello, just to say, I have read all these lovely messages before I set off!!
    Thank you for your kindness and support, you are just the nicest friends on here!!
    Gosh I am sooo nervous for Dean!!
    Bye for now....
    loVe Maria x

  13. Good luck to Dean and team GB! You are rightfully so, one wonderfully proud Mum. :D
    I am in love with Smoky Joe, how gorgeous is he? He looks ever so dignified and gentlemanly! I imagine him sat in a smoking jacket, cradling a pipe with a glass of port by his side....a kind of David Niven type character.
    Am I the only person who does this with cats????

  14. Hello Maria,
    Just popped by to wish you and your family a wonderful time.
    AND good luck to Dean, I will definitely be watching. What an
    amazing moment that will be for you all.
    Happy 18th to Olivia, this will be one birthday she will never forget.
    Have a lovely time.

    Ali x

  15. Hello Maria,
    I watched the opening ceremony last night. It was spectacular very very good.
    I thought about you and your family.
    I will be watching Dean run on Monday.. wishing him all the best of luck.
    Would love to know what and where he was doing here in Portugal. !! interesting
    Wishing Olivia a happy 18th birthday.
    You will possibly only read this on your return from London.
    What proud parents you must be of your Dean.
    Just watching all those wonderful competitors was heartwarming and great.
    val xxx

  16. Sssssoooo exciting ! we watched the opening ceremony last night, it was great. hope you all have a wonderful time and fingers crossed for Dean xxx Gail x

  17. Congrats to you and your son. He sure is good looking. Thanks for dropping by my blog site. Lovely blog you have here. Love those photos. Will visit again when ever I can

  18. Just got home from holiday today and what better day to get home I am sooo excited for Dean and you and all the family have a fantastic evening wishing you all the best and I will be watching and shouting Dean on Love LBF xxx

  19. Well done Dean you done everyone and yourself proud and your only young so they will all have to watch out for you in 4 years :) xxxx

  20. I have just watched Dean in his race, he do so well in such a tough race. Looking forward to hearing all about your experiences.
    Sarah x

  21. Well done Dean! Fantastic experience and achievement ... your family and the whole of Barrow are so proud ... can't wait to see all the photos ...

    Love Claire xxx

  22. Fantastic ......he did so well...how proud you must be...there's a great future to be had for your lad Maria!!!!

    Look forward to your next post!

    Amanda :-)

  23. Well what can I say, you all must be so proud, I was on the edge of my seat!! Fin watched in a hotel in Scotland ( away with the job) and as soon as the race was over we were on the phone to each other "did you see Dean!"
    Iam sure you will tell us all about it soon
    love Thea x

  24. Hello Maria, been thinking about you. Just wanted to say a huge congratulations to Dean on such a sterling run and also to you and your husband for helping him achieve it. You must be over spilling with pride right now .. enjoy!
    Can't wait to hear your thoughts.
    Kate xox

  25. Dear Maria,
    Can't wait for a post about Dean and his achievements.. You must be so so proud of him.
    wishing you a happy weekend.
    regards to Dean ..