Elegant Rose

Friday, 30 August 2013

The Worry Pants....

~ Worrying about the future robs you of the present moment.
Try to observe just how much worrying you do
~and if the nagging worrying follows you
relentlessly through out your day,
follow Scarlett O'hara's example.
Tell yourself in no uncertain terms,
"I'm not going to think about this right now, 
I'll think about this tomorrow.
After all tomorrow is another day".....

Taken with kindness from Simple Abundance.

Worrying about the future robs you of the present....

I've always been a worry pants, I guess.
~ It's something handed down to me from my lovely Mama from hers.......
~ generation to generation..
Half the time I worry about things that don't ever happen.
Silly me!
Wasted worry, I call this.
And worrying about the future robs you of your present, I know!
~ But this week I stole time back from worry and all was wonderfully well!
Bumble Bee opened it doors and we had the most amazing time
We really did...
I have hung my worry pants back up in the wardrobe and there they will stay.....
All is well.

Other lovely things that happened this week!
~ Remember this?
Decisions, Decisions!
Make your mind up time!!!
Well I did just that....

~And I chose this one...
It makes my heart smile each time I enter the room.
I am over the moon with my little work space now!

And others have given there seal of approval too!
A place for kittie dreams...
ShyTrinny above.

And El Perdo ...
~Who incidentally has become quite nocturnal...
he snoozes all day and plays out all night.
I'm coming back as cat, in my next life I jolly well am......

Oh My..
( The new elderflower and blackberry Pimms truly Scrumptious!) 
Have you tried it yet, I wonder?

All is calm in my world this week!
And I am ever so pleased with this..
I wonder if your week has been just as kind...
I remember this time of year was crazy, mad and bonkers when the children were small
Uniforms and back to school...With birthdays falling in between...
busy, busy years!


Take time to dream, lovely blog world...
Summer has been quite the show off this year.....
I would seriously love to bottle up her memory and tie with a pretty gingham ribbon to keep for always...
Maybe I will....
Hugs and summer kisses xxx
Maria .
I wonder do you wear the worry pants sometimes ?

Sunday, 18 August 2013

~ A Giddy Heart.......

~ The full moon in August
The Full Sturgeon Moon.
Native American lore says that the sturgeon of the Great Lakes
and Lake Champlain were most easily caught during
the full moon in August.This full moon tends to make people feel
giddy and restless and a little over whelmed...
~ Taken with kindness from ' The Girl who Chased the Moon'.
The full moon of August is Wednesday 21st..

I have a heart that is light and giddy at the moment!
and a mind that is full to the brim of thoughts and feelings....
We have a full moon on Wednesday, and then this will wane. gently each evening....
Ideas and visions will be given chance to ripen and grow.....
~ and then set seed.
~A perfect time to let go too, of busy minds and thoughts and feelings... 
and bring out all that is new for the new moon beginnings.....

I am only going on a short journey in my minds eye at the moment...
all is well .
I  know only too well I can wear my new cosy slippers whilst I journey along.....
If I so be it...

Life is busy!

With a hint of melancholy stirred in my tea cup!
~ and washed down with thoughts of excitement and the unknown!
This forth coming week is going to be both new and exciting, I just know this...

Our pretty invites designed by Olivia...

~ This week we have the grandest of grand openings for  'Bumble Bee!'
I have added the link below if you would like to pop in and say Hi!
You will always find a warm and cosy welcome here..

I'm ever so excited!
Change can be scary, I know, but then life is all about changes and adventures of sorts!
So here we go!

~Summer has been kind to us all.
Hasn't she just!

~ but I can't help but feel she has perhaps slipped out of her 'strappy sandals' now
and is changing her outfit for a more sensible shoe for the approaching days of autumn..
I want to hold onto her though....
~ I stir my tea cup with excitement and the tiniest thoughts of melancholy!
and make a shiny new wish..

That Autumn will be just as kind and bring with her colours of burnished gold, bright coppers and indulgent reds..
An Indian summer, please and thank you kindly!

Life is busy..
~ but exciting too!

