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Monday, 23 September 2013

Kicking Of Leaves And Hugging Of Trees Once More...

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Thank you kindly.


"The breezes taste of apple peal.
The air is full of smells to feel...
Ripe fruit, old footballs,
burning bush,
New books, erasers,

chalk and such.
The bee, his hive,
well honeyed hum,
~ and Mama cuts Chrysanthemums....
Like plates washed clean
with suds, the days are polished
with a morning haze".... 

By John Updike.

~ When you write a few musings on a little post 
you can be reminded of lots of things.
~ Sometimes just how many times we
repeat the same old 
things over and over again..
The cycle of the seasons can repeat the
cycle of our days, don't you think?
~ And familiar memories return!

~ Although I am welcoming Autumn
and her beautiful shades of  wonderful russet and gold...
I am also feeling melancholy.
  Rather greedy of me really, I know...
Summer has played her tune
rather well this year...

Yesterday brought the Autumn Equinox.
And the beginning of fall.
Oh My.
~ No going back folks!

~ Next week our friendly chimney sweep
will call...
He is very much like Bert
from of course Mary Poppins...
~ Always a friendly smile and a chat or two...
I am wishing we could possibly step in a pretty
picture on our front pavement ~
 and be off for a wonderful adventure on
the carousel horses...
But I will settle for a clean swept chimney
~ and not the soot fall we had on New years day 
last year!
A lesson learnt!!

We are looking forward to lighting our coal fire this next week!
Then the fun and games will start once more
~and the peeking order will begin....
Just who will get the best seat in the house
most nearest to the hearth?
It's always such fun to watch.
~ Yippee Trinny has got here first in this picture..
This weekend has seen me sorting out the old winter woollies,
I've felt the nip in the air since returning
from our holidays...
I am looking forwards to wearing jolly
 sweaters over pretty floral dresses once more.
I always prefer layering my clothes!

~ Tomorrow I have been asked to join
my pal to kick some leaves and hug some trees....
My most favourite thing to do at this time of year!
So with a jolly smile on my face I will close for now
~ and 'as the days shorten and the cold strengthens'...
I wonder how your days are' falling' into place?...
~ My new ~ old vintage frock!
It's a 1930's print!
I bought it from a lovely friend
and can't wait to wear...

Hope you are keeping cosy and sending 
autumnal hugs your way....
~ and thanking you for kindest
 of words always...

Thursday, 19 September 2013

~ Home Is Where The Heart Is....

" The full moon in September.
The Harvest moon.
This is the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox,
bright enough to allow farmers to
work late into the night,
bringing in the last of their harvest.
A time for introspection.
People are often moody during
this moon"....
~ Taken with kindness from 
The girl who chased the Moon.

~ Home safe and sound after a
 jolly lovely
time spent in the
 lovely islands of Greece!

~ It's been lovely to have time away.
From the every day routines
 of day to day life...
~ and recharge those batteries!
~ but I must confess to 
a tiny secret.

I did miss you all....

~ My holiday read
' The After Life Of Billy fingers'..
Annie Kagan.
A true story.
A truly wonderful read.

~ Oh my Autumn has most certainly
crept in whilst we were away....
~With strong blustery winds to blow 
away those cobwebs of the summer time.....
It would seem she is almost just 
a memory...
I love the changing seasons though.
~ It is all part of the bigger picture...

Tonight we have the September Harvest moon.
~ Each evening in Greece I watched the
moon wax...
and grow.

~ Be sure to turn your pennies
 over this evening
and make a wish on the full
'Harvest moon'..
~ and let any feelings of moodiness be gone!

And as Dorothy once said
" There's no place like home" 
~And I am a thinking she was quite
possibly right!
~  We missed these little guys above very much!
But still managed to find and feed the many Greek 
kitties we found on our travels...

One of many!
I named her Teasel...
~as she was so very playful....
 She was just a kitten herself
but already having her own babies...
I wanted to sneak her in my
I really did!

Home is where the heart is....

I will be popping on the kettle and even lighting my 
coal fire tonight!
Brrrr, it's a little chilly here!
Almost knitted scarves and warm boots

~ and I am looking forwards to
 catching up with
your pretty days
 and words in pictures...

~ Take time to dream....
Lovely blog world.
Autumn hugs and cosy kisses...
Maria x

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Little Talks....

 Oh my September seems to have played quite the joker on me
 and sneaked up silently behind....
~ with out me knowing......

Naughty of her really.......

Before we all know it we will be looking for conkers
 and kicking those leaves once more!

It's little talks from me today!
~ and a little post of gratitude!

~ For the kindness shown
 here in blog world...
Do you know Miss Daisy, I wonder?
I bet you jolly well do...


~ Because time has passed me by
 ever so quickly recently...
I can't recall just when....
But Miss Daisy and I had a parcel swap
of the prettiest kind!

Actually cheeky old me fell in love with
Miss Daisies pretty crochet collars....
~ And asked if she could simply magic
 me up one.
for the nipper Autumnal days
 approaching, if you see..

One, Two, Three.......

~ of the prettiest kind of collars arrived
 as though by magic...
All wrapped in the most scrumptious gift box....
Miss Daisy you are ever so lovely!
You really are...
Thank you!

I will wear one each day!
Lucky old me...

~ I am wishing Mr postman could deliver
more pretty parcels like this..
~ I must make a note to pop in my
 wish book......
I really must!

~ Because Wishes can
 come true!

~ September has also seen plenty
 of blowing out candles
and making BIG wishes 

I simply LOVE Birthdays....
Most especially when they belong to the younger 
members of the family...
( I didn't bake the cake...No sireee!)
I can't bake for toffee am afraid!
But I do love Birthday cake with a nice pot of tea in 
a pretty china cup...

~ It's little talks from me today.

~ Happy of happiest Septembers to you all....
I do hope she will be kind to us ......

Take time to dream lovely friends....
Big hugs.
Maria x
Oops silly old me....
I would forget me head if it so happened to
be loose..
Bumble Bee's new post is below.
~ We are a new little blog to this
lovely blog world...
~ and we thank you for your kind visit always...