Elegant Rose

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Happy April Fools Day

"Always laugh when you can. It's cheap Medicine"
-Lord Byron
I've being looking at the famous Chanel adverts with Olivia this week, she had an assignment for her Media Studies and she choose these to analyse...
Nicole Kidman, famously arriving in all her glory for her own premier with the dishy man she falls for watching in the lights of the Chanel logo. Then there's Kiera on the motorbike and the lovely Audrey Tautou on what looks to be the Orient express. (Just lovely!) Did you know these ads were as long as 3.30 minutes when fully played out and costing around 2million to make! That takes an awful lot of perfume sales!
I'm going back a long way now but stay with me, I always loved and wanted to be the girl in the famous flake advert, you may remember these! They were shot in the early 80's.
It speaks for itself really, strolling through sunflowers only to come upon  a Gypsy caravan and to be swept away somewhere exciting! I loved these ads so much even the throaty voice advertising the 'crumbliest, most flakiest milk chocolate in the world' at the end used to make me smile! Actually I was more of a Fry's chocolate cream person but the ads still worked their magic.
Imagine my surprise when the One show did a feature on the particular flake girl alongside the milky-bar kid (All grown up now of course) and the guy taking a break from filming the pandas in the zoo for kitkat. hahaha. I found it kind of spooky really, but she still looked amazingly young and hadn't aged at all!
Ah well that leads me onto the fact that Easter is approaching fast and chocolate eggs of plenty are in our shops.

Wishing your Easter bunny arrives with a spring in his step this Easter weekend!


  1. Ooh I love a Flake! Takes me back ... I liked the one were she was painting in a field and it started raining, lovely ads xxx

  2. Oh you got me needing a flake now !! Those adverts were so dreamy...Gail x

  3. Oh you got me wanting a flake now !! Those adverts were so dreamy ! Gail x