Today I am present to all that is good around me...
and I am giving thanks to this with a quiet day to reflect and catch up with you all!
Thank you for all the kind words on my Blackbird post!
I haven't seen victor since,and may be I won't see him till the time is right again...
People are just sent to you at times , not to stay for ever....
But to leave  warm thoughts in your hearts pockets to call upon when needed!
I thank him for this...
~  Take time to dream lovely friends.....
your kind words give me a 'giddy heart' too
they really do!!!
~ blowing summer kisses to you all ........
Maria x

Monday, 5 August 2013

The Black Bird....In My Hearts Pocket...

~ 'Black bird singing in the dead of night.
Take these broken wings and learn to fly 
all your life...
You were only waiting for this moment to arise...'
~ Black bird, by the Beatles...

( picture courtesy of Google, thank you kindly)

~ It's a dark wet day here today...
~ 'Window crying' weather indeed!
A perfect day to tell my little story.
Pull up a chair and draw up close now
I will pop on the kettle.
~ One lump or two?
I know you all like a little magic and  mystery, so please stay a while!

~On a day that was simply like any other...
I was visited by a 'medium' in my little day job in, Bumble Bee..
Lots of times I had served Victor, with not ever an incline of him being anything other than a chatty chappie who simply loved old pieces of vintage furniture!
Victor was always friendly and nearly always had a tale to tell of his family and home life..
But this day was different somehow.

After purchasing a big old hansom chair Victor seemed delighted with it's grandness for his 'man's room' as he called it..
~"Maria I have to tell you some thing," he said as he handed me his card for payment.

~ "I practise Medium ship...
  and I don't usually do this, when I'm not opened up to spirit..But I must say this to you, If I may?
~ You are going away with your son on a wonderful trip, are you not? You will have a super time."
This was the weekend before we flew out to Lyon, so this was correct..
~ But I did think he could have read this in our local news paper..
~ Although I must add, Victor isn't a local chap, so maybe not..
 "And I simply must tell you also of the person you miss in 
spirit so very much who is showing me a sign of a 'Black bird'.
Does this mean any thing at all?"
I was sad but it simply didn't.

~"Please watch for the sign" Victor added.

~ Now I will be perfectly honest, I was busy in the shop on this day..
With jolly customers ordering pretty plaques and gifts for weddings and Christenings!
I so wanted to hear more....But he asked me to pop the information in my 'hearts pocket' to keep safe till needed and that is exactly what I did..
I't's quite dark in my kitchen as I type my words here..
so I will light a soft candle to continue with the tale..

( Beautiful Angel, a gift from  lovely, Thea )

~ My black bird visited me the very next day!
Just as Victor had predicted......
Although I cried I was simply delighted to see him..
It happened in perhaps not an unexpected place..
~ But a place I have visited for almost, 35 years...
Patrick whispered as I bent down to cut the beautiful red and white roses for my parents resting place.
"Keep quite still Maria, don't move an inch, there is a bird by your right foot, a Black bird" he said.

 Now I hadn't told Patrick of my visit and chat with Victor...
I hadn't felt the need too!
~ But  I had plenty of time to do so then as my 'Black Bird' hopped onto the grave and stayed with me the whole time, and then simply just hoped away....
Patrick was quiet and just listened as I cried my way through the story!
He is good at listening and understanding things that perhaps others wouldn't...
He never judges!
~ Now I must add to this tale that this is a true story!
~ True to me any way!

( Courtesy of Google thank you kindly)

I  know I will always keep my Black bird in my 'Hearts pocket'
~ and there he will stay..
~ I like to feel there is much we do not know about in the magic and mystery that surrounds us all...
And I think I  also like that we can't 'Google' everything!
Well almost, but not every thing.....
~ I will close for now and say Thank you for listening..
I know it's not every ones cup of tea!
~  But it's a story that I just had to set free on here!
I would like to dedicate this post to my lovely blog friend Ali.. http://alibeecreations.blogspot.co.uk/
(pop over and say hello)
Who I told my story to via email recently...
~ I know we both believe and collect angel feathers on our many travels!

I wonder do you?
~ Take time to dream, lovely friends..
Ooh I  am also very excited for Victors next visit to the shop!
'I wonder will he have another message'?
Hugs and twinkles, Maria x