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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sophie Dahl Days...

Did I mention that I'm not the best cook when it comes to puddings? I can put together savoury meals but unlike a lot of you blogging ladies I struggle with baking. Sometimes I feel like Wendy Craig from Butterflies (sitcom from the 70's) when it comes to meal times.

I seem to dream off all day; busy puttering in my home. I can almost lose the day. Luckily, my family are always happy to receive my offerings, much like on butterflies... I do however love Miss Sophie Dahl's cook-books. I watch 'The Delicious Miss Dahl' over and over again, not so much for the cooking but for the scene setting, poetry and fab kitchen.

What recipes do you prepare with love for your families? 

'My Dad's Chicken Curry' from 'Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights' is a favourite in our house...

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  1. I loved that Butterflies series what a trip back in time looking at that photo!

    xxx Lorraine xxx