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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Ring Out The Old....Ring In The New...

( Thank you Google)
January, the month of new beginnings and cherished memories, beckons...
Come, let winter weave her wondrous spell: cold, crisp, woollen-muffler
days, long dark evenings of savoury suppers, lively conversations,
or solitary joys.
Outside the temperatures drops as snow falls softly: All of  nature
is a peace.We should be, too.
Draw fireside. this is the month to dream, to look forward to the year ahead 
and the journey within....
( Taken with kindness from my bible)
"Simple Abundance".

As we say goodbye to the old year, I would like to give  gratitude.
for a Christmas that was peaceful...
With lots of laughter and merriment!

And a year that was ever so busy
~  but kind to us...

Olivia singing and playing a tune or two, for us
 after our Christmas lunch!

Tomorrows a brand spanking new year 
as well as a brand new start!
A new chapter waiting to be written....
New questions to be asked....
I wonder what your hopes and dreams 
are for 2014 .....
The year of the 'horse' in the Chinese calender!
My one resolution is this...
To open my arms out as wide as I can to receive
all the miracles with my name on them!
~ I jolly well hope you do too!

Ooh, Babycham  bubbles
 shared with some old friends
 and some new ones...

Each new years eve from the very beginning...
I have taken out with me in my purse a piece of jet black coal, for luck!
~ Tonight will be no exception...
It's my own reassurance of a little magic for the new year!


And as I have said once before, 
this very time last year...
"As you put the old year well and truly to bed give thanks"!...
~ Honour it with some thing, sparkly and special ....
.“Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. 
Write a good one, won't you"...
I will be sure to take all of your very dear friendships with me
into the new year!
Happy 2014 !
Bless you all!
Much love, Maria x


  1. Maria dear, you have been such a gentle friend and I am so happy that we "met" in Blogland. I adore your mind and vision of a perfect world. Your daughter looks adorable in her Christmas crown, playing the guitar!

    It has been a lovely holiday season for us, and I suspect with your lovely spirit and eyes that see only beauty, that Christmas was beautiful for you too.

    I wish you a happy new year filled with only the GOOD things that you deserve. HUGS TO YOU! Anita

  2. Wishing you and yours a wonderful new year. Beautiful post Maria, as always, lots of love juliexx

  3. Goodness! Oh! Goodness Me!
    I'm lost for words....Unusual l know....! :).
    (He says..wiping a tear from his eye).

    Ah! El Pedro...Bless!x
    I've just had nine days, with two Staffy's and three
    cats....So! l never slept alone...There's Az, the pussy
    cat dribbler...HeHe! Charlie, the pussy-cat head butter,
    and Louie...He's my man...Brother Louie as l call him! :).
    Black as the ace of...Whats-It...! MOL. :>).

    And, yes..Year of the Horse....I was born the year of the
    Pig.....So! Less said about that the better.....Squeak~Squeak!

    So! Lets wish everyone the very..very best for 2014.....AND.....
    Hope ALL our wishes come true.....Pussy-Tats tooooo! x

  4. Lovely words as always Maria - here's to the best of times x Jane

  5. Dearest Maria, wishing you all that you ask for and more... fun laughter joy and a sprinkle of merriment to top it all...
    bestest as ever to you and yours
    Daisy j x

  6. Another beautiful post with so many lovely images.
    Your talented Olivia is such a beautiful young lady.

    I hope 2014 holds many wonderful surprises for you all.
    May it be filled with the love and happiness you deserve.

    Sending love your way and lots of cuddles for your kitties too.

    Happy new year lovely Maria.

    I'm so happy to have met such a dear friend xx

  7. Happy New Year Maria, I will think of you as I take my first sup of ale in 2014! I hope the New Year brings you many blessings. Thank you for sharing so many lovely snippets of your life with us. Barbara x

  8. That's a beautiful resolution! Happy new year lovely Maria, wishing you much joy & happiness & many blessings in the new year ahead.
    Love & hugs
    Gilly xx

  9. Dear Maria, another beautiful post, tender and sensible like you are. Thank you for being so gentle and sweet all this blogging year, I wish you all the happiness of this world.
    A big warm hug from me, Olympia

  10. Ah Maria, I would not have wanted to miss this post and the lovely tune...Thanks for 2013 and looking forward to 2014 with you and other blog friends!
    God bless,

  11. Here's to a wonderful year, the best yet,2014. With love and best wishes to you Maria XX

  12. Happy New Year, Maria ... I know that New Year's Eve is very special to you! Wishing you everything you wish for yourself in 2014

    Love Claire xxx

  13. Just dropping by again to let you know that my daughter didn't pass, but has put in for the test again for a couple of weeks time. She's not too disheartened, we're hoping this is a blessing, in which she'll learn from her past mistakes and become a better driver in the long run.

    Do let me know if you managed to watch The Thirteenth Tale. I absolutely loved it!

    Happy new year dear Maria, to you and all your family xx

  14. Good morning magical one! How delightful to see you and read your kind words....and the last thing you wrote about this year being my "bravest".....let it be. LET IT BE DEAR HEART!

    Enjoy your new year's day. Anita

  15. Such a lovely post Maria....
    _Such heartwarming words. When i read your posts, peace comes to me. I do so enjoy reading them.
    I am glad that you had a wonderful christmas ...
    I wish you dear friend. The most happy New Year.. with twinkles ,stars that shine, and gods blessings.
    val xxxxx

  16. Happy new year to you and your family. Hope all your dreams come true. Thank you for your friendship in the past year.
    Sarah x

  17. Have a wonderful and happy new Year, Maria!

  18. Happy New Year to you and yours!!! Hugs :D

  19. A Happy New Year to you and your loved ones Maria! Beautiful photo of Olivia.

    Madelief x

  20. Wishing you a wonderful 2014!
    Jo x

  21. I was late reading this...hope your new year went well and I wish you a happy, peaceful and joyous 2014 xxx

  22. Maria I always love reading your words they give me such levity and joy !
    Here's wishing you and your lovely family the very best in the New Year ~
    may your journeys be full of magical moments and beautiful blessings .
    Be well my friend,

  23. Such a beautiful post! Best wishes for a very Happy New Year! :) --Fran

  24. Dear, wonderful Maria,

    How lovely it is to visit you again and be treated to the usual gentle, beautiful and inspiring words and pictures. May 2014 be a year full of peace, love and creativity for you!

    See you soon,


  25. I'm a bit late to the party (as usual), ha, ha ... BUT a VERY happy new year to you and yours. I love the cosy photos in your post. M xx