Elegant Rose

Monday, 28 January 2013

Friendships Are Sewn One Stitch At A Time....

~ 'The key to loving how you live is in knowing what it is you truly love. "To know what you prefer instead of humbly saying Amen to what the world tells you you ought to prefer , is to keep your soul truly alive"'

.........Robert Louis Stevenson.

My goodness this week has kept me in hibernation for the most of it...Apart from work I have been happily puttering and pottering indoors ....
And I must say~ making the most of a few of the dramas being shown on our screens.
I wonder has any one been following Mr Selfridge on Sunday evening?
~"The hats, The hats, have you seen those beautiful hats!"
I love the beautiful clothes, the glamour and the finesse of those days gone by......
I even watched last weeks episode with the beautiful, window display of  ........Lily Of The Valley, Not once, but twice.......
Sad I know, but I do get carried away, with period dramas....
I am also enjoying, Ripper Street too..~Although a little raw and near the bone! 
It's good to watch with the Mr....( He helps me sort out the intriguing plots)

Thank You kindly for such lovely comments about my kitchen too!
~ The Victorian tiles around my cooker were collected and  stored under my bed for five years, while we saved up enough pennies to do the kitchen this way..... 

~ Some things are just worth waiting for!

This week I would love to host a giveaway on my blog ....

I have put together a few pretty sewing items from the 'East Of India' range and would love to hear from you if you would like to be entered .....
Or even if you wouldn't......hehe!

YOU are all so creative.

So maybe these could add to your sewing box.
There is a cute button jar, a pin cushion, a handy needle holder, a beautiful tape measure and some vintage Sylko cottons too.....
Ooh and red heart for Valentines Day.......

~ Anyone can enter....
It is just to mark my first year in blog-land.
I will draw the winner before Valentines day!

~ And on to other interesting things........

~ What has been filling your days recently?
Has anyone been along to see the movie, Les Miserables ? I wonder....
There is such a lot of talent in this movie...
I hopefully have a date for this on the 14th of February!
Fingers crossed....X

Primroses peeping through after a long slumber....
I even have a few Snow Drops.....
~ I just cannot wait for warmer spring days.
~ Bring on the spring time....

"Sew A little Happiness."
~Outside it is 'Window Crying' weather...
Cold and wet.
Inside it is cosy and warm.

Bye for now.
~ Take time to dream......
Love Maria x

Monday, 21 January 2013

Time For Tea And Time To Be.......

" Gaze at the winter trees.....
They may look sad with out their leaves.
They signal natures comforting cycles.
This represents the sure sign of regrowth.
They will blossom and bear fruit again.
We all have our seasons".....

I love this poem.
~ And came across it at work.

~ Today the soft white seasonal stuff has finally made its presence known, here in the North West!
I know most of you ladies and indeed most of the country, have had their fair share already...

I will pop on the kettle, will you join me for tea?

~ When the children were small and school was cancelled.....
I thought these days were just the best!
We could snuggle up all cosy and take time out with a movie.
Mum ~ always taking a short nap in between.
(If no one noticed) 
Hot cocoa and marsh mallows....
~ A coal fire on all day long.
Taking time to be ~ rather than do.

~ I am not a great lover of the snow.
Showing my age!
It can be so picturesque and so inconvenient , all in one.
I prefer to watch from a cosy, warm, window.
Preferably with a hot drink in my hands..
Today is perfect, for I have no plans and need to be no where, just here.

~ I am in the kitchen preparing a meal...

Chicken casserole...
Warming, just perfect for later....

~But I'm not alone......

( Please notice me)
~ Cats always find the warmest places, don't they just? 

~ And the naughtiest places!

~ I wanted to say thank you, for all your kind comments on my clog boots! (earlier post)
~ and for joining me today.
You have been, just 'purfect' company.
I have loved looking at all your snowy posts through this last week....
~Most especially' the snow men'!

~ Its getting near that time of year again...
14th February.
I am always a head of my self, as I have just displayed the shop window for~ 
St Valentines day......
~ I wonder do you recall the movie from our child hoods, perhaps?  It's a very old movie......  It was called', The Time Machine' . ~ I was always so fascinated by the mannequins in the shop display window, changing so quickly, as time flew by with the blink of an eye....This is how last year flew by to me! Was I on a Time Machine, I do wonder?

~ And here we are almost through January already!

Valentines day was my first post, last year!
~ Thank you for journeying with me through, what I called my healing year...
YOU are just the loveliest of friends!
~ Take time to dream and keep cosy ~
Love Maria x

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Clog Boots.....

"Style has nothing to do with money. Anybody can do it with money. The true art is to do it on a shoestring". - Tom Hogan.

Hello there, lovely peeps.
Do you ever 'set your cap', at some thing that you really, really, want?

I did.

~ Some time ago I fell in love in a big, big way and the object of my desire was quite simply these beauties!

~ Clog boots.

I remember I almost had kittens when laying eyes on them in the shop window.
~ Love at first sight, I believe it was.
There was a slight hiccup, at the time, I do remember!
~ and this was quite frankly, the cost!
Oh my, they were very expensive indeed!
Still one can dream ~

I would have to save my pennies or make a big 'Wish' in my wish box!
~ Believe.

Last weekend we had a small dusting of the cold, white, seasonal stuff.
~ and a day out to make the most of the views...
~ Very magical indeed.
 Wrapped up warm and cosy.
It was wonderful to be out and about at long last, since recovering from the pesky Christmas bugs!
So a'wandering we did go.......
We didn't intend to shop, just wander.

~ But there they were in the very same shop window, with a ticket displaying sale of 50%. One pair only and can you guess the size?

My Size!

I hoped and skipped and jumped!
~ and they came home to be mine...

Puss in boots, perhaps!

'Willow' much preferred the box....
No accounting for taste!

~ That evening we had a family celebration, where Olivia played acoustic guitar and sang out tunes of Lana Del Rey and Of Monsters and Men and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers!
~ A  perfect end to a lovely day!

~ And do you know I danced and 'Jigged' all evening in my clog boots!
(Patrick calls them my 'Smurf' boots) hehe..
~But I don't care!

( Wool from charity shop~ 40p )
Perfect for crocheting.

~ Have you picked up a bargain or two in this year's sales, dear friends?
Or are you drawing in your horns?( My Mums favourite saying) till spring time...
Wishing you a week full of 'wishes' ******
Keep warm and cosy!

"Outside, winter's darkness closes in. Inside, you have found your very own light"....
Love Maria x