Elegant Rose

Monday, 26 March 2012

Isn't It Supposed To Be March of Many Weathers?

WOW, I haven't needed my rosey tinted specs on at all this week, it's been just lovely.
On Wednesday evening I was treated to a lovely bar meal by my man... We drove to the Swan hotel at Newby Bridge and enjoyed home-made fish and chips with a glass of Chardonnay.

 The Lake District is always lovely, but even more so this time of year.

Patrick had an Athletic coaches meeting, so there was method in his madness!

 I was happy to take in the views and catch up a little with this fab book. If you haven't read it, it's worth picking up! (Very inspiring!)

On Saturday, my Olivia and I went to Lancaster on a lovely train journey. Olivia wanted to check out the charity shops and vintage market there. Lancaster is a lovely city full of colour, we came across some interesting folks indeed. (Can't say no more!)

If you are a Vintage girl at heart, it's worth having a look!
To end a lovely weekend, we had a long walk to see these again!

I just wanted to bring them home!

I hope you do what makes your heart smile this weekend too...


  1. It has been so lovely to see the sunshine. I will look out for the book, looks my kind of thing, who is the author? Oh and those little lammys ....gorgeous xx

  2. Hi Sophie....Thank you for you lovely comments!!Its from the author Rhonda Byrne...You may have read others by her (The gift,The Secret)....Its a bout two small words really Thank You!....Being grateful for what we already have because we are rich already...I love magic and mystery and like to feel we are connected to something a lot bigger than we can even comprehend...Am always looking for the mystery in the mundane.....xxx Happy Tuesdayxxxx

  3. That book does look good and those cute lambs...if I had a couple of those I could maybe dispense with our lawnmower ! Gail x